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Edmonton Business Consultant | How to Grow Your Own Personal Brand

That’s Spurrell Associates CPA the Edmonton business consultant recross it quite often that businesses tried to compete with the large corporation and is in the words of branding.

Normally people don’t buy from faceless brands it’s more easy to trusts in a person over over a faceless corporation.

Is it quicker to build trust as person or as a brand?

Obviously as a person it’s easier to build trust because you to know somebody and you get to relate to what they relate to and as a brand that it’s more of a faceless corporation that you really don’t have the true understanding about.

Have some of the big brands that we trust being Bill holding her trust for a lifetime? Most have but it’s something is built over time and has been used with tricks and tactics by big corporations, but the most happens through them being grandfathered. Just think about it as is corporations have been in your life for so long why wouldn’t you trust the product.

Small businesses can compete on brand initially? Honestly of the short answer is no> most companies have been in the business way longer than the small guys have and have built the sphere of influence over that space. So as a small business people have to become more creative and rely on their personality more than anything to differentiate themselves from competitors. We businesses like George Foreman they need George Foreman to sell the grill, or even brands like air Jordans they wouldn’t be where they are without Michael Jordan. Most businesses implement some kind of spokesperson and or face to the company to create a personal touch.

With three areas most people click on small business website? Well most most people click on one of three things the homepage services and the team. Why is that? It’s because people want to know about the people behind the company. We are in an age where connectivity is everything, people need to be invested in a brand or product that starts with the person. Look at any time you go to a mechanic, odds are if it isn’t the first time you have your specific guy. You know about his personal life, you know what he’s on vacation, he becomes your guy. This is because it is easier to trust a person over a faceless corporation.

What happens if you don’t have a strong team were biography page? Well it’s pretty simple think about it, they will just go to the your competitor. Most people would rather go to somebody that they know over somebody that seems to be a stranger. Look at big brands like Coca-Cola, Amazon, and even subway, all implement tactics to make their locations and brand seem inviting and familiar.

If you’re looking to build the Edmonton business brand Edmonton business consultant contact us for free consultation will see what we can do for you.

Edmonton business consultant | how to grow your own personal brand will most small businesses run out of cash if the rely solely on brand to sell? Yeah but not for the reasons you would initially think, most brands run out of cash because they underestimate how long it can take. Rome wasn’t built in the day so you should expect your business to be the same, look at a company like Amazon that started off selling books online, it took a long time for them to even start to see a profit let alone creating a brand that people can fully trust.

Big businesses have trouble to keep customers when key people are staff we?
Yeah of course every business. I kind of issues, but to prevent this from happening and 10 minute dates loss most companies implement strategies to make it more of an experience than the influence of one person. Just look at the large corporations and think how many people touch that one product, everyone in the sun experience that’s what this company is realized and have valued.

How can having more than one contact person customer minimize the risk? Having more than one contact person to accustom her it creates an overall experience and not just a single encounter. Look at a place like Disneyland just think how many people work in the parks daily, and how each person adds to your experience some are negative, some are positive, but overall it enriches your experience while you travel throughout the park. That’s the same philosophy that is big businesses follow, because it allows for your experience to be quantified as a numbers game instead of a freak mishap.

Can you eventually transition in personal trust into a trust in the brand? Yeah you can but it’s not something that comes right away. To build trust takes time and to convert that over should be seen as more of a long-term goal over the short one. Are you being the face the company and by you promoting your own brand people gravitate towards that, and then with time people will put that same trust into your brand because of you. Look at a company like Apple and see how Steve jobs completely changed the perception of Apple, more people are invested in the story of Steve Jobs than the product and then fourth became invested in the product that he created.

So is it easy to build trust and a brand? No not really, but it’s easier to sell a person then a brand. So when building out your brand always remember to have some kind of face or element. This can be done through multiple ways like like a business spokesperson, the team’s page on your business websites, and a strong personable team backing you up.

So if you’re looking for any more tips to beat the odds and business for Edmonton business consultant contact us for free consultation and will see what we can do.