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Edmonton Business Consultant | Most Commonly Asked Questions About Getting Google Reviews

Even when entrepreneurs hear how important getting Google reviews are for their business, they have many questions about how to do it efficiently and effectively says Edmonton business consultant. Since 42% of all failed businesses say they failed because they were not able to attract customers to their business, learning how to get Google reviews efficiently and effectively can significantly impact the ability for entrepreneurs to stay in business and beat the failure rate.

One of the first questions that entrepreneurs have when it comes to online marketing and Google reviews is: what is a Google my business and Googleís places site. These are two names for the same thing says Edmonton business consultant. These are the results that show up when a business is googled, and map results show up. They will be a map and a pin in the center of the map where the business is located. This is a Google places listing. Business owners can set one up on be Half of their business. They can put things like the business location, pictures of the business, store hours, a list of services to name a few. Not only can this give entrepreneurs a listing online, but as soon as they set this up, they immediately become searchable through Google by customers looking for that business. Not only are they searchable, but they will also appear on the first page of Google results. Many entrepreneurs pay huge money in order to do that through ads.

The second question that entrepreneurs often have is how much money does Google places and Google my business listings cost? This is the most amazing thing about setting these sites up says Edmonton business consultant, that setting these up is completely free. There is an infinite return on the entrepreneur’s investment, so even if it only works a little bit, it is worth half an hour it takes to set up. another advantage to having a Google places listing or Google my business page is that this gives businesses an online presence even if they do not have a website.

The next question that entrepreneurs have when learning about Google places is once they have a Google places, can customers leave them a Google review? Edmonton business consultant says this is actually one of the most important functions of a Google places listing is that it will allow customers to leave reviews for businesses. With how important getting Google reviews are to converting people into customers, setting up the page that is going to allow entrepreneurs to get that is very important for an entrepreneur to do early on in their business.

When entrepreneurs learn how to make a Google places listing, or Google my business page, entrepreneurs will have no excuse to not do it, and become available in searches for clients to find them, and allow customers who are happy with their service to leave reviews for their business.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Most Commonly Asked Questions About Getting Google Reviews

Entrepreneurs often have to leverage their time against the fact that they have very little money in their business to market themselves says Edmonton business consultant. However, there are many free marketing initiatives that entrepreneurs can engage in. The most important free-market initiative and perhaps the most important marketing initiative regardless of cost is getting Google reviews for their business. The reason for this is because 88% of consumers look for Google reviews prior to visiting a business, and then factor those reviews into their purchasing decision. Therefore, when entrepreneurs do not have any or enough Google reviews in their business, that is affecting their ability to convert shoppers into their clients.

When it comes to setting up Google reviews in their business, entrepreneurs often have many questions. The most asked question is: why should businesses that generate leads by word-of-mouth referrals worry about getting Google reviews? Edmonton business consultant says this is a very common question that they get from businesses that do not think Google reviews are important to them. They work a word-of-mouth referral program in their business that is extremely effective at bringing in clients. Therefore, they are do not believe that they can benefit from Google reviews. However, these entrepreneurs need to understand that no matter how they get the leads in their business, 88% of all consumers look for Google reviews and factor those reviews into whether they make their purchasing decision or not. Therefore, when a business gets its leads through word-of-mouth programs, and they think that it is extremely effective for their business, imagine how much more effective it would be if they had Google review as well.

The next question that entrepreneurs often have when it comes to getting Google reviews for their business is: the need to worry about getting Google reviews when they have lots of reviews on another review site? Different review sites might include yelp or Facebook. However, Edmonton business consultant says the same survey that said 88% of consumers look for Google reviews also looked at how effective other review sites were and found that while they are not harmful to a business, they are not nearly as effective as Google reviews are. An entrepreneur would have to have an extremely large amount of those other reviews to equal the value of one Google review.

The next question that entrepreneurs have and is potentially the most important question according to Edmonton business consultant is: what is the minimum number of Google reviews they need in order to be relevant? The answer to this question is forty for a variety of reasons. One reason is that customers can see that the reviews are valid, and another reason is that with forty, the Google algorithms will start allowing a business to rank higher in searches.

Whatever the reason an entrepreneur decides to start implementing Google reviews in their business, they will be able to turn leads into customers much more efficiently and faster than ever. By setting up a free Google my business page in just a couple of hours, entrepreneurs are unlocking the potential of all of their marketing through Google reviews. So that they can grow their business infinitely.