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Edmonton Business Consultant | Finding Great Employees

While business owners may think so highly of their staff, that they want to keep their employees forever, Edmonton business consultant says that is not realistic. Despite the best efforts of entrepreneurs, employees leave organizations all the time, and often for reasons that have nothing to do with the business. Whether they get sick or injured, move out of town, or go back to school, there is a variety of reasons why employers might find that they are losing great staff members. In fact, business owners should understand that now more than ever, employees are not staying long term and businesses. For example, the average millennial employee only stays 2.3 years with each employer. Rather than take it to heart and wondering where they went wrong, business owners should instead concentrate their energy on minimizing the effect that losing people has in their business.

Edmonton business consultant says one of the great ways that entrepreneurs can ensure that there minimizing the effect that losing employees has in their business, is by ensuring that there always recruiting in their business. By waiting until they have a need, business owners may be acting too late, and unnecessarily increasing the amount of time between having the need and when they can fill that spot. On the other hand, if entrepreneurs are always looking for great people, they can meet a lot of people that can help them identify the great people that should work in their organization so that when the need arises they can be ready to fill it.

Another way that entrepreneurs can ensure that losing employees will not affect their business greatly, is to ensure from as early on as possible that they are training more than one person to take on any role in the business. This will mean that no matter what employee might leave an organization, there is someone else I can do any aspect of that other person’s job so that the business does not suffer. If entrepreneurs do this, Edmonton business consultant says that they will not feel pressured into hiring the first few people that they meet that apply for the role, and they can hold off and only hire the best fit for the company.

Entrepreneurs should also keep in mind that why people typically want to work for organizations, is a value-based. Instead of thinking that salary is the most important factor, business owners should be communicating the businesses values early on. That way, if potential employees share the same values, they will be very motivated to apply and work for the company and stay there. On the other side of that, business owners can be certain that if those values are not shared byís potential employees, they will often take themselves out of the process, because they do not want to work for a company that does not align to their values.

It is extremely important that entrepreneurs understand that it takes deliberate effort to find great employees in their business, and one that they should be considering all the time in their business, in order to always have great people.

Business owners have been told for years that it is a far greater cost to replace employees than it is to retain them says Edmonton business consultant. However, business owners should not use that information to avoid letting go of the wrong employee. The reason for that is because the wrong employee in an organization costs more than losing one. The reason for this, is because when employees deliver a subpar performance, they often demotivate or drive away good staff. So not only are they costing the business money because they are not doing their job well, also costing the business money for ensuring that other employees do not do their jobs well, or they cause them to leave.

Rather than being too scared to lose an employee, business owners should instead focus on always recruiting the best employees that they can. The best way that entrepreneurs can do this according to Edmonton business consultant, is to never stop recruiting in their business. It takes a long time for a business owner to be able to find the one right fit for their business, and often is a numbers game. The more people they meet the higher chance that they have of meeting the right one for their business but because it takes meeting a lot of people in a long time to accomplish, business owners should never stop the process, even if they have all the people they need in the business. Since they never know when an employee may leave their organization, by always recruiting, business owners can be ready to have great people identified if the need arises.

Another way that business owners can ensure that there finding and keeping the best employees possible, is by ensuring that they are conducting regular reviews. Edmonton business consultant recommends businesses do away with annual reviews because they are less useful in retaining staff. The reason for this, is because speaking with an employee only once a year on their great behaviours, or addressing problematic behaviours does not allow business owners to communicate that information soon enough. If the business owner can address bad behaviours early on and immediately, they can keep a problematic behaviour from turning into a problem employee. By the same token, entrepreneurs need to be able to thank employees for their good behaviour and their hard work as soon as they notice it as well. By regularly communicating with employees, business owners can work to ensure that employees have the right characteristics that a business values, and that their correcting problems as they crop up. By doing this on a regular basis, it becomes an expected part of business, and not an indication of any problems.

By being proactive in their business, entrepreneurs can be certain that they are ready to always have the right people in their business, no matter if those employees that they have choose to leave.