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Edmonton business consultant | More effective client intake

We realized as the Edmonton business consultant that business owners do not have an efficient client intake process. This can cause confusion for your employees and inconsistencies for your clients. Forgoing a standard client intake process is extremely inefficient. In this article we will discuss how to create a more effective client intake.

At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants we are dedicated to giving small businesses a chance to succeed. We have developed a few programs to help said small businesses. Our Edmonton business consultant have created free consultation service for our new and upcoming clients. They will also receive our favourite book “E – Myth” written by Michael Gerber. It is one of the best business books you can find out there. If you wish to learn more please contact us at or if you prefer to talk over the phone please call us at 780-665-4949. If you find this article informative and educational, please visit our website for more. You can find our website at

We, as the Edmonton business consultant are you huge fan for standardized client intake. Creating templates and checklists can improve your workflow and increase productivity. It can also make it simpler for clients and thus making their user experience better. Usual questions from both new and old clients starts to repeat themselves. Being aware of this pattern can help you create your checklist and templates. This can also help you fill out your frequently asked questions. If you create a good checklist or template, then you should be able to extract almost all the necessary information you need from your clients.

You can use as checklist for the phone questionnaire. Our Edmonton business consultant believes that it’s more efficient to talk over the phone then email. However clients often find ways to derail questionnaires by asking unnecessary questions or raising off-topic conversations. We have found ways to get your clients back on topic and help make your checklist and templates to be more efficient. One super line that we know of that is almost guaranteed to work is “absolutely I can help but first let me just ask you…” This line is effective and will almost always get your client back on track of the questionnaire.

If ever your clients are not available over the phone, which is almost inevitable. It is important to create email templates for your employees and clients to use. Although emails are less effective way of conveying ideas and projects, sometimes client there is not available to talk over the phone. You can set appointments via email for business meetings on projects. Having an effective template will make it easier for your clients understand and more efficient for your employees. To make email appointments are effective you need to set 10 meeting times for your clients. This allows for more flexibility and better user experience. Once the appointment is finished, you should be have another template that immediately send a confirmation to the client. This allows clients to correct this information right away. Be ready to clean our template that confirms the meeting the day before it happens.

Edmonton business consultant | tips and tricks for client intake

If you need top-notch consultation services, don’t hesitate to contact our Edmonton business consultant who dedicate themselves to helping small businesses. At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants we have articles that might be useful for your small business. Also have greater programs to help you and your company grow. One of these programs is helping new businesses receive free consultation and a free copy of one of our favourite business book “E myth”by Michael Gerber. If you wish to learn more please contact us via email at or call us at 780-665-4949. Please don’t hesitate to call us we are happy to serve you.

Your average small business owners usually don’t have a standardized process for client intake. It is terribly inefficient to not have client intake process and this may lead to lower client retention rate. This will stop you business from growing. In this article we will teach you the importance of client intake via templates and checklists. Our website at contains more educational and informative articles like this one.

Business owners should have pattern recognition skills. Most of the questions asked either by old and new clients usually are the same. Over time you will realize and these questions repeat themselves. You can use of these patterns to create countermeasures and create templates and checklists for a more efficient workflow. Not having said checklist and templates will create confusion for your employees and inconsistencies for your clients. If you decide to create said checklist you can create templates and questionnaires based on these. A well-made template in checklist can provide almost all of the necessary information’s from your client.

Once you’ve created these checklist you can create phone questionnaires. Our Edmonton business consultant’s values that phone discussions are more efficient than emails. Usually a over the phone you have the client’s full attention. However clients often find ways to derail the conversation. Could be some friendly banter to unnecessary questions. But we have find ways to get your questionnaires back on track. One way to get the prospect back on track is to say “absolutely. I can help you with that but first let me just ask you…” This is almost like a little ninja hack that guarantees to get the conversation going in the right direction. It is polite and understanding.

You may be asking what if clients are not available over the phone. It’s important to create a template email based on this question. While it’s true that having email discussions are less effective than phone calls. It may be inevitable that clients are not available to answer their phone. Creating email templates can be just as effective as checklist phone questionnaires. We have ways to ensure that your email isn’t lost and forgotten.

It is very important to make flexible meeting times for your clients. We, as the Edmonton business consultant believes in getting clients 10 different meeting times for their convenience and flexibility. This will make your clients happier and will more likely to not miss meeting days. It is generally advised to follow up right away with a confirmation right after meetings. They should contain relevant informations during your meeting, which allows clients to correct misinformation early. It is also important to have an email template for confirmation before meeting days. This will ensure that clients are more likely to show up during the meeting.