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Edmonton Business Consultant | Entrepreneur Myths – Part 3

This one is very, very controversial. I’m going to break someone’s heart right now – it’s my responsibility as an Edmonton business consultant – that employees will stay forever, that employees will stay forever. Okay. Employees will stay forever. Well, a stat say employees will save 2.3 years, 2.3 years is how long employees are going to stay. Um, and business owners are so arrogant that they think that they can get employees to sit, to stay forever. 50% of marriages end in divorce, but you think your employee is going to stay forever. It’s absolutely ridiculous that you think that and you’re building your business that’s completely dependent on somebody. You don’t have a flow of talent. Um, that employees will always be happy with you on. Employees will always be happy with you. Yeah. Um, we’ll have room for questions on the end you guys as if the write them down cause I want your questions on these issues. The questions are like the best part. So the better questions you can give us, the better experience we can do for you.

Edmonton business consultant, here we go that people tell the truth on resumes. 75% of resumes have lies on them. 75% of resumes have lies on it as, and that’s the primary way people are using this staff, their business, uh, [inaudible] that employees have value, their rate of pay the most that employees value the rate of pay the most. But if you pay them more, you will get the best people. That’s the only factor in the equation. There are a number of factors in the equation. A number one usually being the chance for career progression and number two doing work that they think are, is actually going to matter. Um, are probably higher pay matters. What is usually not the most important consideration. And if it is for a particular person, it’s not scary.

Um, the number of people you need to interview to make a good hire. Hmm. I love this one. It’s a number of people that you need to interview to make a good hire and most people think I can do an interview and interview eight people and get some resumes and I’m going to ask great questions. I have my disc profile lined up and I’m ready to go on that. You’re just, it doesn’t matter what questions you ask a bad candidate, they’re still a bad candidate. You want a good candidate, see a hundred people before you hire someone. I’ll teach you the Edmonton business consultant way of how to do that today.

Um, that skill as important as attitude or adversity quotient has ever heard the term adversity quotient before. Great. Chris, would you rather graduate or guy who’s the most skilled guy or guy who’s, okay, you the most field guy, but he’ll give up when it’s cold outside in a tent. They’ll go home and not install the door or a guy who’s okay, but he won’t give up. They’ll keep working on the job.

Edmonton business consultant, the latter every time because a, that person is dish as shown statistically and in my own experience that they’re willing to learn. I can teach someone how to be as good as me. Uh, my job is difficult but not rocket science. And eventually he can get to my point. However, you cannot, uh, unlearn. David is when people are, when someone has a diva. [inaudible] I look it up in the dictionary. [inaudible] you cannot learn it like do it when someone’s a diva. That’s the way they are.

Um, that your employee’s desires will always align with your business goals. Your employees have lives that are like completely separate from you. And then they have, they’re on a completely different way of life, you’ve been thinking about your business all night and guess what they were thinking about arranging a party or fighting with their spouse last night. This is on a completely different wavelength. I’ve seen this as an Edmonton business consultant, a lot of times when they come in and they weren’t thinking about your business when they came back to work the next day, a lot of times. So, uh, that employees only need no need to be told. Values and objectives wants to be effective, cannot stress enough how important it is to over communicate your problem, vision, mission, and values through your employees. You need to over communicate your problem, vision, mission, and values. You come into our office every, we have our mission written at the top of every single room on the whiteboards and remind people that every single meeting, 8:00 AM what we’re doing here. It’s that, um, that you can get employees and do what you won’t. I want you to show up at eight, but I’m gonna roll in at nine 30. How do you think the attendance would dwindle, Zack?

If I stop showing up at eight, it would great leaders lead from the front. Since I’m an Edmonton business consultant, I have employees that have, uh, that like when I have a very difficult job that needs to be done. For example, last week I had four doors that need to be installed. If I would have told him, you know what, uh, I d I need this done in the day. Go ahead, knock off the four doors. I’m gonna be over here. Uh, that job, when we got done [inaudible] so I was there on that site making stacking doors with him to make sure that job had done and that that player respects me for it and also understands that I’m in the foxhole with him. Builds relationship that the business owner can do everything and you can do it all yourself. You will not make that much if you can do it all yourself. People take pride in thinking I’m the best electrician or I’m the best flooring guy, or I’m the best dermatologist, or whatever it is. Your ability to, the difference of, of pay from someone who is good and great at a particular job, whether it’s a chef or stuff like, it’s not as big as what you think, but the difference in pay between someone who is a, someone who can teach someone else to do it. Someone who can teach someone else to be a good a person at their trade is significant. If you can teach your skill to someone else, now you’re talking about something you can make real money because it only so much people are going to pay you for that floor you for that district food or you for that, uh, legal agreement. But if you can teach other people to do execute at a high level, now you can make a little bit off of every single transaction and those amounts become significant. That price is the number one consideration in buying decisions. Business owners always focus the price. It’s the price, it’s the price. It’s the appraiser. I, everyone is undercutting me. I need to be the cheapest. I’m going to dispel that myth right now with practicality. Who here? TJ drove here. Show of hands. Who here today drove here. Who here today drove here in a Nissan versa.


Nissan versa. Year after year is one of the lowest cost of ownership vehicles on the planet.

Yeah, but it’s ugly and they caught a lot of my room. And when you hit the gas, nothing happens and nobody wants to drive it. Everyone hold up the phones. I want to see everyone’s phones.


And who here? I don’t see any $20 gas stuff. The station flip phones. I don’t see one drug dealer. Gas Station. Flip phone. Not One. No burner phones and no verticals. It’s the cheapest phone. None of you went with the cheapest phone. Did anybody outfit themselves completely in value village pulling when they [inaudible] I came here today. Maybe somebody here, but I bet you most of you gave not, and you’re selling yourself that price is your number one consideration. And I’m sorry to break your heart as your Edmonton business consultant. That price is not the number one consideration. But if you have to be the cheapest, that means your product or service sucks and you gotta make it better. Um, that minimizing expenses will help you win at business. Have these meetings and clients want to come in to me and they want to talk about their cell phone bill. How can they get their cell phone bill from $100 a month and $80 a month?

How can they get their bank charges from $25 a month to $20 a month? And I have to tell them that we can’t spend time here. It doesn’t matter. Tell us could pay you to use that phone. You’re still going bankrupt. People will think that expense minimization is the answer. We all only have 168 hours in the week. A lot of times expense minimization is what isn’t where you should be spending it. I’m still working on our cell phones. Do I still, I’m still paying too many. I’m sure I have. I have too many, but it’s not my time. That perfectionist when it business.

Okay, this is a good one. I see this on resumes and people tell me, interview perfectionist. You don’t want to hear when someone tells me I’m a perfectionist.


You can’t make decisions. Yeah. It tells me they don’t finish projects or hit deadlines. That’s what I hear. They don’t finish projects I hit deadlines done is ordinarily better than perfect. Perfect is something that never usually happens. I used to think as an Edmonton business consultant, that customers will come just because your product or service is good. Chris was an expert when you hung on your shingle. What happened? Oh, ah, okay. It’s a, so if the agency is, yeah, I have a great story about this and then I don’t know, we have a website thing. Even [inaudible]. Yeah. Okay. So I’ll, I’ll tell, I’ll tell that story later. But yeah, just, just when, like when you hate, when you’re hanging your shingle on, you say you have the best service, you have 38, you have your, your family has over 30 years experience. I myself have over 10 years experience and do it and doing this professionally and professionally a lot more. Um, but uh, but no, no one hears that. You can scream that from the rooftops. Uh, how many of you heard about me before I had before today at all? It’s because it guys, I got one, I got a fan. That’s the thing. I am one of the most skilled people in this city when it comes to when it comes to garage doors. Uh, yet I, you still need to spend money and get your message out there that, that you exist. And then once that happens, once I serviced this idea of this young lady garage door, and they see the service that comes, that’s when you can start generating your reputation. And that’s when your phone rings that you can build a sustainable business or make major changes in one year. Most people are going to dramatically overestimate what the king accomplish in a year and dramatically underestimate what they can accomplish in 10. And it happens every single time and they get frustrated. And I think you’re going to build $1 million business. I love these business plans that come in and they hit my desk and we’re going to do a million in the first year and five in the second year and 10 million in the third year. I say, no, I’m sorry to tell you, you can do it. You might win the lottery too. And you also might get hit by a bus and both the same odds of that happening. So, um, let’s take the odds, uh, how do I, how do I make more than a hundred thousand dollars a year more than I should make as an employee in this industry? And how do I build something worth a couple million bucks? Uh, there’s very sustainable steps that take that, that you can tackle only the types of projects that you like. What are the ones that, what are some of the stuff that you have to do?

Uh, uh, unfortunately in my industry, the stuff that I, they have to do, I have to hate, uh, obviously generates the boat. Uh, the most revenue. I am an installer that, uh, I, I, but installs take a very long time, but I have to put in that effort. I have to do it because that’s the key is no one else is going to do it for me. Um, and I do it well. I do it efficiently. Uh, but yeah, like you’re going to have to do things in this business that you really, really, really don’t want to do because you just, no one else is going to do for you that customers, suppliers or employees value your time. I wish that’s your most valuable asset and no one’s going to value it except for you. Um, that, um, any website will generate leads. I love Christmas.

Oh, yeah. So, uh, if for people that don’t know, my wife is a web developer, she’s at home building my website as we speak, and she does it every to update it because you need to do that in your business. Uh, but, uh, so when I was first starting out, uh, we were about to go on vacation and she had the website all ready to go. And I said, how do you know, don’t put that up yet because the, I work on one vacation. The phone was never going to stop ringing. Once I hit him on Google, right? They’re going to such garage doors and my website’s going to come out. My interest is going to stop and I’m gonna be on vacation and we’ll be able to help it. And she goes, Oh, child… Edmonton business consultant, do you have any idea how many websites I build as a day? And how many businesses, uh, get started up with a, with websites that I built? No, it takes time. It takes reputation. It takes a dedication.

That meeting the customer’s expectations are good enough. Meeting the customer’s expectations as the quickest route to bankruptcy is the absolute enemy. Three, you need to overdeliver in what you do, that you can avoid sales, that you can, you know what people think that they can hire sales people. Sales people are the hardest people to manage in any organization. Um, and even if you’re going to get one of them to work with you, what are you going to have to do teaching? You’re going to have to sell them on why they should work for you in the first place. Uh, so if people think that they can avoid sales, you cannot avoid sales that people will buy from a faceless business. I love this. We’re going to make a website. It’s going to be just a brand. I’m going to have the brand cause I’m going to sell this thing in a year.

I got my exit strategy, my million dollar exit strategy in a year planned out. So I don’t want to put my face on it. What do big companies, who do they hire to be spokespeople? Cool. Are there companies? Celebrities? Yeah. Athletes, big companies. The team page on a website is the second most viewed page on any website and most people don’t even have one with their bio’s on there. And that’s the, the stats tell us, for an Edmonton business consultant, that more revenue will solve a broken business model. Run into this with construction guys all the time. They think more revenue is the way when they’re losing money on jobs and they’re getting jobs that are high enough margin to have any chance at all.