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Edmonton Business Consultant | Identifying The Best Staff For Your Organization

One important fact of being an entrepreneur that business owners need to keep in mind says Edmonton business consultant, is having the right people in an organization is far more important than having a lot of people in the organization. Business owners often fear losing employees so much, that they avoided at all costs, working to keep subpar employees for fear of the cost of replacing them. Also, entrepreneurs often tend to doubt themselves, or their business when they lose employees even though it is not usually the business ownerís fault employees leave. For example, the average millennial employee only stays an average of 2.3 years in any job they have. The reason why staff members leave organizations has everything to do with the circumstances they are facing. Business owners should understand that if they build their organization in such a way that can withstand employees leaving, they can ensure that they have the right people in their organization, work to find the best people, and not fear losing people.

Business owners should understand that keeping the wrong employee can cost the organization even more than they realize. This is stated very clearly by Jim Collins, who is the author of several business books. This is what he says about having the wrong people in an organization: ìletting the wrong people hang around is unfair to all of the right people, as they inevitably find themselves compensating for the inadequacies of the wrong people. Worse, and can driveway the best people. Strong performers are intrinsically motivated by performance when they see their efforts being impeded by carrying additional weight, they eventually become frustrated.î Rather than allowing the wrong people to impact their business, business owners should understand that there are far better ahead to let those people go and take the time to find the right people.

Edmonton business consultant says that a great way that entrepreneurs can ensure they minimize the effect of losing people in their business, is by ensuring that no matter what task they have in their business, there is more than one person who can do every single thing. The reason this is so important is so that no matter which employee leaves and when and how they do so, the operating of the business is never put in jeopardy. This way, entrepreneurs can be patient and wait for the right person in order to fill that spot, rather than feeling that the need to fill that spot as quickly as possible in order to continue operating their business.

Edmonton business consultant says that it is extremely important that they build a business that can withstand losing people, because it is an inevitability that no matter how hard a business owner works, they are never going to get away from. By ensuring they always have the best people in their business, entrepreneurs can build a strong and successful business, surrounded by all the best people that can help them succeed

Entrepreneurs often believe that it is a feeling of theirs when staff members leave says Edmonton business consultant. However, it is not necessarily failing of entrepreneurs, and because of that business owners should be prepared for the inevitability that their staff members are going to leave from time to time. While doing this, entrepreneurs should understand that they can work to increase the retention rate of their staff members, so that they can identify and keep great people.

One of the ways that business owners can ensure that they are increasing the retention rate of great staff says Edmonton business consultant, is to dig the annual review. While this may seem like the wrong thing to do, instead of holding one large review at the end of the year, entrepreneurs should instead hold more frequent periodic reviews. These reviews need to be outcome-oriented and will allow the business owner to congratulate business owners for jobs well done as well as reward the good behaviour that they happen to see, as close to it happening as possible. By doing that, entrepreneurs can use positive reinforcement to help that behaviour continue. Also, by having these periodic reviews can help entrepreneurs help staff members who may be struggling so that their struggles do not exacerbate over the year and develop into problematic employees later on. Also, business owners can correct behaviours that are unwanted as soon as they see them, so that they can cultivate the behaviours they want to see.

Business owners also need to understand that there something far more important to employees then the salary that they make. Edmonton business consultant says that the corporate values of an organization need to be clearly communicated to staff members so that the employees that can emotionally connect with those values have a reason to stay. Many entrepreneurs do not believe that their values can be that important to their staff members, but if business owners need evidence of this, all they need to do is look at people who volunteer for charities. They are willing to put in hundreds of hours of free time working in a business simply because they believe in the values of the organization. When entrepreneurs realize this, they can communicate those values so that they can keep employees that are staying around in their business because of that emotional connection.

Despite doing everything that they can to keep great staff, there is the inevitability that those staff members are going to leave, and when that happens, Edmonton business consultant says entrepreneurs need to be ready, by continually looking for the best fit for their business. No matter what reasons the employees might have relieving they might get sick orinjured, win the lottery or decide to retire early, and these things through no fault of the business main business owner needs to always be looking to ensure that when one great employee leaves, will be able to replace them without negatively impacting their business.