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Edmonton Business Consultant | How Business Owners Can Get Google Reviews

An entrepreneur’s efforts to start marketing their business right away, one way that can be one of the most effective is often overlooked according to Edmonton business consultant. If entrepreneurs understood how important it was for businesses to get Google reviews, they would do that as their first marketing initiative. Not only is it free to set up Google my business page for an entrepreneur, but in the same day, they can not only good on the first page of Google search, but they can also start getting Google reviews in their business.

Edmonton business consultant says that studies have been done that show that 88% of consumers are not only searching Google for businesses, but they are looking at those reviews and factoring those reviews into their purchasing decision. Therefore, it is very important that entrepreneurs understand that if they do not have any Google reviews for their business, they are most likely losing out on potential customers.

The next thing that business owners need to keep in mind when they are deciding to go get Google reviews says Everton business consultant, is that there is no shortcut to getting reviews. There may be different automated services that are available, and while these might help an entrepreneur get a few more, they are not as effective as an entrepreneur simply asking their clients for reviews. Therefore, especially when an entrepreneur is new in business, they should avoid spending money unnecessarily on their marketing until they get enough Google reviews on their Google places site.

In order to help entrepreneurs get many Google reviews, the recommendation is for them to create a script that they can use, as well as all of their employees and asking customers for review. One of the most effective scripts says Edmonton business consultant is asking a customer if they are happy with the service that they got that they. Most customers will not want to be confrontational, so they will say yes. After they say that, the business owner should then ask them if they would give them a Google review since they were happy with the service. Even if they were not completely happy, they do not want to be caught in a lie, so they will say yes. The next thing a business owner should do, is asking that they know how to leave the Google review and pull out their phone to show a customer how. When utilizing this script, business owners are able to secure significant Google reviews for their business.

By understanding how important Google reviews are can help entrepreneurs create a strategy for how they can get them. This strategy should include creating a script that they and their employees can use on a consistent basis to ask every customer they get to leave them a Google review. By doing this, entrepreneurs will be able to close anymore leads in their business and convert shoppers into customers consistently.

Edmonton Business Consultant | How Business Owners Can Get Google Reviews

One of the reasons why customers call on Edmonton business consultant, is to help them increase their business. Whether they are new in business and they cannot attract customers, or they have been in a business while and see that their revenue is dropping. When they experience this and contact consultant, instead of looking at cutting expenses, one thing that they will do is look to see if an entrepreneur has a Google my business page. If they do, they will then look to see how many reviews they have. If they do not have many or any that will be the next initiative that they require the business owner to do.

Studies have shown that 80% of customers not only Google businesses but look at the business reviews as a way of making their decision to purchase from that business or not. Therefore, a business is putting themselves at risk if they do not have enough Google reviews in their business. The next question entrepreneurs often have their Edmonton business consultant is how many is enough? While the recommendation is always for businesses to continually get reviews in their business, the number that they should aim for to start is forty.

There is a couple of different reasons why business owners should aim for the number forty, and the first reason is that that is approximately how many reviews it takes for a customer to take the reviews seriously. Under forty, and it could be seen to some consumers that they are not true reviews, or their not significant enough. It may be very easy for an entrepreneur to get a handful of their closest friends and family to leave them a Google review. Therefore, the more Google reviews a business owner has, the more credible it will be. By getting to forty, an entrepreneur will ensure that customers will take those reviews seriously.

The other reason why an entrepreneur should focus on getting forty Google reviews according to Edmonton business consultant, is because of Google algorithms. At forty reviews or more, entrepreneurs businesses start getting ranked higher in organic Google searches. Therefore, the more reviews a business has, the more customers will see their business in searches.

In addition to getting to forty reviews as quickly as possible, business owners need to understand that they are not done getting reviews once they get to forty, and the good pace for them to get is to add one additional Google review every month. The reason for this, is so that when customers look at those Google reviews, there is always a current one there. In addition to that, the Google algorithms are not only looking at the number of reviews but the frequency of them as well. If a business goes too long without getting a new review, it might start getting bumped farther down the page on Google search results.

In order to help entrepreneurs generate more sales and turn more leads into customers, Edmonton business consultant recommends entrepreneurs focus first on it in Google reviews in their business. By getting as many as they can early on, an entrepreneur is not only helping themselves increase the number of leads they can convert to customers, but they’re also ensuring that all other marketing activities that they engage in to be supported by the Google reviews they get today.