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Edmonton Business Consultant | How to Conduct Interviews

Although many entrepreneurs understand that the way they are conducting interviews is working says Edmonton business consultant. Because no matter how much time they spend reading resumes, or choosing the right interview questions. They do not end up with better quality employees.

And rather than trying to choose better questions. Or spend more time deciphering which resume comes from the best candidate. Edmonton business consultant recommends changing the style of interviews that they utilize.

Typically, entrepreneurs use a one on one interview method. Often, and the only reason why is because it is the only style they are familiar with. And while there are many different other types of interview methods. Business owners are not aware of them.

In fact, the one on one interview method really is only effective. When implemented by a large organization. Who has a large number of resources, and unlimited time. Such as having an entire HR department.

Who will be able to interview as many candidates on a one on one basis. As they need to be able to find the most talented people. And the candidates that are going to be the best fit for their organization.

They might conduct one-on-one interviews for days, weeks or months. But this is why large organizations can find the most talented people. While small entrepreneurs struggle finding people who are a great fit in their business.

However, many small business owners do not know that the one on one interview is ineffective for them. Because they do not have enough time to ensure it is effective. Which is why Edmonton business consultant tries to help entrepreneurs learn this.

Instead, they teach about the group interview method. That all business owners should implement in their business. Because it will help them meet a large number of people in a much more efficient way.

And that will ensure that they are increasing the chances of one of those candidates. Being the right fit their business. As long as they are conducting the group interviews as efficiently and effectively as possible.

This starts with setting aside time every single week. In order to conduct group interviews. Whether businesses are looking for people immediately or not. And the reason behind this.

Is because it is going to help entrepreneurs meet a large enough pool of candidates. That it increases their odds of one of those people being the correct one to hire in their business.

And while studies have shown that business owners need to meet about a hundred people. In order to increase the chances of one of them being the right person for their business.

If entrepreneurs were only conducting group interviews when they had an immediate opening. They would still have to search for several weeks, or months. In order to meet hundred people.

Which is why it is very valuable to always be conducting group interviews. And by the time they find one right person. Chances are quite good that they will need to hire them by that time. Or that they will have to hire them soon.

Finding great people is extremely important for entrepreneurs according to Edmonton business consultant. But it is actually one of the top things that entrepreneurs struggle with consistently.

In fact, while industry Canada reports that half of Canadian small entrepreneurs fail within five years. 23% of entrepreneurs that fail. Attribute their failure to not being able to find or keep enough people in their business.

And with so many business owners struggling to do this, Edmonton business consultant has started teaching entrepreneurs. How to conduct group interviews, in order to help more business owners overcome this common challenge.

The important thing to note with group interviews. Is that entrepreneurs no longer have to read through resumes ahead of time. Or, try to call people to schedule for one-on-one interviews.

Instead, business owners will simply invite every person that applies an invitation to the interview. And while many business owners would be concerned, that people who may not be qualified show for the interview. That is not a problem says Edmonton business consultant.

And if the person who is unqualified to work passes the interview. After the interview, by reading their resume, business owners will be able to figure out if they are not qualified to work there or not.

The next thing to keep in mind for the interview. Is that business owners are going to be able to save a lot of time by going over the company overview with everybody at the same time. Instead of individually during one-on-one interviews.

It is important that they share the mission, vision and values of the business. Because this will help those who will make the right fit in the business. Identify themselves during the interview.

The next thing that business owners should do. Is ask if the candidates have any questions. Many will have questions. And most of them will have the same questions as each other. And this can also save a lot of time.

When one person asks a question that many people will have, that can minimize the amount of time spent on questions that may have taken up a lot of time in a one on one interview.

Once all of the questions that candidates have are asked. The next thing that business owners should do. Is simply ask the one question that they need to ask in this group interview.

And what that question is, is: why do you want to work here? This is the time for the candidates who identified with the mission, vision and values of the business to indicate that they share the same values. Or they believe in the mission of the business.

While the candidates who will not be the right fit. Will typically give answers like they want to work in the industry because they are qualified, or that they simply want a job.

By conducting group interviews. Business owners can not only make a more efficient use of their time. But also meet a larger pool of candidates. And be better able to decide who is the right fit in their business a lot more efficiently. Then by conducting one-on-one interviews.