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Edmonton business consultant | Making it easy for new clients

you want to get in touch with the Edmonton business consultant today we encourage you to reach you by email at We be happy to speak with you on the phone and set up a time to meet with you to accelerate your business growth.

One of the things that we work with with new clients at helping them develop checklists and templates. One of the checklists and templates that most businesses need to start with is concerning how they should all board new clients. Almost every business needs the onboard new clients as is the lifeblood of the financial stability of their business. This is why it should be one of the first checklist that’s assembled.

Working with clients as the Edmonton business consultant we found it helpful to assemble a list of questions that you would like to ask new clients. Often the information that you need is similar from client to client. Thus there is no need to try to make up the questions on-the-fly. This simply results in asking clients unnecessary questions or forgetting really important questions.

When asking clients these questions it is common that they are going to provide similar feedback. For example they’re going to stop the questions and try to ask how much is this going to cost. Normally it’s impossible to tell them how much is going to cost until you meet them. Also it’s difficult to convey the value without doing a formal initial appointment. This your goal on the phone call is to redirect them into providing the information that they need.

One of the super lines that we found that works in almost every situation when a client gets off topic is simply by stating in response to the question”absolutely I can help you with that, but first let me just ask you”. This line works surprisingly well and is a fantastic response to almost every objection that’s off-topic and prevents you from getting the necessary questions to set up the initial consultation.

We have to remember that we will get the opportunity to speak with every client on the phone. Sometimes the only we were going to have to communicate with the client is through email. All the phone call is often preferable because it allows you to engage in back-and-forth communication and allows you to exert a greater degree of influence, we need to be prepared to address new clients via email. Rather than try to come up with this email on-the-fly which you have a template email to ask the questions that are necessary. This helps is asked the necessary questions in the most efficient way possible rather than stumbling over words asking questions that are not necessary to the process. This will make the onboarding experience to the prospective clients better. It will appear more organized and will take less of their time.

If your business is appointment driven often you can set these appointments by email as well setting appointments by email can be done more efficiently the most people consider. One of the biggest mistakes that we see as the Edmonton business consultant when people are trying to set appointments by email to simply provide one or two times. We recommend sending the potential client at least 10 times. These 10 timeslots are likely to coincide with the client’s schedule. Thus they are more likely to get an affirmative response to one of the timeslots rather than the endless email chain back asking for different times. These email chains can waste a significant amount of time and can be a pain point for the clients who are trying to do business with you

once the appointment is set we recommend that you immediately email the client. This email out to the client confirming the appointment can also be templated. This templated can be perfected over time rather than trying to create it from scratch every time. This will save you time and make the email more impactful.

Edmonton business consultant | creating while for new clients

as the Edmonton business consultant we always give our clients a copy of our favourite business book the E myth by Michael Gerber. We provide this for free as we believe in business success.

One of the ways that we help new clients is to perfect their client intake process. The client intake process in most businesses is not systematized. Thus it appears disorganized to the potential clients and it’s often inefficient wasting your time and the client’s time. These processes can be simplified by systematizing the processes. These allow you to implement best practices in perfect your delivery over time

worry like to start is encouraging clients to develop a checklist of the items they need to ask new clients. Basically these are the questions that you should ask over and over again to all new clients. By having these questions templated we ensure that we ask the right information every time and don’t waste our client’s time with potentially unnecessary information.

We are asking, questions clients will likely try to get you off topic. They try to simply ask for a price right up front. However most businesses it’s impractical to provide a price without fully understanding the client situation. Thus the biggest favour you can do for them is gather the information that you need to make the initial meeting actually happened. This will allow you to show the value of your service in a efficient manner in an initial meeting. This lack should give the clients more information allow you to provide a more reliable price.

We have to remember that often it’s impossible to ask the questions by phone. This is because some clients will simply email in that they are interested in your services. Thus we don’t have the phone number are disposable and the only thing we can do is email clients back. Rather than generate that email from scratch every time it’s a good idea to have that email templated. This will allow you to ensure the email is concise as possible and appears as organized as possible to the client.

If your business is appointment driven you can also set the appointments efficiently via email. The best practices that appointment by email to provide at least 10 appointment times. This will show the client that you’re serious about your time and their time. You also ensure that you have have give them a time that is consistent with their schedule. This will rent them from responding back of the don’t have time to meet with you the time you propose. This would ensure that the lead does not fall off unnecessarily

once the appointment is that we recommend confirming the appointment immediately via email as the edmonton business consultant. In the initial email you can confirm information that they should have available the initial appointment. You can also confirm things like the time date and location of the appointment. You can also clarify things like directions because they might not know how to get your office.

Even though that you compare the email by phone you should also confirm the email the day before. Confirming that eat the appointment the day before will reduce the amount of people who know chauffeur meetings. Often people get busy and they forget that they schedule an appointment with you. This will prevent you from losing clients who are interested but simply a forgotten they had a meeting schedule.

Once you’ve met with the client is also a good idea to have a template email to send them. This email should be perfected in a way that maximizes the chance that they are going to do business with you. It generally thanks them for the appointment that you just had and asked them in it enthusiastic told to do business with you. It should also make it easy for them to sign up.

It’s important not to do this email on-the-fly as it’s impossible to perfect this email each and every time from scratch. By doing a template email you have the benefit of learning over time perfecting your process each and every time you Ask. We found this helpful in our work as the Edmonton business consultant.