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Edmonton Business Consultant | How Google Reviews Improves Other Marketing Efforts

When business owners find that they are having trouble with their revenue, they often look at their cash flow, and think that it is to blame says Edmonton business consultant. This leads entrepreneurs to try to save money by cutting expenses wherever possible. However, expense minimizing is generally not going to help an entrepreneur become more profitable. The key to that is attracting more customers and generating more sales. In fact, this is the number one reason why entrepreneurs in Canada say that they have failed, is that they are unable to attract customers to their business.

When faced with this problem, many entrepreneurs contact their Edmonton business consultants in order to see if they can help a business owner generate more sales. One of the first things that they will do, is looking at the entrepreneurs’ business to see if they have a Google my business page, or Google places listing. If they do not, that is the first thing that they will ask those customers to do. If they do, the next thing they will do is check to see how many reviews they have. If an entrepreneur has under forty reviews, that will be the next task that they should be working on.

Many entrepreneurs are not aware of what a Google my business page is or what Google places are. However, they are two different names for the same thing. These are the pages that entrepreneurs can set up so that they have an online presence. These pages are searchable on Google, and they will show up on page 1 of search results rights before the organic search results. Therefore, business owners can get to the first page of Google very quickly and without spending a dime.

The next thing that entrepreneurs will be asked to do by Edmonton business consultant is to get to forty Google reviews as quickly as possible. The reason why forty is the number is firstly for Google algorithms. When a business has a minimum of forty reviews, Google starts to consider them more relevant, and push them closer to the top of the search results. Also, another reason is when customers are using Google reviews to guide their purchasing decision, having forty reviews or more makes the customer believe that those reviews are accurate and real. Underneath forty, and customers tend to think that those are not as valid reviews, or are the business ownerís friends and family.

When an entrepreneur gets to forty reviews, they will be able to be much more effective at turning leads into customers, which will continue to allow them to attract more customers to their business. By doing this first, is owners can help ensure the effectiveness of their other marketing efforts, those other marketing efforts will be as effective unless an entrepreneur master this first.

There is no shortcut for entrepreneurs getting Google reviews for their business, it takes time and dedication of an entrepreneur asking their customers consistently in order to achieve the results they need.

Edmonton Business Consultant | How Google Reviews Improves Other Marketing Efforts

When business owners open their new business for the first time, they understand how important it is to utilize as many free or inexpensive marketing initiatives as possible says Edmonton business consultant. This means a lot of entrepreneurs engage in cold calling, sales calls, and networking events. However, there is a large number of other marketing activities particularly online that business owners can engage in. However, business owners need to understand that no matter what marketing initiatives they engage in, there should be one that they do before all others.

Edmonton business consultant says that 88% of all customers not only look at the Google reviews of the business before visiting that business, but they also use those reviews in making their decision to purchase from that business or not. That is a huge amount of customers that are using Google reviews. Therefore, businesses need to ensure that they have a significant presence with their Google reviews even before engaging in other marketing activities.

It used to be that entrepreneurs needed to spend money on a website you have an online presence. However, this is no longer the case. And in fact, Edmonton’s business consultant recommends that entrepreneurs avoid spending money on a website until they get Google reviews. The reason why is because even if an entrepreneur is a great website, matter how many customers they get to visit it, they are going to be looking for Google reviews, do not find them, will affect their purchasing decision. Therefore, entrepreneurs should not even worry about spending that money on their website until there able to convert those leads into customers.

Another online marketing activity that entrepreneurs often think is as effective as getting Google reviews is buying Google ads. They argue that this method also gets them on the front page of Google search results. While this is true says Edmonton business consultant, if they do not have the Google reviews in their business, the customers that are clicking on those Google ads will go elsewhere once they see that.

Even businesses that say they generate leads primarily through word-of-mouth can benefit from Google reviews says Edmonton business consultant. The reason why, is no matter how the business gets those leads, customers are still looking at Google reviews in order to guide their purchasing decisions. If a business thinks that there doing extremely good through their word-of-mouth referrals, they should think about how many more they can get if they also had Google reviews in their business.

One of the reasons why Edmonton’s business consultant is met with so much pushback on getting Google reviews is because there is no shortcut to getting this done. There is no hack that an entrepreneur can find or buy that is going to make this process any easier. Instead, it is going to take time for an entrepreneur to contact their clients, ask them for reviews and then follow-up to ensure that they have done it. However, the fact that it is not easy to do means that businesses that actually stick with it and do it will reap the rewards.