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50% of all Canadian businesses will go out of business within the first five years, and 42% of these failed businessowners will say that a lack of customers was the reason for their failure says Edmonton business consultant. Making a lack of customers the single most common reason for business failure in Canada. Many business owners believe that simply by spending money on a website will help them generate new business. Here are a list of things that business owners can keep in mind in order to help them create an online strategy that is effective for their business.

The first thing that entrepreneurs can keep in mind is simply by creating a website does not enable their business to show up on page 1 of Google. Edmonton business consultant says landing on page 1 of Google is such an important goal, but entire businesses revolve around helping business owners achieve it. If business owners also understand that brand-new websites donít necessarily appear on page 1 of Google, and that developing a strategy to help that website to get onto page 1 takes strategy as well as hard work.

However, business owners may be thrilled to hear that simply by creating a Google my business listing, they will be far more likely to show up on page 1 of Google. Edmontons business consultant says that that is not only extremely beneficial to businesses, to be able to be searched on Google without a website, but also having a Google my business page also allows business to start receiving Google reviews.

Business owners may wonder why it is important to their business at all to start receiving Google reviews. Edmontons business consultant says Google reviews are extremely important to businesses because 80% of all potential customers will look at Google reviews in order to help them make their purchasing decisions. If businesses either donít have a webpage or a Google my business page, they will be unable to get Google reviews which will negatively impact consumers buying decisions. Also, businesses that have fewer than 40 Google reviews will also be viewed negatively by potential customers. The reason for that says Edmonton business consultant is because businesses that have fewer than 40 Google reviews are often seen as fly-by-night operations, or that their customers lack confidence in recommending them. Business owners should create and marketing strategy on how to generate Google reviews in their business as soon as they open their doors.

Even if consumers are not finding those businesses to do business with purely online, they will search online after they hear about a business in order to search their Google reviews in order to make that purchasing decision. Therefore word-of-mouth referrals, and even customers who see business as they are driving by, will review the company for purchasing anything from them. 88% of all customers will do this. Making the need for creating Google reviews and business extremely important says Edmontons business consultant.

While business owners believe that just by creating a website will help them generate new business, many business owners do not understand what they actually need to do in order to drive sales says Edmonton business consultant. By understanding how to generate traffic to their business , entrepreneurs can become extremely effective online marketers and grow their business. The first thing that business owners should understand when it comes to marketing their business online, is that their first go to does not need to be a website. Many businesses assume that the first thing that they need to do is to create a website in order to legitimize their business. This is actually not the case because while websites are important, if nobody can see that website, it is just a big waste of time and money. If business owners understand that simply by creating website does not enable them to land on page 1 of Google, they might think twice about their online strategy.

Instead, a more effective strategy than creating a website is to simply create a Google my business page. Edmonton business consultant says this is extremely effective because not only is it free, but it is also extremely effective. Business owners can create a Google my business page in less than an afternoon, and immediately start landing on page 1 of Google searches. Entrepreneurs canít get that kind of results from websites, which are very time intensive and costs a lot of money.

Another reason why Google my business page is so important says Edmontons business consultant, is that it allows business owners to start receiving Google reviews. Many business owners may not understand exactly how important Google reviews are to their business. Edmontons business consultant says the reason why itís so important is because 88% of all potential consumers will look at a businesses Google reviews before making a decision to purchase with that business or not. Business with no Google reviews or fewer than 40 Google reviews will be seen negatively. The reason why is because businesses without Google reviews will be seen as illegitimate, and if there are fewer than 40 Google reviews, customers are likely to see those businesses as lacking the abilities to produce quality work, and their customers lacking the confidence to review them. Businesses can immediately impact their business by creating a Google my business page and generating reviews. How businesses may decides to generate reviews, there are several online marketing strategies that can help them says Edmontons business consultant. However the most important thing is a business asks for Google reviews often. Every customer they have every time they make a sale should be asked. By tapping into their customer base especially happy ones that are more willing to review them online, as well as by asking friends and families, business owners should start to cultivate reviews in their business in order to start growing their business says Edmonton business consultant.