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Edmonton Business Consultant | Make Sure You File Your Taxes

Edmonton business consultant says that a lot of business owners will stick the proverbial head and their sand as they because they just don’t want to pay any penalties and they are trying to mediate and stop the bleeding for a cash flow problem and it will make their cash flow not better, but worse.

Often times, says Edmonton business consultant, 5% of the balance owing is your pretense your penalty. This is including a 1% a month and all the as well. As well it doesn’t get any better than this when you are late in filing multiple times. If this is the case, consider your penalty double in the 10% of the balance owing +2% for every month until you legitimately filed. It starts to add up exponentially and it starts to an up very quickly.

Interest, in addition to the penalty recently also went up according the Canada revenue agency from 5 to 6%. Interest is now 6% per year. It does change if of course the prime interest rate changes as well. However, in socioeconomic times such as these, don’t count on the interest rate going up or down anytime soon. It is probably, going to be staying stagnant and steady.

It does however change when times are a lot better, so keep that in mind.

You’re going to pay the interest rate either way. That is just the way it goes interest is paid and interest is accrued.

The interest is from the date that you should have paid the taxes to legitimately begin with. You are going to be completely avoiding the filing penalty altogether and saving you a lot of money if you just… File.

By filing on time, even if you don’t have the money to pay it you can file as well. It can completely eliminate the penalty altogether. Bear in mind, that if you do incur a penalty, the Canada revenue agency will be giving you a 5% penalty that you have to pay as soon you get it. They will give you a two week deadline with which to pay it.

However, if you do in fact file, the rate of interest is going to be 6%, which is higher, however you’re going to have the full year with which to pay that. File as the penalties are legitimately significant balances.

There are personal tax deadlines which are in and around April 30. People with unincorporated businesses, your deadline is June 15. And they start charging interest from the tax immediately on April 30 regardless of the date, or what you have done.

Some people happens to think that their year-end is set when they incorporate or when they get there GST number. In fact, Edmonton business consultant teaches us that that is not true. You’re year-end is set when you file your first corporate tax return. So, essentially, the. With which you did not make any money is considered your year one for your business.

Do You Need An Edmonton Business Consultant To Save Your Business?

Edmonton business consultant warns you that, for particularly new small business owners, there can be a lot of dates that can be misleading and can be very confusing. Likewise, there are percentage points, and numbers that are bantered about that often may in fact confuse you. Make sure that you retain the services of a charter professional accountant so that they may not only teach you about what is happening from within your small business in terms of what the Canada revenue agency is asking for. However, they can take a lot of the work off of your hands and deal with a lot of the deadlines for tax returns, GST, etc. as well. This will give you a lot more time to work on other parts of your business so that you can accrue a lot of profits a lot quicker.

Edmonton business consultant says that be careful as you may very well be off-base and offside if you know that you are offside it might be as a benefit to you because the Canada revenue agency does not yet know. You are going to be legitimate worried that you are going to find out. There is something called voluntary this closure. You’re going to be able to use the voluntary disclosure, if you mention to the Canada revenue agency before they come looking for you that you are in the wrong and, rather than them chasing you you came honestly to them. Mention the fact that you are going to want to get the Canada revenue agency to accept this and hopefully in the spirit of honesty they will get rid of the penalty.

If it is a file that they’re not chasing you for, and you are willing to come clean on it then you can get rid of all those penalties by filing under the voluntary disclosure program.

Edmonton business consultant wants you to understand that because they generally have more flexibility that might serve you well in the long run. There’s always the potential to get a longer-term but you can be in the middle of a very uphill battle with the Canada revenue agency. You’re going to start making a better as soon you file your taxes. You are not going to be able to accrue any of those penalties anymore so that can be one more thing off you of your mind. Bear in mind, that you are legitimately always going to have to pay the interest, that is the same as death and taxes, it always happens and you’re going to have to pay it whether or not you have any money.

Personal taxes for example, are to be filed on April 30 or before. That is your deadline. People with unincorporated business, your date is June 15. You’re going to start to be charged interest from the tax specifically on April 30. What all do you need from us? We have so many services that we are able to offer you and you will be so happy you chose us today.