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Edmonton Business Consultant | How To Create Effective Webpages

There are several things that business owners need to take into consideration when they are creating their website says Edmonton business consultant. Unfortunately many entrepreneurs believe that simply by creating a website is enough to generate online traffic and positively impact their business. Business owners need to understand that just by having a webpage does not mean that they will be able to get on page 1 of Google search results. Getting onto page 1 and staying there is not easy, and it takes a lot of work. By understanding what Google takes into consideration to rank websites, business owners can lay the groundwork to ensure that when they are ready to create a website, the website will be able to generate the traffic that they are expecting.

The first thing that business owners can understand about how Google ranks websites, is that the websites that have the most HTML content will be ranked higher by Google. The reason for this, is because the more content website has, the more relevant it appears to Google. Businesses should write a minimum of 6000 words before they are even ready to create their first website. The reason why 6000 is a great place to start says Edmonton businesses consultant is they should be able to have six pages on their websites, each with a thousand words. They can create pages like the homepage, there contact page, page dedicated to showing their team is. But business owner gets to 6000 words, they donít need to stop. The more confidence they have, the higher they can be ranked says Edmonton business consultant, therefore business owners shouldnít stop creating that important content. Business owners may be overwhelmed with the thought of writing so much content, and while writing that many words can be difficult, speaking them is much easier. Business owners will have a much easier time getting those words by speaking them. A way that they can do that is to create videos with them talking about their business, or subject matters that they are passionate about or our expert in the, and then transcribing those videos. 10 minutes of speaking should be able to get a thousand words. They can upload those videos to their websites, and for every video can generate a thousand words.

Working on pretty content is important, but another way that Google ranks websites is by the most Google reviews they have. Even before businesses have a website, they can start generating Google search results and Google reviews by creating a Google my business page. At much lower time and money cost, businesses who create this can start generating Google reviews immediately says Edmonton business consultant. Since the more Google reviews a business has, the higher up in Googleís search results they appear, generating reviews early on in the business in the never stopping is extremely important for businesses. Google reviews can also help business owners because 88% of potential customers will look at businesses Google reviews before they make their decision on where to purchase from.

Business owners often believe that they need to have a website in order to generate the online traffic they need to land new customer says Edmonton business consultant. Although having a website may be important, itís definitely not the most important thing, and definitely not the most important thing to brand-new businesses. Many entrepreneurs donít realize that simply by having website does not mean that anyone will see it. The way that most people find businesses and websites is by doing a Google search. If a website is not going to end up on the first page of that Google search, it is virtually not likely to be seen by anyone. If consumers canít find what theyíre looking for on the first page of Google, they simply stop searching.

There are several ways that businesses can maximize their ability of being ranked higher up on Google reviews, two ways that they have the most control over will be getting Google reviews, and generating HTML content for their webpage. Edmonton business consultant says Google search engine wants to choose the most relevant results for the search request as close to the top of the page as possible, and websites with lots of reviews lots of content, are often seen as the most relevant.

Itís not only important for businesses to have lots of Google reviews in order to help their Google ranking, but it is also important for businesses to have Google reviews in order to land customers. The reason for this is because 88% of potential buyers will look at a businesses Google reviews before they make their choice. If a business has no Google reviews are only a few of them, they will be seen as either not good at what they do, not serious about their business. A good rule of thumb says Edmontons business consultant is businesses with 40 reviews or more all generate enough confidence in potential customers to consider them for their purchase.

Other than Google reviews, businesses should work on creating content for their website even before they create that website. The more information they have on their website, the higher Google will rank them. A good starting point says Edmonton business consultant is creating the 6000 words. That means six pages with over a thousand words per page is a good place to start. Just by creating that 6000 words, doesnít mean business owners should stop there. However many business owners believe that writing a thousand words itís hard and time consuming. Easily, speaking in thousand words is much easier. By making 10 minute videos, and then transcribing them, business owners can easily generate a thousand words at a time to use as content on their website in order to enable them to get higher search results for their business making their website as effective as possible.