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Edmonton Business Consultant | How Businesses Can Market Their Websites

On the most important things that a business can do once they create a website, is to effectively market that website online says Edmonton Business Consultant. Many entrepreneurs are under the misconception that just by creating a website the will be increasing their business and increasing the number of customers seeing their company and their brand. Unfortunately just to have website doesnít mean that those businesses will be increasing anything, if no one sees that website. In order for consumers to see a website, it needs to be able to be searched in Google and appear on page one. If itís not on page 1, it may as well not exist.

Since websites are going to be found if theyíre not on the first page of Google results, Edmontons business consultant as how websites can end up on page 1. Thereís for different components that Google uses in order to help rank those websites higher up on the list first one is Google canonical compliance, the second one is website and mobile compliant, and these two are something that the web developer will be addressing themselves. The second two are variables that the business owner can directly affect. They are most Google reviews, as well as the most HTML content.a webpage that has the most HTML content will get ranked much higher up in the search engine results. A business owner can ensure this by creating a large amount of content on their website. A great starting point would be to create their website with six pages, including the homepage, a page to show the businesses team members, the services page, a why us page, content page, contact page, even a FAQ section if each of these pages can have a thousand words on them, that can be a great start says Edmonton business consultant. The next way that business owners can get content, is by speaking their content. Business owners can create 10 minute videos speaking about their business. Then they can transcribe that video and put them on their website. 10 minutes of talk translates into about a thousand words. The more videos, the more content for websites.

Another way that business owners can use Google in order to increase they likelihood appear on page 1 of search engines results, is by generating Google reviews. Thereís no magic way to make this happen says Edmontons business consultant. So the sooner a business owner starts on this, the better saqys Edmonton Business Consultant. The more Google reviews a business has, the higher theyíll be searched by Google, but also will help the business themselves because 80% of ideal consumers will look at Google reviews as a way of making their purchasing decisions. Business owners that have Google reviews will be able to land these customers, over businesses that do not have any Google reviews at all. So not only does generating Google reviews help businesses get ranked higher up in their Google search engine results, it will also help them increase their own business.

Many business owners believe that a website is the most important thing they need to do once they open their own businesses Edmonton business consultant, however websites can only do so much. And if business owners are not able to generate traffic to that website, that website is a waste of time and money. There are several things that business owners can do before they create a website that can have a greater impact on their business.

One of the first things that business owners should do in their business instead of creating website is to create a Google places page. Edmontons business consultant says this is often more important than a website because it will take much less time and much less money to creates, as well it can allow the business to potentially appear on page 1 of Google searches. And in addition to that says Edmonton business consultant, it will allow businesses to start generating Google reviews for their business. The reason why this is so important is not only a Google reviews an important way that Google ranks websites in searches, but itís also important that potential buyers see a businesses Google reviews as well. 80% of ideal customers will look at a businesses Google reviews as part of making their purchasing decision. Businesses that had fewer than 40 Google reviews often did not get the job.

Many business owners believe that creating traffic to their website is as easy as purchasing Google ads. And while this can help a business stay to the top of the search engine results, if they donít have Google reviews on their page, then unfortunately, the business generated by those ads want to be converted into customers, because they will see the few or nonexistent Google reviews and decide to keep searching. Even if the business decides to go after word-of-mouth referrals as the main way they do their business, they can still be helped by positive Google reviews, because those word-of-mouth referrals are also likely to do their research online before their purchasing decision.

The thing that business owners can do in order to ensure when they create websites that it is more likely to appear in the first page of search engine results, is by creating website content. One way that they can do this easily, is by creating videos of them talking about their business, and then transcribing them. Business owners who get 10 minutes of speaking can get a thousand words out of that. The more content a business can generate, the higher they can be ranked in Google.

These are different ways that business owners can ensure that when they are ready to get a website, they can help it work for them. But that a website does not needs to be the very first purchase that a business owner makes when they open their business says Edmonton business consultant.