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Edmonton Business Consultant | Looking For A Camp That is For Criticism?

Edmonton Business Consultant | Are You Searching To Win Today?

So a, I knew they wanted to work with them and B, I didn’t sacrifice that, you know, basically the two hours that I get every single evening. Right. Um, in the, in the first section you discuss watching your numbers, what are you spending? I’m gonna table that one because we do a whole section on it. And if we still have any ones, we’ll, we’ll, we’ll come back to that one with a Edmonton Business Consultant!

Uh, how would you overcome rejection if your business is, people base me, you can’t find the people. They do not seek you. All. Rejection is, you know, we’ve talked about discipline and the habits, people that you need to change your mind. And both rejection and rejection can be the secret sauce. Rejection can be the reason why you actually do get up in the morning. So every time you get rejection, you gotta shift your mindset and say that that’s, that’s an encouragement with the top Edmonton Business Consultant!

This is one more reason and I view it, this is my, I crossed it up here and put it on the camera. It’s not Starbucks, you know, it’s half own desire to be the best. And then the other secret sauce is the haterade. I call it the haterade. I love it. I love it. You get that aid, don’t get down into that. Haterade the haterade is okay, you got that, you know you have this difficult client and they want him to fire you or you know, this person leaves you a bad review or something like that. Well guess what? I’m going to get up at four in the morning. I’m going to get six more reviews. I’m going to make that person look like an idiot because they only want to give me a bad review. Um, I mean, all they think that doesn’t work.

I’m going to scale my teammates so big and we’re going to be booked two months out and they’re going to search for a new accountant and they’re going to look online and say, I’m the number one ranked accountant in western Canada and they can’t get back in for an appointment. Um, we had an a client recently tried to get back in for an appointment, wants to get back in for the appointment with the best Edmonton Business Consultant!

I’m not going to take this appointment yet. One chance at right? That’s haterade so don’t look at it as the, that’s the criticism to get you down. That’s the reason why you get up at five o’clock in the morning. That’s the reason why you keep going just seven o’clock at night. It’s the haterade that’s what you want. So every time someone gives us, to me, it’s like a gift. It’s like I just found a 100 bucks and it’s like, now I got something, work for it tomorrow. So, um, that’s my trick for what it’s worth. Please visit is at or just call 780-665-4949 as soon as you can!

Edmonton Business Consultant | Are You Ready To Get Top Services From a CPA?

So did you always schedule work? If not, how did you learn to schedule or learning needed to schedule? Um, I saw a lot like can we do a lot of medical professionals and I, I article a firm that to almost exclusively medical professionals and doctors as bad as the decisions they make as some other business areas of their life, their appointment book can be really useful sometimes like just the way they see appointment after appointment, you know, Edmonton Business Consultant are not all good, some of them are terrible.

They need you in your waiting room for two hours, but some of them just haven’t like locked in and they are seeing appointment after appointment. Uh, and guess what, when you call them, does the doctor ever answer the call and schedule The appointment? No, because he’s seeing patients. That’s the reason why I don’t answer the phone because, you know, I’m, I’m seeing, I’m actually doing the work, I’m making the business plans better and making the financial planning template better.

I’m not dealing with every right individual, um, uh, fire. And then I’m spending my time actually doing the work, face to face, hand to hand with the client. Whereas if I was taking vocals, I couldn’t do it. So, um, I probably learned a lot from there and I really did have to learn again with top Edmonton Business Consultant! You know, as I, as I started to scale my team, like if you want to get from two employees, the Bible is 10 employees. Like you gotta be more regimented. Like you just have to have those times because, or else you can’t keep, if you’re just a one man show and you just want to do this here and there, well you can do that, but you’re probably never gonna grow. Your team needs to be able to count on you at specific times. Right. Um, it’s just kind of like any relationship.

If you tell them you’re going to be there at one time, you’ve got to be there at that time, right? Like whatever your, your, uh, uh, what if your spouse has told you that they were going to come home at, at a, at seven and they showed up at 10, your employees will feel the same way, right? So you really just have to, uh, come to that realization. So it really was a growth process and you look at the books and they all start saying the same thing. The time blocks, they’re doing the same thing over and over again. That’s not just the Gary Keller thing. It’s one of the, that’s it’s my favorite book on the subject. But you could probably find a hundred different books on the subject that say the same thing. You get that repeatable schedule they do over and over like a Jocko Willink in the extreme ownership.

He’ll post at 5:00 AM on his Instagram everyday, have pictures, watch for 34 30. Yeah, there we go. So I mean, it’s not a [inaudible] this is not weird with a Edmonton Business Consultant. It seems weird, but there it’s just been done hundreds of times before, right? So you have to have those time blocks. Distracted walk, work doesn’t work. Your competition is just running circles around you because business is hard. There’s a lot of smart people. Competing is me. There’s a lot of smart people competing against you. You do not want to be operating at less than full capacity. So, okay, so let’s get into the next section. Please visit when you need the best CPA in town! Also please call us now at 780-665-4949 as you are ready to get the best help today!