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Edmonton Business Consultant | Great Online Marketing Strategies

There are several ways that business owners can generate business through online marketing strategies. The most popular one is often websites says Edmonton business consultant. However, websites donít need to be the first step that businesses take towards creating their online presence, and is not often the most effective way. Business owners can generate results much sooner for a lot less money by simply creating a my Google page.

The reason why creating my Google page is most important is because 80% of potential buyers will look at a businesses Google reviews in order to make their purchasing decision. By not having any or enough Google reviews, can negatively impact that consumers decision to spend their money at that business. The reason why itís important to have Google reviews, because Google ranks businesses with more Google reviews higher than businesses with fewer or no Google reviews at all. when the business is ready to proceed with their website, they will be able to optimize Googleís search engine results by already having many Google reviews.

Since having Google reviews is so important not only for creating higher ranking websites, but also because consumers will make their purchasing decision based on businesses that have high five star reviews. Business owners can start optimizing their online presence by creating strategies in order to generate Google reviews so that when they are ready to create the website delay starting off on the right foot.

Another way that Google ranks websites says Edmonton business consultant, is by the amount of content they have on their webpage. The more content a business has, the higher Google will rank them on web searches. Business owner needs to understand that and creating content in preparation for making their website. A good rule of thumb says Edmontons business consultant is starting with 6000 words at a minimum. business owners may be bewildered at the idea of trying to write a thousand words several times over. But a very effective way of doing that is by creating videos. They can create videos on a variety of topics that pertain to their business. Business owners can find it fairly easy to talk about their business for about 10 minutes. Theyíll be talking about topics that are important to them and that they know a lot about. They can take those videos, and then transcribe them. 10 minutes of talking will translate proximately into a thousand words. Therefore for each video, they can generate about a thousand words of content. The more videos they can create, the more continents they have for their website and more likely theyíll be able to rank higher on Google searches soon after completing their website.

Once entrepreneurs understand how Google will rank their website, they can be prepared in creating the content and obtaining the reviews theyíre going to need in order to rank their websites higher, so that when they do spend the time and money creating a website, they can get the most out of it for their money.

One of the best online strategies that entrepreneurs can create in their business immediately says Edmonton business consultant, is by creating a my Google business page. This is even more important than creating a website, because having a website that is seen is also dependent on being able to rank higher in Googleís search engine. By creating a Google my business page and starting to generate Google reviews, business owners can lay the groundwork to being able to rank higher in Google searches for their website later on.

Really surprising statistic says that 80% of ideal and likely buyers will look at a businesses Google reviews in order to make their purchasing decision. And if the business has less than 40 reviews, that can negatively impact that businesses chance of landing that customer.

Often business owners donít believe that they need to as many Google reviews because they are going to be getting new customers through word of mouth referrals only. While word-of-mouth referrals are important and very powerful says Edmonton business consultant, even word-of-mouth referrals are likely to go online and review of websites Google reviews before they make their purchasing decision. If you were reviews of the less favourable those reviews are, the more negatively those customers may view the business.

Entrepreneurs also believe that they will be able to make up for the fact that they donít have any Google reviews by purchasing Google ads in order to force their business to the top of the Google search results. Unfortunately while this will work in increasing the number of people that will see that ad, it will not necessarily help a business sell. The reason for this, is because consumers will click on the add, see the number of Google reviews and make their purchasing decision says Edmonton business consultant. If a business has no Google reviews at the time, they may not get the customer. Not only wasting their money paying for a click that they didnít make money on, but often losing that prospect to competitor who does have more Google reviews.

Itís extremely important for a business to ensure that they have significant Google reviews before they start their websites. The reason for this is because Google will rank websites by taking into consideration how many Google reviews they have. The more Google reviews, the higher up they get ranked. Edmonton business consultant says if the business creates websites before they have Google reviews, they are missing out on an important component of generating search results for the website. Rather than spending money upfront on a great website that will get seen, business owners can spend their energy in creating a web presence and generating Google reviews so that they can be growing their business before they create a website, and then when they are ready to create that websites will increase their chances of that website being seen right away.