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Edmonton Business Consultant | Increasing Sales Through Google Reviews?

No matter how long a business has been operating, they can always benefit by getting more Google reviews says Edmonton business consultant. In fact, today more than ever it is important for businesses to have Google my business or Google places site set up, and start generating Google reviews. Not only is this effective, but it is also completely free, therefore there is no excuse any business owners would have for not doing this in their business.

The reason why it is important for businesses to start generating Google reviews is that studies have shown that 88% of customers actually look at reviews, and then factor those reviews into their decision to purchase from business or not. Therefore, businesses that do not have any Google reviews, the matter how long they have been in business are potentially losing out on business because of their lack of reviews.

Edmonton business consultant gets a lot of pushback from clients that say they generate their leads primarily through referrals, or word-of-mouth. However, it is important for businesses no matter how they get those leads to have Google reviews. The reason why is because those referrals and word-of-mouth lead still is looking at the reviews of the business prior to making their purchasing decision. If a business that only generates leads in their business through referrals or word-of-mouth will simply close fewer sales if they refuse to get Google reviews in their business.

Another question that Edmonton business consultant often gets from other businesses, is they do not want to focus on Google reviews, because they have a significant number of Facebook or yelp reviews. While having a variety of other reviews on different websites is not a bad thing, it is also not equal to Google reviews. A business would need to have a significant number of other reviews in order to equal the effectiveness of one Google review. This is not to say that entrepreneurs should abandon those other sites, but they should also put a lot of focus on generating reviews for Google because that is where most of the leads will find businesses from.

Businesses might believe that they can bypass the need to get Google reviews organically, simply by spending a lot of money on Google ads to appear on the front page of Google. However, Edmonton business consultant recommends that entrepreneurs avoid this strategy. While they might be able to get on the front page of Google, that is not going to help them convert leads into buyers once they click on the ad, and see that the business has no Google reviews. Therefore, it will cost an entrepreneur a lot of money to not generate any more sales.

Generating Google reviews for business takes diligence, and ensuring that everybody associates with the business is asking consistently. By setting this culture up in their business as soon as they can, an entrepreneur can ensure that they are doing everything to generate as many Google reviews as they can so that they can continue to convert leads into customers so they can grow their business.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Increasing Sales Through Google Reviews

Many businesses are simply not convinced that Google reviews can significantly impact how many customers they can get in their businesses Edmonton business consultant. However, with setting up a Google my business page, not only is it fast, but it is also free, meaning that entrepreneurs will literally lose nothing by setting up a Google places site and asking for reviews. If entrepreneurs do this, they may be surprised at how effective it actually can be.

One of the first things that entrepreneurs used to do when they started a business, spent money on making a great website says, business consultant. And while great websites are important, they’re actually not the first most important thing for a business. The reason why, because of matters how great a business website is, if they do not have a significant number of Google reviews build-up, it is not going to help them land more customers or convince or consumers to purchase from them over their competition. Therefore, business owners can save a lot of time and money in their business right away by not focusing on getting a website, and instead of spending their time and effort generating Google reviews for their business.

One problem with businesses generating Google reviews according to Edmonton business consultant, is that they get a dozen or more and think that is enough and they stop trying to get more Google reviews. That is not going to be enough to convince purchasers to buy from them over their competition. In fact, the minimum threshold that business owners should keep in mind when getting Google reviews is a minimum of forty. The reason why is because with forty reviews, it gives a lot of weight to the seriousness of those reviews. Customers will take the business more seriously because of their clearly real reviews. When an entrepreneur has less than forty, it can be easy to ask family and friends to leave Google reviews for them. Therefore, when a customer seized more, will take that into consideration when making their decision on where to purchase the product.

However, businesses should be aware that not only do they need to get to forty reviews, but they need to continually get more on an ongoing basis. Edmonton business consultant says this is important for Google algorithms. Not only is it important for entrepreneurs to have forty so that they can rank higher on the Google search engine, but also the algorithms take into consideration how often reviews are being given to the business. Therefore, business owners should have a goal of roughly one Google review per month on an ongoing basis.

When entrepreneurs know how many reviews they should aim to get, they can focus on building that up as quickly as they can, before spending any of their other marketing dollars. But only will this help them save money early on their business, but this is truly the most effective way for an entrepreneur to attract more customers, and grow their business.