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Edmonton business consultant | Hiring based on Corporate Values

At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accounts, our Edmonton business consultant believes in having employee interest aligned with company values. Our goal is to help small business owners beat the odds of business. We offer free consultation on your first visit. We will also give away Michael Gerberís book ìE-Mythî, one of the best selling business books out there. If you are interested in knowing more, you can contact us via phone at 780-665-4949 or via email at

Our Edmonton business consultant has created an article that touched upon employee retention and hiring the right team. Studies show that five years are all in takes for 50% of small businesses to fail. While 23% of these failures are accredited to having the wrong team.

Businesses required a great deal of attention and resources to grow. Small businesses do not have a lot of resources to spare to hire a new employee. However most of them underestimate just how expensive losing an employee can be. The hiring process is long and expensive specially if the business does not have a dedicated HR team. Big corporations rarely have this problem but most small businesses usually do not have resources to allocate for an HR staff. We, as Edmonton business consultant believes in the efficiency brought by group interviews. This allows small business owners to keep up with bigger companies in regards of their hiring needs. Group interviews are efficient for they allow they employers to see more people at once. One-on-one interviews are less effective because 1/3 or Ω of the applicants either show up late, reschedules or donít show up for the interview. Group interviews solves the previously stated problem. It is important to ask the right question(s) in a group interview setting. We suggest appealing to a potential candidateís personal values and beliefs.

After the recruiting process it over, the new hire would need to undergo training. Which depending on the industry and job type, could take no time at all to a few months. A job that requires more skill naturally gravitates to more training time. Not to mention the new hireís transition period. The time to settle in oneís role.

It is imperative for business owners to hire based on aligning values of both potential candidate and the business. Most companies prefer to write company mission and values that appeal to a wide array of audience. This method can attract a large number of applicants but most people would apply for their personal interest. However if you write the beliefs and values to be polarizing. Not only can it prevent people unlikely to fit in your company from applying, it also attracts like minded applicants. People who agree and support the company mission and values. These people make for loyal and tenacious employees. They draw inspiration from the company values when situations get challenging. Said employees are also more loyal, thus they tend to stay in the company longer.

Edmonton business consultant | How to attract the right employee

Our team has dedicated Edmonton business consultant who provides top notch services for small businesses. At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants, we employ a number of like minded people who believe in our mission to help small businesses to beat the odds. We offer new clients free consultant on their first visit and also a copy of the best selling business book ìE-Mythî written by Michael Gerber. You can contact us in a few ways, via email at or via phone at 780-665-4949. We look forward to hearing back from you.

Having followed the trends of small businesses for long time. The Edmonton business consultant found statistics showing 50% of small businesses failing within the first five years. White there are numerous reasons to why these happen, the third most common reason to why small businesses fail is because they fail to find the right team to back them up. In this article, we would like to discuss the importance of recruiting the right team and how to keep team longer.

As stated before, one of the most common reasons to business failures is having the wrong team. Having the wrong team could mean different things. A few examples would be; having employees leave during the least convenient time or simple having bad employees. Our Edmonton business consultant will elaborate on this. Losing an employee can be costly. Why you ask? Going through the hiring process again can drain precious time, resources and energy better suited to be used to grow the business.

The traditional hiring process is inefficient. Employers often waste a lot of time reading resumes from people who arenít the right fit for the company. This is a problem for small businesses more than big corporations. Bigger companies usually have HR teams dedicated for this kind of workload. The traditional one-on-one interviews are inefficient. However group interviews are the opposite. This method allows small businesses to keep up with bigger companies in term of hiring speed. It allows employers to see more talent at once. Itís important for employers to ask the right questions in a group interview, mainly trying to know the potential candidateís values and mission.

Hiring based on corporate mission and values can potentially forge a loyal and tenacious employee. Employees loyal to the mission and values will stay with the company longer. They also tend to find inspiration in the mission thus making them more resilient to adversities. However most businesses write their corporate values to be as appealing as possible. Almost like an invitation to apply. But we believe that a good corporate mission is clear and polarizing. It is true that it will decrease your potential applicants. This only deters potentially bad employee from applying. They are people who most likely disagree with your company beliefs and values. On the other hand, itís also an invitation for people who share the same beliefs and values. As stated earlier, these type of people make for loyal and tenacious employee.