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Edmonton Business Consultant | Entrepreneur Personal Finances Myths – Part 1

Am I gonna tell you a power group that has seen some couples implement very well is, you know, for some people it’s, it’s Edmonton business consultant, Eh, you know, it’s not right. Uh, I don’t think Sandra ever wants to come in and do bookkeeping at our, at our business. I don’t think it’s ever trying to get a hairdresser to do bookie for might be difficult. Uh, but let’s say you are going to have, you’re supposed to work in the business immediately. I see a lot of couples, they default one to administrative role when if you can get both of them playing offense, it is infinitely easier to hire an administrator than it is to hire someone to go out and build relations with customers, um, and get more work. Like if you can get both spouses playing off fence, like that is the way to go because, um, you know, you hire someone else to go and build relations with the customer and that person leaves, that’s harder.

Hopefully you’re going to have a little more more commitment from your spouse and they’re not gonna steal your customers. Like the employee might when you, when you pay him to go do that role. So I would really take a long, long, long look on if you can get both spouses playing on offense cause it’s way easier to hire an administrator. And often one spouse gets completely undervalued. Like we have a lot of clients come in and the bookkeeping yet, and this spouse is literally doing something that we could do for them for $200 a month and that’s become their full time job. Um, just because you know, they’re gonna try to be a bad bookkeeper or do something inefficiently rather than going out there and selling another $10,000 a month. So take a long look and see if you can get both spells as playing offense for sure. As an Edmonton business consultant, I’ll switch over to my schedule and I’ll show you some batching and you’re going to see that this is not that different.

We are on the 10th and here’s the bootcamp. So my day, this is, this is going to upset some people. Generally I wake up and that’s where my learning starts. That’s when I do my learning. Um, that’s when I’m, you know, reading books, listening to podcasts, watching youtube videos, learning new stuff that I can help, you know, implement for our business owners. And then we have a standing meeting every single day. And what time 8:00 AM 8:00 AM does it start at eight oh one? Nope. It starts at 8:00 AM so, since I’m an Edmonton business consultant, and I can do that because I’m there. Right? If I wasn’t consistent with that schedule, how can I meet with, they wouldn’t show up if I wasn’t gonna be willing to meet with them. So it’s every single day at am. And then I’m really, then on Monday, I have time to work on my business. Now I can do the administration and my business.

I can look at the numbers of the business. I can produce content for the websites and I can update templates and make our processes better that I can do uninterrupted on Mondays. Uh, basically from 8:00 AM till noon, I have a perceived lunch, which usually ends up with more content involved in it. And then on Mondays, um, we have a weekly staff meeting every single week with our staff. All staff. So we have one every day. The short one rated the first thing in the morning and then we have a weekly staff meeting at 1:00 PM. Um, and then I’m going to meet with the staff and then I’m going to do one on ones with the staff. After. Then I’m going to meet with clients at three o’clock and 5:00 AM usually going to do that every day. And if you can see that, why would I not want to meet with a client at four o’clock?

What would happen if I met at, well one at four, I need two hours to do the meeting. How many can I get done in a day? If I do one at four, I can only get one. So guess what happens if I, if I, if you have enough leads in your business that you don’t have to worry about that if you get a new client on the phone, it’s like I can only do at four and, but if you have enough leads, you can say, sorry, I can only do three or five and then I can give two ducks. Right? Edmonton business consultant, so it comes down to that. And then on Tuesdays is basically my time that I can work on my other business inspired methods. So I can look at the strategy and that business looks at the content, look at the strategic objectives and that can do that for four hours.

Then I’m going to end up meeting with my managers at one to three. Now this is when they’re going to bring me, um, they’re going to bring me their issues. So the things that they’re having difficulty resolving, um, it’s not, uh, uh, they’ve already gone through their, their dedicated team. The manager’s tried to, you know, resolve it, uh, or that they’re trying to figure it out and then they’re going to bring it to me. So it’s, it’s basically gone from, let’s call it associate to senior associate to manager and now it’s going to get on my plate if it, if it happens. And I got two hours to sit with them and knock it out. And then I go to meet with clients again at three o’clock and five o’clock. Very strategic also that I’m doing my creative work in the morning. When I’m smarter and I’m meeting with clients in the afternoon when I’m dumber.

Um, and that might sound weird, but I’ve already done the work by the time the client comes in, I’m just presenting it at that point. I’d rather get it right the first time. Uh, I’d rather have the set of financial statements right then, you know, a misspeak in a client meeting. So, you know, you’ve got to think about that. Most people’s intelligence windows throughout the day as you make decisions, yours just statistically you’re going to be a bit smarter in the morning and it’s gonna dwindle throughout the day. Um, so you can see my day is started at 5:00 AM and finish at 7:00 PM and I’m going to do that over and over on Wednesday. I’m gonna work as an Edmonton business consultant and on the other business that I’m involved in. Always bookkeeping and tackle the strategic initiatives. I’m going to then meet with my managers again. I do that Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and then on Thursday I have time to actually do more content for my business as well.

No rapper times is code for, I have time to do content. Um, same thing, meetings at three and five o’clock on Fridays. I do some networking and then I actually do three client meetings on Fridays. I do want it or sorry I do, uh, on this Friday particularly I do three, one, three and five cause it’s the third Friday of the month. Uh, then on Saturday I do four client meetings, one at eight, one at 10, one at one, one and three. Um, so if you total that up from 5:00 AM until seven, Saturday, five to five, it’s age. Yours I think is is what it is. That’s [inaudible]. That’s the schedules. That’s, well, let’s look at some of the things. I don’t do those like Kevin had email time in there. Anyone want to know how many emails I’ve sent this year?

Maybe I emailed Ted the printing actually for them. I’ve never actually gotten an email back from you directly. It doesn’t hurt my feelings. I know why. Later about it calls to calls and we’re going to explain a little later too, when I’m an Edmonton business consultant, that I don’t, I don’t, I don’t take calls. I do meetings, right? Because I set aside two hours to be with my client, like completely uninterrupted to meet with that client at that time. I don’t want someone interrupting and they got on my calendar, I’m going to give them everything I got in those two hours and if I have to, you know, deal with a call or something before that, I, I can’t, you know, physically do it. It’s not possible. I’m working 82 hours a week here. Right. So that’s why I schedule it. I look at my schedule as a repeatable monthly schedule.

Okay. So I do stuff differently on the third week of the month and generally I do on week one, two or four. And I think that’s the successful way. There’s a lot of people, there’s some different schools of thought in this that some people will say they have a repeatable daily schedule, do the same thing everyday. There’s nothing wrong with that if that fits in a, but I find most businesses have different tasks that, you know, like for example, payroll, you probably want to do payroll every two weeks. And so that’s why I like a repeatable monthly schedule. Like, I’m a four week basis and you can repeat things like payroll, you know, on weeks two and four when you need to. I think you can get a few more things done that way. Some people go over beatable daily. Some people would go repeatable weekly.

And myself, I’ll go repeatable monthly, which is really like a four week calendar repeating. And I find that that’s going to let me get the maximum amount of things done because there’s some things that I don’t want to do, uh, every time. Um, so then we’re going to go a little bit further out. Let’s go back one week here. So we’re gonna go back one week. Some of the things that are different, like if it’s not week three, I do group interviews all the time, every single Friday at 5:00 PM Friday, 5:00 PM group interviews. I’m doing it all the time. Edmonton business consultant, and some people might take, this is an enormous calendar. This, how do I really want to be an entrepreneur? And, and it’s right, some people are not cut out to be entrepreneur. And if I talk with one person now to becoming an entrepreneur today, I might’ve done a public service for that person and someone else. Right? But like I’ve been doing this sorta calendar, uh, for years and years and now I’ve gotten to a point where I’m now, you know what my week four looks like, my week four is, uh, what’s the song? [inaudible] this is now money week for that. I do,

I just am an Edmonton business consultant so that’s my week fourth that I’m doing now. So I, I made a promise to, you know, myself, my family that if I ever got through a certain level of the firm that, you know, keep in mind by week two, I’ve put in more hours than most people are going to put it in that month. Cause I’m working 82 hours a week, right? By week three of past most people. And I know I’m at 246 hours, right? Um, so, uh, but we for is now my week. So now I get 10 weeks vacation and I get 10 weeks of real vacation and I’m not sitting there and doing emails. Like when I’m on vacation after a day or so. I forget that on the calendar. I’m just going to do, um, when you have 12 weeks vacation, don’t take February and April off. So the spacial does the crash. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I thought about it and I was like, I don’t think it’s going to go so well. So, um, but that’s why you do it. Um, but it was years of not taking a single vape patient. So now I can do 10 weeks. How many people have 10 weeks at their job? Vacation, great enemies, vacation. So these are the types of like you can make this, the businesses is set up to serve you. Then what’s the setup there contribute to you? And if you could make that calendar now it’s something that you can actually, uh, stick to it. And some Edmonton business consultant is like, well, why don’t you reduce hours? Like, I don’t really, like, I’m kinda up at five or so anyways. Like what, what am I gonna do? I love my [inaudible]. I like doing what I do and what I want to leave at five just so I can get stuck in traffic. [inaudible] that’s not really beneficial. I like having a week off so I’ve set my calendar up that way cause that’s the way, you know, I like to do it. I could on a little bit earlier I guess now, but I’d rather take a full full week off. Um, and you guys could design your calendars that way. And so I liked the repeatable monthly calendar. There’s no, there’s a good argument for repeatable weekly, but I don’t wanna repeat on Monday I think is the way to go for most people.

Um, so I’d love to hear any questions you guys got on the calendar. So I would, uh, next few minutes here, I’d like to see you guys try to map out the things that you need on your calendar. Yep. So keep in mind, most of you probably need times to do phone and email like Kevin does. Um, I hate emails. Emails are like the bane of my existence. I think they’re just so overused all the time, especially if it gets to mindful. If it gets to my plate, it means it’s a complex issue and I need to have a phone discussion with someone. Um, but most of you, you’re probably going to need that time. You’re going to need time to new sales and marketing. You’re going to need time to do the actual production of your business. So we have a week, one week, two week, three week four scenario here. I’d like to you guys to take some time, try to fill up that calendar and then any questions that you have come on down, uh, right among the board and we’re just going to pick it up at a core. Yeah.

Okay. Okay. This is sorry, but I’ll try. Edmonton business consultant, if I want it to be a solar printer, I can probably do whatever I want, but how can I possibly coordinate with, you know, 12 person team. If I wasn’t willing to lock down calendars, we’d spend all day doing it. And it’s not a discipline that’s easy. Like, if you look at calendar number one, we have version 1.0 of this. I’ve changed this thing all the time. I tell people, you’ve got to get to a place where you’re deviating from your calendar once or twice a week. You get to a place where you’re deviating from your calendar once or twice a week. No, not for too long. I’m not losing a whole day or anything like that, but we’re going a little off the rails once or twice a week for an hour or so. No big deal, right?

You’ve probably, you got something special happening there, but you gotta launch it you to, it’s got to fail. You got to tweak it. It’s got fail again. You gotta tweak it another time. You know, I’ve experimented with one hour meetings. I’ve experimented with two hour meetings. So the fact that you got it wrong, you were there, you just thought you should have tweaked it and tried it again and you keep doing it until you get it. And this one has took me, uh, basically eight years. So, uh, where’s Denise’s and he, he’s up front there. Pardon? Change it, try it implemented, see where it failed, see why it failed. Released version 2.0 try that for a month. See that one fail release version 3.0 try that for a month. That’s how you get it, right? Yeah. Yeah. How long have you tried for eight years. Resetting it every single month.

I think you will get it if you keep your setting. What really helped me was every Friday at three I revise my calendar and then that way I know it’s not every week. It’s in my calendar, into my calendar. Yeah, that’s good. Especially at the beginning, it’s going to change so much. That’s probably not a bad, yeah. Edmonton business consultant, I think you’ve got to do it for a week or a month and like, I wish I could show you all the versions. It was a painstaking process to get there. If, if you want to put it in once that it won’t work, you got to do it. Fail at it, release another version. Do it again.