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Edmonton Business Consultant | How To Attract The Best Employees

Even though many entrepreneurs feel very strongly about not wanting to lose employees, Edmonton business consultant says that employees are inevitably going to leave organizations, and by being afraid to let the wrong people go because being worried about the cost of hiring new staff can be even more detrimental to a business. This is clearly said by Jim Collins, who is the author of six business books, ìletting the wrong people hang around is unfair to all the right people, as they inevitably find themselves compensating for the inadequacies of the wrong people. Worse, it can drive away the best people. Strong performers are intrinsically motivated by performance, and when they see their efforts impeded by carrying extra weight, they eventually become frustrated.î Rather than trying to keep all employees possible, business owners should instead focus on always be looking for great ones, because that will be more beneficial to their business.

One way that entrepreneurs can ensure that there attracting the right people to their company, is by communicating the corporate values of their business early on in the interview process. Edmonton business consultant says that this is extremely valuable because employees often find the value of the business as more important to them as salary or wages are. The reason why people often work for nonprofits for a lower wage, and not everyone is working up in work camps, is because salary is not necessarily the most important factor. By recognizing this, business owners can ensure that they are attracting the people who want to work for their company because they believe in the same things. The same way, entrepreneurs can be certain that people that do not hold the same values are not going to want to work for the company. This way, business owners can be certain that they are already starting to eliminate employees that will not be a good fit for their business.

Once entrepreneurs have the best people hired, Edmonton business consultant says the next thing they need to do is hold periodic reviews of each staff member. These are more valuable than annual reviews, because it allows business owners to more regularly identify and congratulate great behaviour, and address any struggles or problematic behaviours as soon as a service. By doing this, the periodic reviews start becoming outcome-oriented and can encourage better behaviours to happen more often. When entrepreneurs scheduled these regularly, they become an expected part of the operations of the business, and not indicative of any problems. This also allows staff members to voice any concerns that they have, and keep the communication between staff member and business owner open.

It is extremely important that business owners are proactive in hiring the best staff that they can, and to keep that process going, even after they fill all positions, because you never know when they are going to need another great person in their business. By continuing to look for great people, business owners are maximizing their chances of having great people.

Business owners are often concerned about the cost of attracting new employees, and that makes them want to avoid losing employees at all costs says Edmonton business consultant. However, business owners should understand that as long as they are going to need people in their business, people may leave and they are always going to need to replace them. Because of that inevitability, business owners should be concerned with finding the best people they can, and minimizing the effect that losing staff has in their business.

Entrepreneurs should understand that the average millennial employee only stays an average of 2.3 years in any business, and that losing people should not be considered a failure of the business. Employees leave organizations for a variety of reasons including getting sick or injured, retiring, or their spouse getting transferred to another city. Even if the relationship between business owner and staff member is amazing, staff may leave at any given time, and business owners need to be ready to replace them.

When way that business owners can ensure that they have the best people that they can in their business is by communicating the corporate values during the interview process. Edmonton business consultant says that this is extremely important, because it allows the entrepreneur to state what is most important to the business, so that employees can get a clear idea of who the business owner is, and if an employee wants to work there.

Business owners should understand that the reason this is so important to communicate early on, is because it is often a more important factor in whether an employee works for company then their salary or wage. People tend to be more happy in their work if there working for an organization that matched the same values that they have. This is the reason why people work in not for profits, and why people volunteer their time for free. Edmonton business consultant says it is extremely important that entrepreneurs write their corporate values in such a way that it is not aiming to appeal to everybody. The reason is in order to attract the right people and deter the people who do not share the same values from applying. By being very clear on what the company stands for, can encourage the right people to apply and keep the wrong people from wanting to submit their applications. This way, entrepreneurs can be sure that there not having to sift through resumes of people who are not going to be a great fit.

By understanding all of the reasons why employees might leave business, entrepreneurs can instead focus on always be looking for great new staff members, should the need ever arise. This proactive way of searching for employees, can ensure that even if it takes a long time, or meeting a lot of people in order to find the employee that is the right fit for the business, they start this process well before they need to fill the role.