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Edmonton Business Consultant | How To Get The Most Out Of Online Marketing

Many business owners create a website as soon as they open their business, believing that that is the way that they can maximize their online presence is Edmonton business consultant. This is not necessarily an effective online marketing strategy because websites cannot be effective if nobody can find them to click on them. Just by creating websites does not guarantee that a business is going to land on the first page of the Googleís search results. If a business is not on page 1, they may as well not even exist, because consumers will never look past page 1. Depending on page 1 of Google search results takes time and strategy.

Business owners can actually start that strategy early on in their business, before they even have a website. One of the first ways that they can do that says Edmonton business consultant is by creating a Google my business page. This will be for less time intensive and less expensive than creating a website, and this can start working for business owners immediately by lending them on page 1 of Google search results. What to having a Google my business page can also do for entrepreneurs, is can help them start generating Google reviews. Google reviews are extremely important to businesses online because 88% of customers will look at a businesses Google reviews when they are making their decision on where to purchase. If the business does not have any Google reviews, this will negatively impact the decision without the business owner even knowing it. Google reviews are also a way that Google ranks websites. Therefore, getting many Google reviews as early on in the business as possible, can help business owners rank their websites in Google later on when they are created.

Many business owners are not sure why they need to have Google reviews, they believe that they will be able to use word-of-mouth marketing as a way to generate interest in their business. Edmontons business consultant says word-of-mouth referrals are great, however those referrals are still going to look at Google reviews in order to make their purchasing decision. Business owners will most likely agree that converting more word-of-mouth referrals into clients is beneficial. Another reason why business owners may believe that they donít need Google reviews says Edmonton business consultant, is because they will simply by their way to the top of the Google results page. While any business can do this, consumers will still look at Google reviews in order to make their decision, and businesses with no reviews will pay for that click, but wonít convert that customer.

Thereís many things that business owners need to consider when they are creating their online marketing strategy, and they should know that simply by creating a website is not enough to increase their business. By being smart with their marketing, can help business owners save their money and generate real results for their business to help them grow their business right away and hopefully avoid the reason why 42% of businesses failed.

The most significant challenge that entrepreneurs face in business today says Edmonton business consultant, is a lack of customers. Half of all Canadian entrepreneurs will go out of business in their first five years, and 42% of those failed businesses listed a lack of customers as the reason why. Many business owners in Canada need to combat this problem, by finding their customers and marketing to them effectively. Many entrepreneurs believe that simply by creating a website will generate the business that they are looking for. But just by having a website doesnít mean that there potential customers will see that website. In order for customers to see a businesses website, that website needs to appear on page 1 of Google search results.

Thereís many factors that Google uses in order to rank websites in their search engine results says Edmontons business consultant, and businesses with the most Google reviews is one of those ways. The more reviews the business has, the higher up in the search engine results that website will appear. A business owner should work on generating those results even before they have a website for a number of reasons. The first reason says Edmonton business consultant is so that when a business owner is ready to have website, they will be able to hit the ground with higher search engine results than if they had created a website without first generating Google reviews.

Another reason itís so important for business owners have Google reviews, is because 80% of their customer base will be looking at Google reviews as a way of figuring out which business they want to make their purchase from. Businesses that have no Google reviews or very few Google reviews are less likely to get the sale, and not even know it. Businesses can start generating Google reviews for their business immediately by setting up their Google my business page. Business owners should know that a business that has 40 Google reviews and no website will outperform a business that has a good website and no reviews.

Another way that businesses can use Googleís analytics to ensure that their website ranks higher up on their search engine results says Edmonton business consultant, is by creating HTML content for their webpage. Before they should even consider making website, a business owner should have written 6000 words at a minimum. Many business owners are very overwhelmed at the idea of writing so many words, but it doesnít have to be difficult. It is much easier for people to talk words then to write them, business owners are able to talk about their business and 10 minute videos, by transcribing them they will be able to come up with the words they need for their websites.

not only does this help a business owner generate content for their website, but it will also allow the business owner to effectively communicate they are and what they do in business.