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Edmonton Business Consultant | Justin Trudeau Empty Promises?

I think this is going to be a difficult process. I think it’s going to be a fight. You know, we’re going to be fighting for our clients and to get them, you know, what they deserve. They’ve been ones paying into this tax, so we’re going to do what we can for them. But for the rest of you, log on to that CRA website, remember you’re on your own. Yeah. As a Edmonton Business Consultant owner, you are on your own, the, you know, unicorns and fairy dust, it’s being said at the press conference, but it’s not being put online. And until those checks get dispersed, you know, all bets are off.

I can see the whole wide world with these two. I can be because it’s not. Hi.

Thanks for tuning in for another episode of ask Sperl CPA here with Trevor from inspired method, Trevor. Thanks again. You’re no problem. We’ve got the casual wear going. Absolutely. Aren’t coming into the office. Those are different during the, uh, the crisis here is you’re you’re in the crisis. Yeah, we got remote meetings only at this time. So, um, you know, today we’re talking about EDI benefits for self employed people in Canada, and specifically we’re digging in as promised to see if you don’t Justin Trudeau is possibly issuing empty promises. You know, we, we looked through the provincial program last time. And you know, when we were happy to report that what was on their website was consistent. It was just the lack of the application, which has since been rectified. Yes. Today it’s on there. The provincial application for self-employed has been rectified, but now let’s drill into the federal program.

Oh yes. This is going to be good guys. So strap in, Oh, pop. I don’t think it’s going to be as rosy of a, of a, of an analysis that we’re going to give for, uh, uh, prime minister Trudeau as we gave her premier canny. So Trevor, what are the questions? Okay. So the first question that we have here is, uh, are you seeing a lot of misinformation circulated? Yes. I am seeing an absolute ton of misinformation being circulated. You know, clients are emailing me, people are texting me. People are sending me message about every infograph and document that they found. And I’m sorry to tell everybody that they are just speculation on every single document you are sending me at this point is just speculation. And we’re going to break it down. Why it’s speculation at this point? So, so how are the press conferences contributing to the misinformation and what sources can we trust?

So there’s a lot of like actual good reporting going on. So a lot of those documents or infographs, or articles that you’re seeing are the result of good reporting and they’re accurately interpreting the press conference. But then what is posted online is different than what’s being said at the press conference. So, I mean, the only source that you can really trust at that point at this point is what’s actually the government website. So when we talk yet, they want me to talk the other day. It was about the Alberta government website and it was accurate. It actually matched, you know, what was on the Alberta government website, natural what Kenny said, but what’s on the federal government website and I’m concerned, I’m concerned. It does not match. And you know, people are assembling these documents. Infographs tips, articles, they’re getting sent out everywhere. But the only thing you can trust is what’s actually on the government website and we got that here for you.

So, um, why should entrepreneurs pay careful attention to Trudeau’s press conference concerning his wife’s COVID-19 diagnosis? I’m going to go roll through it. It becomes a re there’s a differentiation in between self isolation and quarantine. That’s a differentiation and they know about it. And so I’m going to read through exactly what Trudeau said though. This is March 13th, Trudeau’s releasing this. And he says, we do not want any, any Canadian to have to worry about whether or not they are going to be able to pay their rent, whether or not they are going to be able to buy groceries or care for their kids or elderly family members. We need to make sure that Canadians have the option and ability to follow the best public health advice and keep themselves safe. The question that was posed to, to Trudeau after this press conference was, can you describe specifically what yourself isolation means, both for you and your family and your wife?

I mean, you’re outside right now. Is your wife still going outside? Is your family still going outside? And what does self app site self isolation actually mean for your family? That’s what the reporter asks. Good question. And then they got a non-answer. Um, the first non-asset was shocking. It’s just a generality. Can you believe that coming from Trudeau? So the answer was we as are many, many Canadians I’m trying my best Regal Hawaii needed a little more smuggling, uh, right now are following very carefully. The advice that public health professionals are telling us in terms of what we can do and what we shouldn’t do, which didn’t really answer specifically what they’re doing. So the followup question of course, was, uh, what does that mean? You know, practical reporter in the audience. I don’t know if he’ll be invited back next time, the next browser, but he’s probably hearing news.

Here’s the answer. The answer I am in isolation as are my children and my wife is in quarantine. So she’s tested positive for COVID. He has not. So let’s read that again. That means I am in isolation as are my children and my wife is in quarantine. He knows, and has a very specific definition of what isolation and quarantine, you know, which can be reasonably interpreted as if you are in precautionary isolation that is different than being tested, positive, where you were in Corenti. That is very specific. It’s going to come up in the literature, on the website, on the government Canada website. Okay. So do you think that Trudeau’s press conference on March 18th was over promised to benefits to self-employed benefits? Yes. Yes. I think it is an over promise. So let let’s, let’s break it down. So, you know, I’m taking out exact verbatim of what was said at the press conference and other long, but I’m just, you know, picking out the parts that are actually relevant for Edmonton Business Consultant owners because 99% of it is just about not about you we’re business owners.

We’re only 4% of the population. I guarantee you, 96% of everything coming out. It’s not for us. It’s, it’s it’s for employees and big companies and government workers right there. They’re playing the vote system. So, um, so Justin Trudeau says to ensure your safety, we are recommending to everyone, everyone, everyone, everyone that they work from home verbatim word for word set on March 18th and the press conference. You can go look it up, watch it on CBC YouTube, if you want. And it says, no matter who you are and what you do, this is a time where you should be focused on your health and that of your neighbors, not whether you’re going to lose your job and not whether you’re going to run out of money verbatim quote. So I keep going on what Trudeau says. Let’s start with people who don’t qualify for employment insurance, and don’t have access to paid sick.

Leave. Our government will introduce the emergency care benefit, which will provide money every two weeks to workers who have to stay home. So who should stay home? Apparently everyone should stay home, just stay home. But I keep going. People receive this benefit for 14 weeks for an amount comparable for what would be paid through EDI. This applies to people who fall ill people who’ve been placed in quarantine or have to self isolate. I’m going to go through that again. This applies to people who will fall ill. People who have been placed in quarantine or have to self isolate, verbatim word for word from Trudeau’s mouth in the press conference. It also applies to those who have to take care of a family member with COVID-19. But as I said, fail to qualify for AI. If you lose your job and you do not qualify for AI, we’ll be introducing an emergency support benefit to help you.

This will also apply to people who are self employed and have to close shop because of the virus. So who should have to close shop and everyone will go back to what he said, right? So these are some of the things our government is doing to make sure that no matter where you live, what you do or who you are, you will get the support you need during this time. And this time being now, that’s what I’ve said in Canada. Public health should never hinge on financial considerations, very big words, but the website’s not going to back it up and we’re going to get to it. So the question that came out of it too, another pertinent questions, probably I hear new voices and the questions all the time, not the same voices for asking the wrong question. So question is when will Canadians actually be receiving that money answer?

We are talking about a few weeks for the paychecks to be produced, particularly for those who don’t qualify for AI, there are legislative measures that are needed. So we are working with the other parties who are fully cooperating with us in order for us to pass those measures through the house of commons and get the money out. But the money is being done right now. It was a few weeks, or right now I don’t like that. I don’t like, I’m already confused on what he’s saying there. So, uh, in fact, even before the house returns, so we can get that money to people as quickly as possible. So they have it when they need it. So when are they shut down now? Now when do they need the money? Now, if you think that’s what says on the website, we’ll get to it. So question, what kind of reassurances can you give to Canadians at this time that the government has the infrastructure in place and the people in place considering the directive to work from home, that this money will roll out in a timely and efficient manner.

You know, good question. This report is asking because we’ve seen reports saying that 75% of the government workers have been sent home and some of them are having trouble doing their job from home Trudeau’s hazard. There are many families across this country who are looking at their sources of income, dry up because of COVID-19. Many of them qualify for EEI, many workers qualify for AI. That’s his base, not you as an entrepreneur. And we are making sure that with the elimination of the one week waiting period, that money will be able to flow significantly and quickly to them side note, we’re having trouble filing Roe because the website is crashing. So I keep going, keep going. Uh, many families do not qualify for EDI. Many workers do not qualify for you. And therefore we’re putting in place exceptional measures that will flow money to them.

Every two weeks start date to be announced, our capacity to do this is something we spent a lot of time over the past days, ensuring because we know that it could make the difference between one family facing tougher times or not, but it could make the difference on health of all Canadians sounds great. Doesn’t it just sounds like unicorns and fairy dust. He really cares. People need to be able to self isolate again. There’s that word? Self isolate, not quarantine need to be able to stay home, need to be able to care for their families when they’re ordinary sources of revenue dry up, that was the promises on the 18th. And I think they’re leading up to an over promise. I’m hope I’m wrong, but I don’t. It’s okay if they over-deliver Hey, over promise over deliver different story, different story, but we’re hearing promising the moon here.

All right. So now let’s talk about the website. So does this government websites guarantee self-employed EDI for self isolation? This is it. The government of Canada website. Stop looking at the infographs being sent by your friends. Even the articles, articles from reputable sources, national polls, Edmonton journal. They’re not wrong. They’re not misreporting. But the fact is what’s being said at those press conferences is not being what’s being put on the website. So, I mean, I saw a good article from the journal the other day that says the Alberta government just apply here. When you go follow it to the website didn’t exist yet. Right? Yeah. I saw, uh, you know, something on the CBC where there was a self employed, uh, travel agent. They had him on and he was saying, cause I’ve been digging through the website and I can’t find it. And the reporter corrected him with the authority saying I’ve watched all the preference conferences.

We’ll send you the link. That link does not exist. It does not exist. So let’s say what read it here. Introducing the emergency care benefit. This is straight verbatim from the website up to $900 biweekly for up to 15 weeks, this flat payment benefit would be administered through the Canada revenue agency CRA and provide income support to workers, including the self-employed who are quarantine or sick with COVID-19, but do not qualify for EDI sickness benefits. Trevor, do you see the word self isolated anywhere in that document? I do not see isolation on the website. It’s not there at PD. I’ve been reading this document, look at PDF today. The probably change it. And uh, if this gets enough traction, it’s not on there. Maybe they just forgot to put that in there. Maybe they didn’t see the press conference. Maybe they forgot to put it in there.

And maybe they tried to just, you know, slap through parliament just now that would give them, you know, uh, basically a dictatorship for almost two years. You know, the, you know, the opposition, you know, trust me. I think they know very, very well Trudeau understands. He demonstrated on the 13th. He understands exceptionally well. The difference between self isolated, quarantined and sick with COVID-19, there is an extreme difference to that. I mean, let’s break it down. How do you get diagnosed with COVID-19? So, Ooh, that’s, that’s a good one. You have to either have, you know, be rushed hospital with an exceptional case. In which case, you know, you’re having difficulty breathing, they will run the test or you have to have traveled from a hot zone or you have to be married with the prime minister and then you can get diagnosed. But for the rest of you out there, you’re not going to get the test.

You feel sick and just stay home. You haven’t been to Wu Han or Italy. You know, you’re going to call the eight one one and tell them you have a cough. You’re not getting, you’re not, they’re telling you to self isolate, but there’s no guarantee on the website that says they’re going to pay for self isolate, even though they’re telling you to do it. So that’s it. Then we move on to the longer term support for workers, for Canadians who lose their jobs or face reduced hours as a result of COVID-19 impact, that government is introducing an emergency support benefit delivered through CRA to provide up to 5 billion in support for workers who are not eligible for EDI and who are facing unemployment. What the heck is unemployment going to mean for a self employed individual? It’s just not even, I mean, this is, this is the document we’re supposed to rely on.

You cannot. I mean, this is, you can’t rely on this document. There’s nothing, there is no certainty right now in that program. I mean, all of those, you know, memes, infograph articles from your friend groomers, don’t believe them, look at the document. They’re coming from the press conference with the press conferences saying one thing. And the website is saying something different now, oversight, maybe. Um, yeah, but that’s what the government website is saying. Okay. So Josh, what is the timeline on the government website saying for issuing these funds? Here’s the timeline right here. I have it right here, right from the government website. But when do we need to stay home now? Should any Canadian have to be worried about income? No, but what is the government you are, what you do will take care of you take care of you no matter what, it’s the Canadian thing.

Yeah. That’s the way, that’s the promise, but what is the government websites say? Emergency care benefit. They’re not even going to have the application ready until sometime in April emergency support benefit early April. That’s when they’re actually even going to have the application, nevermind that payment. That’s going to come out to these people. So as of this time, April’s next week. Yeah. April’s next week is that point? It happened. I don’t know. Um, but I have no confidence yet in what’s being said, um, you know, Alberta government kudos on them. They, they, they made a promise. Their, you know, their website is reflecting their promise couple extra days to get the application process. But I mean, they’re, they’re, they’re lapping the federal government to this time. I mean, they’re far and away, you know that if the checks come out, I mean, I don’t know about you.

I’ve dealt with CRA and I’ve dealt with Alberta finance on numerous occasions. I’m picking Alberta finance and this race that gets some relief up to people. So I’m just going to float it out there. I think Alberta could do pretty well on its own. [inaudible] different discussion. Um, do you think this process will be quick and easy for Edmonton Business Consultant owners? Josh? No. No. I mean, let’s look at it. You know, how many applications there was an article in national polls who was highly publicized, 500,000 AI applications. There was another article in the financial post just yesterday saying it’s up to a million. They have received 1 million AI applications. All right. This is like the first week. Yeah. First week it’s going to be in the millions. I mean, the they’re saying they have this exceptional capacity, but I’m seeing their website, you know, not working well just for, for, you know, basic Roe, you know, good luck getting a hold of somebody.

Um, you know, the only hope that I see is someone is going to make the intelligent decision and just say, Hey, batch release on all the checks because they don’t have a hope of following up on this. I mean, I know what the criteria is to fall off on someone who’s collecting AI, who starts a Edmonton Business Consultant. It’s an exceptionally time consuming process to do it for, you know, the majority of businesses out there because they should all be working from home. And a lot of them are going to have, you know, income reduced. Yeah. Um, so I think this is going to be a difficult process. I think it’s going to be a fight. You know, we’re going to be fighting for our clients and to get them, you know, what they deserve. They’ve been ones paying into this tax, so we’re going to do what we can for them.

But for the rest of you, log on to that CRA website, remember you’re on your own. Yeah. As a business owner, you’re on your own, the, you know, unicorns and fairy dust, it’s being said at the press conference, but it’s not being put online. And until those checks get dispersed, you know, all bets are off. Yeah, that’s right. So it’s on us as Edmonton Business Consultant owners, you know? Uh, it’s uh, you know, it’s a, it’s a tough time out there. Um, but you know, this is not just a argument on health. Like I keep getting us, people think let’s shut businesses down because we’ll save lives. Shutting Edmonton Business Consultant down, slowing down the economy is statistically proven to cost lives. We’re not, you know, trading lives before a bank balances right after the great recession. There’s been, you know, statistical evidence. I’ve, I’ve thrown out the Alberta suicide rate.

There’s been 10,000 suicides in the, um, in the developed world, we’re talking Canada, U S UK. That’s what statisticians estimate extra that were caused by the great recession. I mean, another stat you want another stat after the great recession, they estimate that there was 260,000 additional cancer deaths in the developed world that resulted from the great recession because there was less money available to spend on healthcare. Afterwards is a finite resource. You know, we don’t, we can’t spend forever. We we’ve been here in very recent history. It has a very real human costs shutting down the car. We’ve got to find a way we’ve got to find a way, you know, to, you know, to help the people who are vulnerable and not shut down the economy because I guarantee shutting down the economy for months on end is not just an enormous economic catastrophe.

It will have a very real human costs. So that’s what you have out there, you know, spread this around, make sure people aren’t following the, the, the, the, uh, the, the fake made up documents. And unfortunately, even the very reliable sources, you know, look at the government website. That’s the only one that’s, you know, a believer believe nothing of what you hear. And half of what you see, that’s the message to this point. So thanks very much for tuning in. We will have more later concerning mortgage deferrals, rent productions coming up. Thanks very much guys.