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Edmonton Business Consultant | Great Online Marketing Activities

When businesses open their doors for the first time, they know that they need to start marketing their business as quickly as possible says Edmonton business consultant. There are many things that they can do online, and those things are often inexpensive and that is where businesses focus. They know that they have to utilize many inexpensive or free marketing efforts as possible, simply because they are low on money when they open their business. However, entrepreneurs need to be aware that not all online marketing initiatives are useful, and the ones that are, need to be done in the right order to give an entrepreneur the best results right away.

Eight used to be that entrepreneurs needed to have a website in order to have an online presence but their business. However, there are many reasons why this is no longer true says Edmonton business consultant. However the website is not the only way that a business can have a presence online, there is a variety of social media websites as well as things like LinkedIn that can give an entrepreneur an online presence. However, one of the best online pages that entrepreneurs can get their business is Google my business page.

Not only is a Google my business page completely free, enabling and not in order to get infinite return on investment, but this page will give an entrepreneur several things: they will be immediately searchable on Google and show up in search results; it will if the entrepreneur an opportunity to have information about their business like hours, a list of services, their location, and even pictures; but the most important, this is going to allow business owners to start generating Google reviews for their business.

The reason why getting Google reviews is so important is because a survey was done and found that an overwhelming majority of customers, eighty-eight be precise not only Google a business before deciding to visit the business, but look at reviews and factor those reviews into their decision-making process on whether to purchase from that business or not. With so many customers that are placing that level of importance on Google reviews, onto manures need to follow suit.

However, it is not just important for entrepreneurs to know that it is important to generate reviews, there is actually a minimum threshold of reviews that an entrepreneur needs to get to be most effective says Edmonton business consultant. That number is forty. After forty reviews, customers will give a lot of significance and importance to those reviews, because they are more likely to be real reviews at that point. Also, that number is important because, after that number of reviews, the business will be able to be ranked higher on Google search engine results, allowing even more people to see their business, see their reviews, and turn into customers.

By understanding how important Google reviews are, Edmonton business consultant says entrepreneurs can focus on that early on in their business so that they can spend all of their energy on the most effective working effort, that is going to end up helping entrepreneur build their business.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Great Online Marketing Activities

even though entrepreneurs know that they have to leverage their time as much as possible to generate interest in their business says Edmonton business consultant, they also try to save time never they can buy paying money for a shortcut. However, when it comes to obtaining Google reviews for their business, there is no such thing as a shortcut. It may take a lot of effort for an entrepreneur to go up to get Google reviews, but this is extremely important to a business, that all other marketing initiatives are going to build on.

It used to be extremely important that a business needed to have a website in order to have an online presence. Therefore, new entrepreneurs would pour money into building a website so that they could be seen by customers online. However, not only is that the longer the case, there are many ways that this is can have a presence online without spending a ton of money on a website. But Edmonton business consultant cautions entrepreneurs in building a website before they get their forty Google reviews. The reason why, is because no matter how soon a business has a website if they do not have the Google reviews to convert those leads they get from the website into buyers, it is a big waste of money.

Even though having a Google my business page will allow entrepreneurs to get onto page 1 of Google results, some entrepreneurs think that they can skip trying to get Google reviews by purchasing Google ads. However, Edmonton business consultant says this also should not be the first thing that a business does, because if they do this before getting forty Google reviews, they will end up paying for many leads to see their lack of Google reviews and go elsewhere.

Even businesses that say they do not need to get Google reviews because they get all of their business from word-of-mouth referrals need to understand that the matter how they end up getting leads in their business, 80% of customers are still looking at Google reviews prior to making their purchasing decision. Therefore, even businesses whose only marketing efforts are word-of-mouth referrals will be able to close more sales if they have forty Google reviews for their business.

Just like there are no shortcuts to overcome getting Google reviews, Edmonton business consultant says there are no shortcuts to actually getting those Google reviews either. The key is to ask consistently and often to every single customer business has. This might mean coming up with the script that they can teach their staff to ask all customers, or developing a follow-up system that sends out an email with a link to their Google my places business. Whatever method they implement, they need to be consistent on, so that entrepreneurs cannot only get Google reviews that they need to start converting leads into customers but so that they can continue to get lea reviews ds on an ongoing basis so that they can continue to grow and build their business.