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Edmonton Business Consultant | How To Market Your Business Online

there are many different ways that businesses can market their business online says Edmonton business consultant. In many business owners believe that the best way is to create a website and start generating business traffic. Unfortunately websites are not a magic solution to increasing business. In order for consumers to see a webpage, they have to appear in search results. Websites that appear on page 2 of Google search results, wonít get seen by consumers, because customers donít look past page 1, even if they donít find what theyíre looking for. Business owners arenít even aware that theyíre not guaranteed to land on page 1 of Google search results. In order to do that, they need to know how Google ranks websites, so that they can lay the groundwork to ensure that once they launch their website, is more likely to end up on page 1, and get viewed by potential clients.

Google has four components that they utilize to rank websites. The first two are something that a web designer will be able to help the dozens owner with, they are Google canonical compliance and website mobile compliance. The other two ways that Google ranks websites are far more important for business owners to know, because they will be able to use them to help attract new business, and will help their website in the future when they decide to create one. They are the most Google reviews, and the most HTML content.

Itís very important that a business generates Google reviews for their business, even before they create websites as Edmonton business consultant. The reason for this, is because most ñ 88 per cent – of potential customers will look at a businesses Google reviews as a way of making their decision on where to buy from. Businesses that have no Google reviews or very few Google reviews will have a negative impression of the customer on their business. Business owners who donít have websites can ensure they can start generating Google reviews by creating a Google my business page. This takes far less time and money than webpages, and can help business owners start ranking in Google searches as well as generating Google reviews.

Many business owners believe that even if they have no reviews, they will be able to buy their way to the top of the Google search results through ads. And while this is true says Edmonton business consultant, if they donít have the Google reviews to go along with that ad, consumers will see that and continue their search for that product or service. Sometimes business owners also believe that they donít need Google reviews because they will be attracting your customers through word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth referrals are great, but business owners need to be aware that those customers are still going to be doing their research before they make their decision, and if the business is not have Google reviews, that will impact their purchasing decision still. Business owners to realize that even if their entire strategy is word-of-mouth referrals, Google reviews can still help land those customers and convert more word-of-mouth referrals into actual customers.

One of the biggest problems that business owners face in Canada today says Edmontons business consultant is not being able to find enough customers to their business. Statistics Canada says out of all of the businesses that close their doors, 42% indicated is this to be the reason for their business failure. Therefore itís very important that entrepreneurs markets their business very smartly in order to attract as many customers as they can as early on in their business as possible.

Many business owners believe that the way they can create a dynamic online presence is through the creation of a website. While websites can be important tools for business owners says Edmonton business consultant, websites alone are not going to be the magic solution to increase the business automatically. If consumers arenít saying that webpage, thereís no way they will be able to increase that businesses traffic. Entrepreneurs need to know how they can end up on page 1 of Google with their websites in order to make that website to work for them. Two of those ways, will require business owner to lay the groundwork before the even create a website.

The first and most important thing that a business owner should do when it comes to online marketing says Edmonton business consultant, is by creating a Google my business page. This is simple and inexpensive, can often be done in a single day which is much less time and money spent then creating a website. This will allow businesses to be able to be searched in Google searches as well as start receiving Google reviews. The reason itís so important to start generating Google reviews says Edmontons business consultant, is because most consumers these days make their purchasing decisions based on how many Google reviews business has. Businesses that have fewer than 40 or even none will be regarded negatively. 40 reviews or more, inspires confidence in the customer that the business will be able to handle their needs properly.

Once business owner has a Google business page and are generating reviews, the next thing they should take into consideration when it comes to laying the groundwork for great website, is creating the content for that website. Edmonton business consultant recommends that entrepreneurs write about 6000 words before they launch website. The reason for that is because Google ranks websites that have more HTML content higher up in search engine results than websites that have less HTML content. The typical website has about six pages, and if the business owner can create a thousand words of content for each one of those pages, have a great start to a website with a lot of content.

Business owners who work ahead of time to lay the groundwork for creating dynamic websites theyíre going to get ranked higher in Google, can benefit right away from those efforts, by generating Google results and Google reviews that will help them now and in the future.