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Edmonton Business Consultant | How Businesses Can Increase Traffic For Their Websites

Entrepreneurs often think that creating a website is the most important thing they can do to generate interest in their business says Edmonton business consultant. However there is many things that business owners can do before they create a website that can help not only generate business for themselves, but can help them increase their chances of increasing traffic for their website later on, when they are more prepared to create a website. More important things to worry about in a business even before website says Edmonton business consultant, is generating Google reviews for their business. Entrepreneurs often believe that websites are the most important thing, but not only do websites take a lot of time and money to create, they also take a lot of time and money to market effectively in order to generate business from them. Businesses can start generating traffic for their business without a website, which is more cost-effective and faster.

The first thing that business owners should do even before they create a website, is creating a Google places page. What this will do for businesses says Edmonton business consultant is allow businesses to start appearing in Google searches. But that will also do says Edmonton business consultant, is a business owners to start generating Google reviews for their business. Business owners may not realize why Google reviews are so vital to their business, but 88% of ideal customers and likely buyers will base their purchasing decisions around what a businesses Google reviews look like. Businesses that have no Google reviews or very few of them, will be seen more negatively by potential customers. Business owners should take into consideration that a business that has a great website and no Google reviews will not perform as well as a business that has 40 Google reviews and no website at all. This should prove to business owners that websites is not the most important thing to a business. And if business owners can save their money and the beginning of their business, they can help them increase their cash flow and avoid running out of money.

Even businesses who believe that they can either bypass the need for Google reviews by purchasing Google ads, or businesses that believe they donít need Google reviews because they do business solely through word-of-mouth can all benefit from having Google reviews in their business. The reason for this, is because regardless of how the customer finds them, whether itís through word-of-mouth or by Google ads, they will make their purchasing decision based on how many reviews that business has. The more reviews a business has, the more customers they will be able to close.

Business owners should market their business smartly in order to spend their money wisely and get the most business for that money. By utilizing Google places and Google reviews, business owners can generate more interest in their business then our website alone could.

Generating customers for their business is one of the most important things to entrepreneurs says Edmonton business consultant. The reason for this, is the lack of customers was the reason that 42 businesses that close the doors to their business gave as the reason why their business failed. Many business owners believe that a way to help combat that issue is by creating dynamic websites. While websites are important in business, it is less likely to be the most important thing to small businesses starting out. Especially if businesses donít have the money to spend on helping their business rank high up in Google search results. Websites that arenít appearing on the first page of Google search results, are not generating the traffic for their business that they are expecting. If the website is not on page 1, it may as well not exist for as much traffic as it will generate.

There are several ways that businesses can help their website get higher up in Google rankings and creating HTML content is one of those ways. If they business owner can create a website that has a lot of HTML content, they will be able to help that website appear higher up in search engine results. The reason for this, is because Google wants to push up the results that will be seen as most relevant. And the more relevant website appears to having met content, the higher up it will be ranked. A business owner can create original content by creating videos of themselves speaking about their business. 10 minutes of speaking is about a thousand words. They can transcribe those videos, and upload them to the website in order to create content easily. Not only can this help business owners create content for their website, it can also help them effectively communicate who they are and what they do.

Another way that businesses can help their websites get ranked higher up in Google search engine results, is by having the most Google reviews. Businesses with the most Google reviews will get ranked higher than businesses that have fewer reviews. Not only is this important for Google ranking, but itís also important for businesses in order to generate new sales. The reason for this is because 88% of potential buyers will look at a businesses Google reviews before finalizing their purchasing decision. The more reviews, the more likely the business owner will make the decision to purchase from that company. A business that has 40 Google reviews that are five stars, will outperform a company that has a good websites but no reviews at all. Business owners should start early and continually trying to generate minimum reviews for their business in order to continue ranking there business higher in Google.

Business owners should definitely approach online marketing with their goals in mind, understanding that just by creating a website will not achieve all of their business goals.