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Edmonton Business Consultant | Growing a Brand

At Spurrell and Associates CPA the Edmonton business consultant we come across it quite often where a small businesses trying to grow a brand without including their faces on their webpage.

A lot of businesses are under the misconception that they can act like a large corporation and just have a very corporate looking website without any people’s faces on it, and they expect to have people trust them.

The problem with this is most people when they are just becoming associated with a new brand they want to see who is behind the product or the service. Just like any big brand out there it takes many many years to grow trust in a brand by any company.

If you think about brands like Walmart, Apple, or Amazon you know that these brands have been around for a very long time and when they first started out, they did not have a lot of trust at the beginning.

So we find it very funny at Spurrell and Associates that the small businesses are trying to gain a lot of brand trust with out putting their face on their website.

Small businesses cannot just compete on brand alone when they are just starting out. They have to work harder than a lot of the big brands do in order to gain market share, and create the sales that are necessary to keep them floating.

When you look at big businesses such as Nike they use spokespeople like Michael Jordan to sell their shoes. They don’t do it on brand alone, they use celebrities in order to promote their brand and get more people to buy their sneakers.

This is something that small businesses don’t have the budget for so they have to be the face of their business. When you look at a new business website, the most common areas that people are clicking art of the homepage, the services page, and the team page.

Why the team page? It’s because people want to see the faces and the names behind the brand. They want to know who it is that they can trust when they’re coming into your home per se. As an Edmonton business consultant, we always tell our clients that they have to have a well put together team page with biographies so that people can learn more about who they are, and what they stand for.

Your Edmonton business consultant can help you create a great team page and biography page for your website so that you can gain brand trust from your ideal and likely buyers.

50% of all small businesses fail, and they attribute this business failure to the lack of customers. This is something that we want to help you overcome, but we can only do it with your cooperation.

Contacts Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants today and schedule a free consultation with Josh Spurrell, our president, and receive a copy of our favourite business book, the E myth.

Edmonton business consultant | keep your customers with a strong brand

As an Edmonton business consultant we specialize in helping small businesses to grow and succeed. One of the best ways for small business to grow and make itself known is by developing a strong personal brand.

Small businesses often struggle to keep their customers when key people leave at the beginning. This is simply because there is an amount of trust that has taken place between customer and that person who is at the company. There is not enough brand trust so that the customer will stay with the company regardless of who was helping them.

Even big businesses struggle to keep customers when key people leave. When a CEO of a major company that we know and trust leaves to go to another place, a lot of times some of their key employees and chief executives will leave that company and little in a lot of cases they lose some customers for short period of time.

We always suggest to our Edmonton business consultant clients that they have more than one contact person in contact with customers so that when one person leaves they still have another point of contact with that business. This promotes trust, and longevity for the entire customer cycle.

When you’re thinking about a large brand, these brands have spent years, and years developing trust with the general public. And they spent millions upon millions of dollars in order to earn that trust. Brand trust doesn’t happen all by itself.

As an Edmonton business consultant, we can show you how to develop trust with your customers by having a strong website with a well put together team bio page. By doing so you will start to gain traction and trust with your buying audience, and you will start to see your business gain traction and continue to grow your customer base.

Eventually once you have the trust of enough people, you can shift the trust from a person to a brand. This is not a short process by any stretch of the imagination. This takes many years to build up. But when you think of large companies such as the Home Depot, you don’t think about the CEO or top management of that company. I challenge you to even tell me who the CEO of Home Depot is.

But once you take the time to establish yourself in a brand and you put in the effort to develop strong systems, processes, and trust between yourself and your buying audience, you will develop a very strong brand that you can then transfer of that trust from the Pres. over to the company as a whole.

Taking time to build a brand is worth it. Because people simply will not put their trust in a faceless business. Some people might venture to give you a try if you are solely basing your product offering on the lowest price. But if you want to gain trust and an audience that are raving fans, then you need to take the time to develop a strong brand that will last for many years to come.