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Edmonton Business Consultant | How To Attract Great Staff

As much as business owners understand the high cost of losing staff members, Edmonton business consultant says if entrepreneurs let the wrong people continue to work in their business, it can actually have a much higher cost by demotivating the great staff that they do have. Instead of worrying about trying to keep all staff members at all times, business owners should instead focus on retaining good staff, but understanding that hiring new staff will always be a factor in their business. By minimizing the effect that transition has in their business, and by attracting the best possible people, business owners can continue to operate their business effectively, with the best people that they can find.

Since the cost of losing wrong employees is much more expensive than simply losing any employee, business owners should be more concerned with hiring the right fit for their business than they are in keeping all staff members at all costs. Edmonton business consultant says one of the most important things that entrepreneurs can do in their business is to never stop recruiting. A big mistake that business owners often make is when they have all the staff members that they need, they stopped looking. However, employees may leave the organization at any time, no matter how good the relationship is. Employees may move, get ill, become pregnant and decide to leave the business. By ensuring that they never stop looking for great people, business owners can minimize the downtime they have between when one employee leaves, and when a new employee starts.

Not only is it extremely important that business owners never stop looking, they also should be looking for the right fit. Edmonton business consultant says the way that business owners can ensure that they have the right fit in their business, is by communicating the companyís values during the interview process. The reason this is so important is because the employees that do not connect strongly to those values will choose not to work there, and businesses can be relieved that they did not hire someone who was not going to be a good fit. The reason why corporate values are so important, is because there one of the more important factors that employees consider when looking for employment. Entrepreneurs often think that salary is the most important factor, but if this is true, there would not be people working for nonprofits and volunteering their time. Employees connect with companies and organizations that share their values.

By attracting the best staff possible for their business, Edmonton business consultant says employers are ensuring that they always have the best staff possible for their business, and even if those staff members leave, they will have a great chance of feeling that spot with other great employees that connect with the values of the company. Business owners should always work towards that goal, instead of trying to keep every single staff member that they have no matter what.

It is often an unrealistic goal of entrepreneurs to try to keep all of the employees that they have forever says Edmonton business consultant. Especially when the average millennial employee is only staying an average of 2.3 years with each employer. Rather than taking it to heart when staff leave, this is owners should understand that they have no control over when employees decide to leave and that they should work to minimize the effect that staff leaving has on their business so that their company can continue operating successfully.

One of the most important things that entrepreneurs can do in their business when they hire their first staff, ensures that they have a minimum of two people who were able to complete any job in the business. This way, no matter what happens with the employees in their business, if anyone leaves, all necessary tasks of the business can continue to happen. This is extremely important to ensure that there is minimal effect on the transition from one employee to the next.

Another way that entrepreneurs can ensure that they are minimizing the effect of transition in their business, is to always be recruiting new staff says Edmonton business consultant. By continually looking for great staff members, employers can be proactive in having great people identified for any time an employee leaves their organization. If entrepreneurs wait to recruit until their staff leave, they may end up hiring someone out of desperation, instead of because they are the best person for the company.

Understanding that businesses are going to lose staff members, that does not mean business owners should not do what they can to increase the retention rate of the employees that they do have. A great way to ensure that business owners are retaining the great staff that they want to keep, is to have periodic reviews with staff. By having more regular reviews with staff instead of one annual review, entrepreneurs can be regularly communicating with their employees. This can be valuable in order for the business owner to get feedback on how the employee feels, but also so that a business owner can thank the employee for their hard work and reward good behaviour. By doing it in periodic reviews, entrepreneurs are ensuring that employees hear that as soon as they can, so that they continue to do the things that the employer wants them to do. Also, these periodic reviews will allow an entrepreneur to address any problematic behaviors that they see as soon as they see them. Edmonton business consultant says by doing this, entrepreneurs can ensure that entrepreneurs are addressing behaviors on a regular basis, instead of waiting an entire year to reward or correct them.

By being proactive in their business, entrepreneurs can work towards ensuring they have the best staff possible while being prepared at any time to replace those staff when necessary. business owners are not in control of when their staff leave, but by doing everything they can to increase the retention rate, business owners can ensure that when staff to leave, it is because the timing is right for them and their business can continue to operate strongly.