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Edmonton Business Consultant | Finding the Best Candidate

Finding the best employees is very important to small business owners according to Edmonton business consultant. And the inability to find the right people is one of the most common reasons why small business owners in Canada fail.

However, business owners often think that asking better interview questions. Can help them ensure that the person that they hire is the right fit for their business. When the problem is not the interview questions. But not interviewing the right people in the first place.

And while traditional interview techniques. Mean that business owners spend a significant amount of time reading resumes. In order to figure out who the best people to interview are.

Not only is this a waste of time says Edmonton business consultant. But even if a business owner was to interview every resume. They would not be likely to have even met the right candidate to hire for their business.

Business owners need to interview approximately hundred people. In order to have met the right one in their business. And this is why large corporations have a better time finding the most talented individuals.

And that is because they can spend significantly more time interviewing people than small business owners. Because they have an entire HR department. Who can spend all of the time they need.

Interviewing as many candidates as they want. Until they have found the most talented staff to hire in their business. And while that is a great technique that can help large corporations.

Small business owners are not able to spend the time interviewing candidates endlessly. Until they have found the right one in their business. Which is why Edmonton business consultant advocates for changing the way business owner’s interview.

Rather than conducting a one on one interview, taking an hour to meet each candidate. Entrepreneurs should switch to a group interview process. That will allow them to meet as many people as possible during that same one hour interview.

How they do this, is first of all host group interviews every single week. There they are actively hiring in their business or not. Because that will help entrepreneurs meet the right number of candidates.

If entrepreneurs were only interviewing people when they had an immediate opening. Even if they were conducting group interviews, it would take them a month or more. To meet hundred people, to hire the right candidate for their business.

But by interviewing people every single week. Increases the chance of meeting one hundred people. And by the time they have identified the one right candidate for their business. Chances are quite great that they would need to hire them by that time anyway.

Even if they do not need to hire someone yet. And they have met a great candidate for their business. They can create a list of exceptional people that they can call on. When the need arises.

This is especially important, to understand that business owners typically do not know when they are going to need to hire someone. Because staff tend to leave when the timing is right for them and not for the business itself. By being prepared, can help entrepreneurs have the right people in their business at all times.

Often, entrepreneurs try to think of the most imaginative questions task during an interview says Edmonton business consultant. In hopes that the most unique questions will help them find the best candidates to work in their business.

The reason why so many entrepreneurs do this, is because so many businesses struggle. In order to find and keep the right staff in their business. And currently, there is higher turnover in business then ever before.

With employees staying approximately two point three years with each position. Instead of the five years that entrepreneurs used to have a candidate for. Before they moved to another organization.

And the higher turnover rate. It is even more crucial for business owners to be able to meet better candidates to hire in their business. And is the reason why not being able to find or keep staff. Is one of the top three reasons why entrepreneurs fail in business.

According to the industry Canada study, half of all Canadian small business owners fail. And 23% of all failed business owners say that not being able to find or keep people is the reason their business was not successful.

Therefore, if business owners were able to conduct better interviews, and meet better candidates. They will be able to significantly improve the quality of people that they hired. So that these employees would be likely to stay longer.

However, many business owners conduct one-on-one interviews. Because they do not know any other way of deciding who to hire in their business. But this is why Edmonton business consultant teaches and recommends the group interview method.

A significant amount of time. Because entrepreneurs spend approximately twenty-three days searching for someone. From advertising for the position, to hiring one person. Which can be more time then an entrepreneur has to spend looking for employees.

The one on one interview is beneficial. Because entrepreneurs can meet as many people as possible in the same one hour spot. And increase the chances of meeting one person who is the right fit for their business.

And the only have to spend one hour interviewing people week in order to accomplish this. So it becomes a much better use of the business owner’s time. Then to try and read the resumes, schedule interviews. And conduct one-on-one interviews, with potentially not the right people for their business.

During the group interview. They can ask each candidate to bring their resume, and a list of questions that a business owner wants to ensure they have the answer to forever candidate.

And then spend time going over the company overview as a group. Instead of individually during one-on-one interviews. And then getting the candidates to ask whichever questions they have of the position.

This can help the business owner figure out who the best fit for their business would be. As well as help the candidates understand what is involved in the job as well says Edmonton business consultant.

And ultimately, business owners will eventually be able to meet the one right person for their business. And they will not have to spend twenty-three days searching to fill that spot.