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Edmonton Business Consultant | How To Get Google Reviews

One of the most significant challenges that entrepreneurs are going to face in business according to Edmonton business consultant is not being able to find the right customers for their product. Industry Canada says that half of all entrepreneurs will end up feeling before their fifth year in business, and 42% of those failed entrepreneurs say the reason they failed was that they were unable to find customers. Therefore, it is extremely important for entrepreneurs to learn very early in their business how they can find those customers in their business, they can sell more products.

One of the most significant things that an entrepreneur can do to ensure that they are reaching potential customers is to get Google reviews. The reason why this is so important is because 88% of all customers use Google reviews in their purchasing decisions. If a business has no or few Google reviews, that could end up in an entrepreneur losing a sale because they did not have enough Google reviews to convert that lead.

One of the most important things to help an entrepreneur get Google reviews according to Edmonton business consultant is to get a Google my business page, or Google places. They are the same thing, and it will allow a business to be searchable on Google and appear on the first page of search results. Even if the business owner does not have a website, they will be able to be searchable and receive reviews immediately. Not only is this very important, but entrepreneurs need to realize that Google my business pages and Google places are free. Therefore, has an extremely high return on investment.

Once an entrepreneur has Google places set up, the next thing that they need to do is get Google reviews. When entrepreneurs talk to their Edmonton business consultant, they will discover that forty reviews are the number at which not only customers start taking the business seriously, but also the Google analytics gives businesses that have a threshold of about forty reviews more weight, and starts ranking them higher on the Google search engine. Therefore, an entrepreneur should have a goal of getting to forty reviews as quickly as they can.

Once an entrepreneur is at forty Google reviews, the next thing they need to do is continue getting reviews. Not only is it important for Google analytics to have a minimum of forty reviews, but they also take into consideration how often those reviews are coming into the Google places site. Edmonton business consultant says that it is not enough for an entrepreneur to simply get forty reviews, but they recommend an entrepreneur gets approximately one review every month on an ongoing basis.

Not only is setting up a Google places site important, but it will also allow entrepreneurs to collect Google reviews, that will help turn leads into customers, and help an entrepreneur avoid the most common reason for entrepreneurs to fail because they cannot find the right customers for their business. Doing this can help a business owner sell more products and become successful.

Edmonton Business Consultant | How To Get Google Reviews

Many business owners understand how important Google reviews are to their business when talking to Edmonton business consultant. However, many entrepreneurs are unable to get enough reviews to make a difference to their business. Not only is it important for business owners to get forty reviews, and then keep adding reviews, but there is no magic way for entrepreneurs to get those reviews.

There are many companies that are promising entrepreneurs easy ways to increase the number of Google reviews they have, but those companies are not able to deliver the same type of results that entrepreneurs need to increase their reviews quickly says Edmonton business consultant. The best thing that entrepreneurs can do in order to ensure that they are getting as many Google reviews as they can, is to ask their customers. Not only should entrepreneurs ask, they need to understand that asking once is not going to ensure that they do it right away. Business owners need to ask consistently and keep asking until customers follow through. Automated services may be available, but since they are not as effective they should be seen as a supplemental way of adding additional Google reviews.

Many entrepreneurs believe that they can skip getting Google reviews and instead pay for Google ads to appear on the first page of Google results. While this might get them to the top of the list, Edmonton business consultant cautions entrepreneurs from taking this approach. The reason why is because human though they might appear on the first page, it is going to cost them money, and it still will not enable an entrepreneur to convert those leads into customers if they do not have forty reviews. Therefore, spending money on Google ads before they get forty reviews is costing entrepreneur money to not convert those leads.

Business owners also believe that other types of reviews can be a substitute for Google reviews. They believe that Facebook and yelp are just as effective. While positive Facebook and yelp reviews, for example, are not going to be harmful, they are also not a substitute for Google reviews. An entrepreneur needs to have an extremely high amount of those reviews in order to equal the effectiveness of having one Google review. When entrepreneurs are looking to get reviews, ten business consultant recommends that they focus on Google Reviews, and do not stop until they hit forty.

If entrepreneurs generate their leads primarily by referral also need to continue getting Google reviews. The reason why is because even those word-of-mouth referrals are still going to look at Google reviews in order to make their purchasing decision. Businesses that have fewer than forty Google reviews will simply close fewer leads.

Business owners should understand how important effective Google reviews are to converting their leads into customers. Not only should they focus on getting forty reviews as fast as possible, they need to make a regular practice in their business so that they are continually asking, and continually getting reviews, and being able to turn more leads into active customers so that they can grow their business.