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Edmonton business consultant says don’t be both will dirt and don’t be worried. This is all part of the process when you have ups and downs in business and life, peaks and valleys, etc. In fact you are only human. Don’t beat yourself up over a bad day or bad week. Don’t feel bad it’s all part of the process that you are going through in business and life.

When in fact you do go through periods of low motivation it will definitely help you to have a schedule that you can refer to to keep you back in line. Always revert back to your habits according to the schedule. When you have low motivation, you’re still showing up, you’re still starting, you’re still giving it your all, and you’re still getting things done. If you don’t have that schedule or that drive, you won’t at all be productive. If in fact you have a schedule you will not only be productive in high motivation times but you can refer to the schedule, get yourself back online and on task, and also be productive in low motivation times as well.

Consider adopting fewer things on your daily schedule. That way, says Edmonton business consultant you will be able to do stuff to the best of your ability and get everything completed. If you have too much on your plate and on your schedule, you will in fact not be able to complete any of them or you might complete them but it will be to the best of your ability and the work might leave lots to be desired. You’re going get more progress on the things that are important to you if you have fewer things on your schedule. And your mind is going to have less clutter. If you can accomplish these tasks, evidence else starts to become quite frankly unnecessary, says Edmonton business consultant.

As well, concentrate on revenue-generating tasks. These are the tasks that are going to keep your business afloat, and quite frankly make your money and lead you to financial and time freedom for yourself and your family. As a matter fact, revenue-generating tasks should be the first ones to complete to the best of your ability. There is often a misconception in life and business that says you get motivated before you get to work. In fact it just doesn’t work that way. If you adopt that philosophy, you’ll never get anything done. If you want motivation, then start, finish something, then you’ll be motivated. You’ll see the hard work that you have done you will fill pride in what you have done and you will want to continue to feel that feeling by doing and completing other things. If you’re motivated before you start then you probably never start and just won’t get an a lot or anything for that matter done. Bear in mind to, that action comes first then motivation actually comes because the progress based on that action.

Edmonton business consultant asks you how do you often find motivation to do tasks that you don’t necessarily want to do? What things can you employ that will allow you to get things that you need to get done that are important for your business?

Edmonton business consultant said this that there are often going to be periods of low motivation, as you are simply just human. Don’t go back to old, lazy, and unproductive habits. When you have low motivation, continue to show up, and continued to start, and, as slow as you may be continue to get things done. If you don’t have that schedule that is so important for your business you won’t be productive. If in fact you have employed schedule. You aren’t just productive in high motivation times. But now you will be able to consult your schedule so that you can find motivation in nonproductive times. You are now not just working on work and items but now you’re working on items that you strategically outlined that are worth your time. As well, you’ve put times for that those six tasks in the schedule. Now were not just productive in high motivation periods but we are productive all the time.

Sad but true, distractions are the killer of your day, be it professionally or personally. Edmonton business consultant says that notifications on your phone, social media, telephone ringing, unscheduled meetings, will all prompted become less motivated and quite frankly potentially overwhelmed. This, according to research, might bring you far more stress than is needed. Every time get distracted we get less motivated every time. And every time we get interrupted we are further away from our goals.

Make sure that you understand and to give yourself a little bit of a break. Were not going to have great days old the all day every day. Make sure that you understand that you are still working towards goal, be it fast or slow. Understand that tough days are again just part of the process. This going to be failure and there’s going to be rejection. Particularly if you work with contracts, you’re not going to be able to get every contract. Don’t let that deter you from reaching your goal. Allow yourself a little bit of time to shake it off and keep for it harder again. Make sure that you are realizing what are things that are contributing to your positivity and what are some things that may be are contributing to your negativity in your life in your business. It could be that you might have to cut some negative things out of your life. If that is a bad habit, then consider doing so. If those are negative people that are affecting you from getting a job done and make you feel terrible at work and at home so as you are not productive, make that action and make sure you are cutting them I your life too.