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Edmonton Business Consultant | How Important Is A Good Website

Business owners are extremely busy when they first opened their business says Edmonton business consultant, not only are they trying to generate interest in their product, generate sales, have a huge learning curve when it comes to started their business, they often believe that website is important task to add to the to do list. However, creating a website is not the most important thing that they need to worry about when it comes to their online presence. Part of the reason for this is because websites are not a magical way to increase businesses. If it was that easy that creating website meant increase sales, or businesses would have websites. But having a website doesnít automatically mean that youíre going to rank high on Google search pages. If a website doesnít appear on page 1 of the Google search, then they may as well not exist. People will not find a business that does not come up on the first page of Google. Since just having a website does not guarantee a business is going to be on the front page of Google, also business owners willing to pay much more money in order for that to happen, quitting website shouldnít be the first thing to do.

A quick and inexpensive way that business owners can create an online presence is by setting up a Google my business page says Edmonton business consultant. This is an incredibly important step to developing the online presence for two reasons. First reason is because it will allow businesses to get ranked by Google and by Google ads, but the most important reason why itís important for all businesses whether they have a webpage or not to have a Google my business page is in order for them to be able to receive Google reviews. Google reviews are incredibly important to business because 88% of ideal customers are going to look at a businesses Google reviews before they make a purchasing decision. If the business does not have a Google my business page, or any reviews, that will negatively impact that ideal customers decision.

By increasing the number of Google reviews that a business has, means converting those likely buyers into customers. Many businesses wonder what amount of Google reviews they need to have in order to get the maximum amount of value out of having the views. Edmonton business consultant says the minimum number of reviews that a business should have is 40. Reason why 40 reviews is important to have, is because thatís the number of reviews the business has in order for consumers to take their reviews seriously. It can be very easy for any business to get a handful of reviews, just by asking friends and family to review their business. If a business has 40 reviews, they are clearly serious about their business, and are good at what they do.

Writing websites are an important step for businesses itís far more important for businesses to develop an online presence with Google my business page and start generating Google reviews for their business.

Often business owners spend a lot of money right away in their business in order to get a great website says Edmontons business consultant. While websites are important, itís far more important for businesses to have Google reviews. Edmonton business consultant says a business that has 40 five-star Google reviews is going to rank higher and outperform a business that has a great website but no Google reviews. Businesses should keep this in mind when they are developing their online marketing strategy online.

The reason why itís so important for a business to have 40 or more five-star Google reviews says Edmonton top business consultant, is because a businesses ideal customers and potential buyers will review the businesses Google reviews before making their purchasing decisions. If a business has no reviews at all, very few reviews, or to any one or two star these, that will negatively impact their decision to purchase with that company. For these reasons is extremely important that business owners make that their first online priority even before they have a website is to generate as many reviews for their business as possible.

Many business owners believe that they will be able to get around not having many Google reviews by buying Google ads. Edmonton business consultant says that while buying Google ads is an effective marketing strategy, itís only effective once a business has 40 five-star reviews are more. The reason for this is because even if somebody clicks on a websites Google ads, once they go to the Google business page, if they do not see 40 five-star reviews, they will make their purchasing decision based on that. They often will end up clicking on a competitors information, and seeing they have better Google reviews and make their purchase there. Not only is that detrimental to their business, but they just spent money on a pay per click sending business elsewhere.

Once a business has generated enough Google reviews, and they are ready in the marketing strategy to take the next step, by creating a website Edmonton business consultant says thereís several things that businesses should keep in mind when theyíre creating the website. In order to maximize the Google analytics, business owners should create a website that has the potential of ranking high in their search engines. The first component of that is having the most Google reviews. This is the reason why generating Google reviews early on is so important, now the business owners are ready for website, they can use this tactic in helping their website rank higher.

The next thing business owners need to keep in mind when they are creating a website, is Google will rank them hire the more HTML content they have. The minimum that business owners should have is of the page with six pages that have a thousand words were more on it. When business owners have this as well as their Google reviews, then they should be ready to create a website and start generating even more business.