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Edmonton Business Consultant | How Many Google Reviews Should Businesses Get

A struggle that many entrepreneurs have in business is finding enough customers for their business says Edmonton business consultant. In fact, industry Canada says that 42% of all failed entrepreneurs in Canada say that being unable to find customers for their product is the reason why their business failed. However, entrepreneurs often see that they have a week’s revenue, but instead of finding more customers, they cut expenses in hoping that is the answer. However, if business owners can focus on finding more customers, they will be able to turn that around and grow their business.

One of the first things that an entrepreneur should do when they open the doors to their business, is getting a Google my business page or Google places site. Not only is this free says Edmonton business consultant, but it also allows businesses to be searchable by Google and get Google reviews as soon as the page is set up. Especially since entrepreneurs are usually short on cash when they start their business, this is great news.

The reason why it is important for entrepreneurs to focus on Google reviews is that 88% of all customers look at the businesses Google reviews prior to making their purchasing decision. That is an extraordinarily large number of people that are taking Google reviews into consideration. If the business does not have any Google reviews, it is less likely that they are going to be able to convert those leads into buyers. Therefore, a not nor should focus on setting up their Google places site and then start asking customers for reviews to bring that number up as quickly as they can.

The number of Google reviews that business owners should focus on is forty Edmonton business consultant. The reason why is not only because forty is the number that customers tend to give weight to, giving a lot of consideration to businesses that have more Google reviews, but also because it is the number that can help entrepreneurs rank higher on the Google search due to algorithms. In fact, the more reviews of businesses have, the higher they can rank on Google.

However, it is important for an entrepreneur to keep in mind that once they get to forty Google reviews, their job is not done. Google also takes into consideration how often reviews are being added, and for that reason, business owners should ensure that they are continually adding reviews to their Google places site. Edmonton business consultant recommends that they work to get one new review every month on an ongoing basis.

By opening up their Google places site, and asking for reviews can help an entrepreneur convert leads into buyers and with no money that a not nor has to pay. This is extremely important for business owners to know, and it can help ensure that they are ranking in Google searches, and converting those leads that they have that they can sell more product, and grow their business.

Edmonton Business Consultant | How Many Google Reviews Should Businesses Get

While many entrepreneurs understand how important it is to get Google reviews, they often do not know how to go about getting them on a regular basis as Edmonton business consultant. The magic number for a number of Google reviews that an entrepreneur should have is forty, and businesses need to focus on this, before they start spending money on their website, or buying ads online.

Many business owners think that they can avoid having to get Google reviews if they spend money on Google ads to peer on the first page of the search engine. Unfortunately, while this strategy works to get them on the first page, Edmonton business consultant says it does not actually convert leads into buyers. The reason why is because once those customers click on the add if an entrepreneur does not have overviews to back them up, they will not convert those leads. Also, a business owner needs to take into consideration that if they do not have forty Google reviews or more, the ads that they via what actually be more expensive. Therefore, an entrepreneur will end up spending more money on ads that are going to help them sell more products.

It is also inadvisable for not nor to start spending all sorts of money on a website before they get to forty Google reviews says Edmonton business consultant. The reason why is because building or enhancing a website can cost a significant amount of money, and it is not going to help an entrepreneur turn leads into customers based on a nice website. They can have the nicest website ever, but if they do not have any Google reviews, they have a hard time turning those leads into purchasing customers.

The reason why many businesses think that they can buy ads, or spend money on websites in order to bypass getting Google reviews, is because there is no easy way to get to forty Google reviews. They must ensure that they are asking their clients regularly, and consistently. Not just themselves as entrepreneurs, but they need to ensure that their staff is asking all customers to submit Google reviews. They also need to keep in mind that simply by asking once is not going to ensure that their clients are going to give them the review. This can be difficult for entrepreneurs, and so they look for shortcuts. However, entrepreneurs can build it into the culture of their business to get into the habit of asking customers for reviews, they can build a system where they are getting Google reviews on a regular basis so that they can sell more product.

When entrepreneurs are able to turn more leads into buying customers, they will be able to avoid the number one reason for businesses to fail in Canada, is unable to find the right customers for their product. By getting Google reviews as often as they can, entrepreneurs can ensure that they continue to grow their business.