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Edmonton business consultant | How to use templates to streamline processes

At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants, our Edmonton business consultant would like to talk about how to make an effective checklist and templates for a more efficient client intake. Our firm has dedicated itself to helping Canadians small business owners. New clients can enjoy your free consultation program is as well as a free copy of Michael Gerber’s best-selling business book “e- myth.” If you find this program appealing please contact us at or if you prefer to call our phone number is 780-665-4949. We look forward to taking eons our clients.

This article will focus on how to build streamline checklist and templates. Our Edmonton business consultant have learned that 50% of all Canadian small businesses often do not last for more than five years. Having said that there are a number of reasons why these failures occur in a most common one is the inability to take on more customers. Almost 42% of entrepreneurs agree about the statistics. We have more articles like this in our website at You can find more educational articles like this in our website.

Often business owners don’t realize that new clients ask the same thing over and over. As the business owner you need to realize the pattern and create countermeasures. As the Edmonton business consultant we suggest preplanning formed questionnaire checklist for a more effective and efficient workflow. It’s important to create these checklist to avoid employees from stumbling when asked important questions. Not only will it be more consistent for your clients, it will also be easier for your employees. A well-made questionnaire checklist should answer almost all of the required information is from your client.

However it’s almost impossible to never have objections and other questions during the questionnaire. There are a few ways to prevent this. There are also ways to get the conversation back on track. We have found that the most effective line to say to get questionnaires back on track is “absolutely I can help you with that, but first let me ask you…” This is almost like a little business hack that is guaranteed to work 99% of the time. It will improve efficiency and offer less distractions for your employees.

We believe that meeting face-to-face is the best and most effective way to get clients. However the next best thing over the phone. It is also important to realize that clients may not be available for phone call conversation. It’s imperative to ready an email template this kind of situations. Having a email template would boost not only your phone call efficiency and also your email efficiency.

It’s a viable strategy to apoint business meetings over email. However inefficient it is sometimes and must be done. You, as the business owner, should provide flexibility in your schedule. Offer 10 meeting time schedule to your client. This will improve chances of you getting clients. After the appointment you should have another template ready to confirm immediately after the meeting. This should consist of information talk about during the meeting so that clients can correct any misinformation early on. To prevent no-shows, you also need to create templates to confirm meetings the day before.

Edmonton business consultant | checklist and templates for client and takes

Our firm is dedicated Edmonton business consultant to help you with your business consultation needs. At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants, we believe in small business success. However all the odds are against them. To compensate we offer our new businesses free consultations on their first visit. They will also get a free copy of Michael Gerber’s best-selling business book called “e-myth.” If you wish to know more please contact us at or call us at 780-665-4949.

Numerous studies shown that it only takes less than five years for 50% of Canadian small businesses to fail. Our Edmonton business consultant learned that 42% of business owners blame having the lack of customers as their reason of failure thus making this the most common reason why small businesses fail. In this article we will talk about why creating effective checklist and templates can be beneficial and efficient for your company. If you find this article useful and informative please check out our website for more. You can find our website at

Most clients, both new and old, will usually ask the same questions. Business owners need to realize this and create proactive solutions to solving this problem. Entrepreneurs can create preplanned phone questionnaire checklist to make for more consistent, efficient and easier workflow for your employees. This will also make it consistent and easy to understand for clients. It’s common however for clients to derail these questionnaires. They will often ask questions and create topics that are not related to the subject. However as the Edmonton business consultant we have created a foolproof way to get your questionnaires back on track. The most effective line to say is “absolutely I can help you with that but first I may just ask you…” This is what you call a super line. It’s almost guaranteed to work and get your clients back into the topic.

Should phone calls ever not be an option. Business owners should also create email templates to ask him these questions. Overall you want to avoid email discussions and they are easily forgotten and lost. But certain situations are unavoidable and you should be ready for it. Email templates important streamline your process and make it more consistent and easy to understand for clients.

Email templates are almost just as important as your phone questionnaire checklist. Discussions over email should be more flexible. It’s often wise to offer a Morden one me scheduled meetings in your email discussions. We propose to have at least 10 to keep your clients happy and have a flexible schedule for them. After the long exchange of emails you should immediately confirm that information. This will allow clients to correct any misinformation as right away. It’s important to remind clients for the meeting day. This will reduce the chances of clients not showing up..