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Edmonton Business Consultant | Getting Google Reviews

While there are many free types of marketing and advertising that entrepreneurs can engage in when their new in business says Edmonton business consultant, if business owners are not getting Google reviews as soon as they start selling products in their business, they are missing one of the most important ways an entrepreneur will be able to market their business for free. If business owners are not aware of the importance of Google reviews is, or if they know they’re important, but they do not know exactly how important they are, they may overlook putting effort into this activity. But this could be one of the most important things a business owner does in their business. In fact, out of all of the entrepreneurs that fail in Canada, 42% of them say that they are not able to succeed because they were not able to find the right customers in their business. By getting Google reviews in their business, entrepreneurs can only have better chances of finding those customers, but they will have a better chance of actually turning leads into customers.

One of the very first things that business owners should be doing when they start their business, even before they find a location or open the doors to the public, entrepreneurs should go on to Google and set up their Google my business page, or Google places site. What these are, are places that exist in Google that show up for business when someone Googleís their business or type of business that they are written. They will show a map results so that customers can find where an entrepreneur located says Edmonton business consultant. Not only that, but a business owner can do things like put in pictures, store hours, and whatever other information they think is necessary.

The very best thing about getting a Google my business page is that this allows entrepreneurs to start getting Google reviews. They can set it up within a day, and within that, they see searchable on Google and appear on the first page, and customers can start leaving Google reviews for business owners. They should ask family and friends to leave reviews if they can, especially if they have used the entrepreneurs’ product or service for free, or they can give a character reference on the Google review. The sooner an entrepreneur can start getting Google reviews on the Google places site, the better.

One of the second-best parts about getting a Google my business page, or Google places site according to Edmonton business consultant, is that it is completely free. This is better than purchasing expensive ads on Google. Therefore, there is an infinite return on investment, and also absently no reason for an entrepreneur to avoid doing this as soon as possible.

There are very few free sales and marketing activities that an entrepreneur can do, so they should set up Google my business pages, so that they can not only appear on the first page of Google, and that they can start getting Google reviews for their business. Once they do that, they will be more likely to start having customers find them, and turning those leads into customers, because they will see the positive Google reviews for the business.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Getting Google Reviews

If entrepreneurs are looking for the first things that they should do in business to market themselves says Edmonton business consultant, they should set up a Google places site. While most business owners try to leverage the fact that they have no money by utilizing the most inexpensive methods of marketing, often going to networking events and doing sales calls and cold calls. However, they should not overlook the importance of a Google places site. Not only is this free, but the sooner an entrepreneur can start getting Google reviews on their business, the better.

The statistics have shown that an indoor miss 88% of all customers look at a business’s Google reviews prior to making their purchasing decision. Edmonton business consultant says these customers not only read the reviews, but those reviews will play a part in where that customer spends their any. Therefore, if an entrepreneur does not have any Google reviews for their business, they may be losing customers that they did not know they potentially had.

Not only should entrepreneurs start getting Google reviews, but they should also aim to get a minimum of forty Google reviews says Edmonton business consultant. The reason why, is because when those customers are looking at a business’s Google views to influence their purchasing decision, when a business has forty or more, that gives a lot of confidence to consumers. If the business has a handful or even a dozen, they may not be true or real reviews. They could be the business owner’s family and friends. Once the number forty is reached, it is less likely to be family and friends at that point, and more likely that they are real reviews from real customers. Therefore, an entrepreneur will have the best chances of turning those customers into purchasers when they reached a threshold of forty reviews.

Edmonton business consultant says not only are forty reviews important to turn customers into purchasers, but it is also important for the Google algorithms as well. The more reviews a business has, the higher Google will rank that business and its search results page. Therefore, the more reviews a business has, the more customers will be able to see them.

Therefore, if business owners have a problem up being unable to find customers, not only should they get a Google my business site, and start getting Google reviews. By doing this, not only will they have more people become aware of their product, they will also be able to turn more people that see their product into customers. Since 42% of failed businesses say they failed because they were unable to find the right customers. By doing this, business owners find those customers and increase their chances of succeeding.