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Edmonton Business Consultant | How To Create Traffic For Websites

Because so many businesses go out of business due to lack of customers says Edmonton business consultant, this is one of the primary goals for most entrepreneurs as soon as they open their business. 42% of all business owners who close the door to their business and said lack of customers was the reason they failed. Many entrepreneurs believe that a quick and easy solution to this is to create a website. Fortunately, merely creating a website is not going to ensure that their potential customers are going to see that webpage. Landing on page 1 of Google is extremely important in order for business to be able to be seen by anyone. The reason for this, is because if a business does not get onto page 1, potential customers will not look further than that.

The goal for business owners should be to get on page 1 of Google, and simply by having a website does not guarantee thatís going to happen. Thereís a lot of different factors that go into how high up on Google search a business gets. To those factors are the most HTML content and the most Google reviews. In order for a business to have enough content for website, Edmonton business consultant recommends a starting place would be 6000 words. This roughly translates into six pages on their website, each with over a thousand words. Business owners should work on creating this content in order to be ready for creating their website.

While business owners are working on getting the content they need in order to have websites that will be ranked higher by Google, they should start right away with generating Google reviews for their business. Edmonton business consultant says the best way they can do that is by creating a Google my business or Google places page. This is going to take much less time, and much less money. By setting up properly in about a day, businesses can start getting reviews as well as getting searched by potential customers in Google. Simply by having a page, can be enough to land some businesses on page 1 of Google.

However, businesses that are on page 1 of Google still need to ensure that they have five-star Google reviews. The reason for that says Edmontons business consultant is because 80% of customers make their decision on where to get that service from. If the business has no Google reviews, that will negatively impact that customers decision. A good rule of thumb is businesses should have 40 reviews says Edmonton business consultant. The reason for the is the number, is because less than 40 is often seen as much easier to get, and therefore a higher likelihood that they were fabricated. 40 reviews are often seen as something that a legitimate business would be able to get.

There are many things that businesses can do in order to start generating traffic to their business and influencing customers to purchase through them, even before they need a website.

One of the most significant challenges that entrepreneurs face in business these days is attracting customers says Edmonton business consultant. In fact, 50% of entrepreneurs will go out of business within their first five years, and 42% of those failed entrepreneurs will say that not having enough customers was the reason their business failed. Many business owners make it their primary focus when they open their business to generate customers for their business. Often, they believe that simply by creating a website will be all they need to do in order to generate online interest in their business and drive traffic. Unfortunately, it is not enough just to have a websites. There are great websites that arenít getting traffic because they are not on the first page of Google.

Websites may be an important step for many businesses, businesses need to be aware of how Google ranks search engine results, in order for them to build a website that can maximize those factors, and help them appear higher up on search engine results in order to generate traffic for that website. The first and most important steps, says Edmonton business consultant are not even with creating a website.

The first thing that business owners should do that will help them in business immediately, and significantly impact their website in the future is to create a Google my business page. Creating a Google my business page will allow businesses to not only start getting Google searches, it will also enable businesses to start getting Google reviews. The reason why getting Google reviews is so important for businesses, is because when potential customers are looking for a business, 88% of them will look at Google reviews as a way of making their decision. By not having Google reviews at all, or by not having enough, that can cause a business to be overlooked by a potential customer.

Itís not enough that a business has some Google reviews, the number that has the biggest impact on getting clients, is 40 reviews that are five stars. Businesses with 40 reviews will be seen as legitimate and good at what they do. In fact, great websites that have no reviews will get less traffic than a Google my business page that has 40 reviews. Itís very important that businesses generate Google reviews before they start working on a website.

Once a business owner understands that the more Google reviews they have, the higher up in the search engine results their webpage will eventually appear, they can be proactive in generating an online presence that will allow customers to find, and rank them on Google. Creating a website later on the business that will have several Google reviews already, will have a much higher chance at appearing farther up on Google search results, which will help them start generating traffic for their business as soon as they create their website.