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Edmonton Business Consultant | Good Employees Have High Adversity Quotient

Edmonton Business consultant | hire for skill instead of adversity quotient

If you’re looking for the best Edmonton accountant and Edmonton business consultant you should consider is Burrell and Associates Sperling Associates is an accounting firm based in Edmonton Alberta and they can give you a free quote if you call them today at 780-665-4949.

Have you ever wondered what you should consider when you’re thinking about hiring someone? As the Edmonton business consultant we would advise that you should consider hiring people based on their adversity quotient rather than just looking at skill. Most people only consider skill when there hiring someone. However skill only tells half of the story.

Most people don’t consider is the adversity quotient. Adversity quotient is not well understood by most people. Adversity quotient is really based on how well a person can deal with difficult situations.

Most business owners would agree that they would rather have an employee who can deal with difficult situations and average skill rather than employee who has above average skill but gives up if they encounter a difficult situation. We’ve confirmed this during our work as the Edmonton business consultant

in order to figure out if people have a high adversity quotient you have to consider the correct variables. In our line of work we have found that you should really drill in to the experiences a potential candidate has had and figure out if they have ever dealt with any difficult circumstances. Potential employees who have had experience in dealing with difficult situations may be more equipped to function with in your business then employees who have had experience more directly related to your business.

Through effective HR initiatives you can find more efficient ways to train people. Detailed checklists and templates will help people complete high-level tasks without years and years of experience. However, it is very difficult to teach the ability to overcome adverse situations. This is normally a skill that is developed through years and years of experience.

Those is important when hiring someone to not focus all of your time in reviewing their skill level. You should also ask the right questions that will be necessary to determine if they will be able to deal with tough situations once they encountered.

For free consult we encourage you to call our office today at 780-665-4949. We love to talk with you about your experiences on hiring candidates. We also love to hear whether you have had success in hiring individuals with high adversity quotient.

Although there is no perfect solution when hiring candidates, most business owners would agree that they want people who can get through tough situations. This is at the root of an individual’s adversity quotient. Worst skills are merely the ability to execute tasks that can easily be taught.

As a business owner you will find out that dealing with difficult situations is inevitable. The majority of the difficult situations are hard to predict. Due to their uncertain nature in its difficult to establish protocols to deal with these one time situations. As such you should focus your training initiatives on developing skills for predictable situations. While at the same time, focusing your hiring initiatives on finding people who can deal with the difficult situations, that will inevitably happen outside the normal course of business.

Edmonton Business consultant | good employees have high adversity quotient

if you’re looking for a good Edmonton business consultant that can help you select a strong team, we encourage you to call 780-665-4949. Were always happy to talk to business owners.

Today we love to talk about the difficulties with hiring employees. Taught from an early age in school, that examines matter. The exams can normally identify skill level for a predictable problem. However, the problem is you will normally encounter in business are often unpredictable. Thus, it’s important to have employees on your team who can deal with difficult and unpredictable situations.

The ability to deal with these difficult and unpredictable situations is often referred to as someone’s adversity quotient. Although the adversity quotient is often forgotten about, it is routinely more important than skill. Unfortunately, some of the ability to deal with difficult situations is often not evident at first glance.

It’s important to look at potential employees previous experience and determine which of their positions, if any, were likely did to put that potential employee in a difficult situation. These difficult situations in the experience that they built are often more important than the testable skills that they have acquired.

Through our work at the Edmonton business consultant we have found that the majority of the testable skills can be taught. These skills can often be taught through training programs and reinforce through effective checklist and templates that can be written for the organization. Unfortunately there is no checklist or template that prepares people to deal with difficult situations. Therefore, we routinely advise clients to hire candidates with high adversity quotient.

We like to ask clients, as their Edmonton business consultant, how they would feel if one of their employees stops working when situations get difficult. How much is high-level skill worth if that person with high-level skill stops working when things get hard?

When confronted with this possibility, we normally find that employers would rather the employee who can continue during a difficult situation. Unfortunately, most employers are considering these difficult situations when making their hiring selections.

If you like some further guidance on this issue we would be happy to discuss with you at our office with the free in person consultation. Just for coming by will give you a copy of our favourite business book. Cuallrrently are offering a free copy of Michael Gerber’s email.

Michael Gerber’s book will help you develop checklist and templates to teach the skills that are necessary in the business. Coupling most checklist and templates with the team that can overcome difficult situations, is a recipe for success. As an image in business consultant, we have found that this recipe is trouble for your competitors.