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Edmonton Business Consultant | Entrepreneur Marketing Myths – Part 6

Edmonton business consultant, this is the most important piece of real estate. Next piece of real estate that’s very important for your website is the teen page teen page, right? We talked, Jeff talked about this earlier, making sure that you’ve got a strong t page. Oh, show our team page. So they’ll do their jobs. I’m sure Denise, oh my gosh. And some good looking people coming up. Oh, day on your welcome Zach. So a team thing. So those are the two most important pages. And then the third one after that we talking about in your services page that it’s about what you do. So people want to know what the heck you’re offering me drill about. Tell me who works there. I want to see your face. Especially if you’re a local small business. You cannot be generic. I am generic combined. I made a generic step from a generic company.

This is not going to work. People need to see your face. Why social media is so important because it’s social, right? There’s people involved, there’s a back and forth, there’s a whole, I feel connected. I feel community. I feel like, oh, this is a real person. When I go there, I’m going to see those people who are on the website. They’re famous because they’re on my website. People want to see that. You got to make sure that you’re doing okay. Um, statistics, 15 years ago, actually this was more like 18 years ago. The average consumer typically used to touch books. Well, I sales, sorry, I’m getting getting ahead of myself. Nope, we’re solid. Check this out Edmonton business consultant. 50% of the search queries are four words or longer. Can you show us little experiments on the old long tail long tail keywords just a little bit. You have that ready or no? If not, that’s fine. You will be on some of those examples. Send me examples of some long tail keywords that you’re hitting on. And it’s really weird cause it works. Hire a CFO Edmonton. So we have the ads, we have the maps. All right there. Let’s see. Oh, check this out. Remember we did, we’re making youtube videos. Holy Crap. They show up in search results, youtube video showing up in search results. Another reason why you want to use youtube weird, right? I put it in as motivation and fact versus fiction. And when his article shows up, I love this one

because I love the marketing companies that tell me they’re really good at this. And there I am at position zero in this one. Um, if you scroll down and start to find the big guys, the rapid boosts and everybody else that’s, that’s trying to win that team but they don’t, they don’t really understand how it works with the, and I wasn’t actually even trying to win this term. I was trying to, when Edmonton business coach, that was the, I was trying to wind up in a business coach end up ranking for the subtitle on it because the Alberta Bar Association brought me in to talk about how to market professional practices cause they know I do it so well and then no, there’s zero difference doing it for law firms. And now, uh, you start winning terms accidentally on stuff like this, right? Like big terms that you’re not even, you’re not able to even plan it out.

50% of them are long tail ones that you’re not able to plan it out. That’s why content works so well for SEO. And there’s a lot of people who will tell you to do back links it, it can work and you get your other pages rea, but you’re missing like 50% of the search traffic because you’re only focusing on the column and keywords and you’re not going to catch the rest of them. But if you do it with a content strategy, it’s more predictable. As an Edmonton business consultant I know exactly how much it costs that a thousand words to my website, I don’t know how long it’s going to take to reach out to someone with a broken link to ask them, but the correct anchor text and link back to me, I don’t know how long that’s going to take. And if they have a nefarious site and they have something else on their server, I can get direct just from their back leg. So it’s a dangerous game. And this way I’m catching, uh, touching all of them. Right.

Yeah. And one more thing I just want to touch on this whole SEO thing is a lot of small businesses start up and you know they, they want to do something and they get started on Facebook. They started usually just to get going. They start on Facebook, which I mean it’s okay, right? If you’re getting started, have a Google my business listing, how about Facebook page, that’s fine, but as far as organic reach on Facebook is like near zero. Okay, so you’re not going to blow up the world with Facebook unless you’ve got a ton of money to spend on ads, but if you have that kind of money, you might as well go ahead and create a Google a Google canonical compliant website. I’m stuck on this one.

Okay, that’s one. This is not Edmonton Accountant. This is not an Edmonton business coach. This is not image and CPA. This is Edmonton business consultant. This is should businesses buy used vehicles or equipment with no local moniker attached to it right up there. Number one, I’m slowly taking over all of the real estate on my own, my topic. I don’t think people really see how significant that that reach is. Right. Um, it is like a snowball that just keeps going if you can stick with it. But it is 630,000 words or, but now you can start to see it for some of the ones who came to the earlier boot camps, they saw always start to rank for Edmonton CPA and you know, then Emma’s account and them to business coaching. I’ve been a business and now we’re starting to win terms that are all across the country. They’re not just there.

So you said you don’t focus so much on links say no. I think they’re a complete waste of time to focus on because I just think they’re too unpredictable on the Recho. There’s no predictability of how long going to take to get one and I’m relying on someone else. So you know, everything I do is not, if I’m not doing it because it’s the only way to do it, I’m doing it. What’s the least amount of time and the least amount of money. Right. Whereas backlinks you don’t have. I have to hope that someone else leaves to me. Correct. That these are the proper accurate texts. And like I said, with backlinks, I can only get 50% of the searches. I need content to get the other 50% of the searches because I never thought show businesses buy used vehicles and equipment. It’s a very relevant topic that this is the owners are going to have, you’re going to Google, right? Wasn’t really a, you know, the, the focus of that. Right. Do you go your time, do you do the blogs to on your website there or do you just do videos and transcripts, videos and transcripts? That’s a video transcribed. There are some other things that we’re experimenting. Even getting more words, more Edmonton business consultant words, and more words. But you will not write them that star. Yeah, that’s tough. Right? So, uh, with their social media search, traffic converts 10 times higher than social media. That’s straight up stats. So on social media, you can go ahead and start with a Facebook page, but getting a website build rank on Google 10 times the conversion factor. So there you have 10 times of, so last thing is sales training on the list. Sales Training 15 years ago, the average consumer typically use two touchpoints when buying an item and only 7% regularly used more than for today, consumer use an average almost six touch points with 50% regular using more than four. I’ve heard statistics all the way as high as 12, just to get a first contact from a person. 12 touchpoints. That’s a lot, right? Like we are so inundated with advertising or inundated with messages coming at us. So from so many different angles, for someone to pick you out of all the different options that they have available, you have to be relentless.

You have to be contacting them in many different forms, right? Um, and, and you can’t just stop with one. So there’s some tactics that we use for, for sales. We have of course a website, right? We have youtube, we have events like this, right? We also have networking events. We also have Edmonton business consultant advertisements that go out on social media that advertise advertisement, that go on Google. We have retargeting acts. There’s a lot of different ways that we’re trying to get our message out to people so that they will click, right? We just want their finger to click on the button and give us a visit. Right? That’s what we’re going. Um, so having a sales process helps your business. So we’re not talking about just the one time. So having a process that you go through in order to get that person in the door.

So having a clear sales process will help your business have a clear path for your sales reps to follow. Okay, bear with me and Oh, there’s no coffee in this building. I know it’s getting late. You just had pizza and you’re in a coma, pizza coma, it’s fine. So having a clear path for them to follow. So if you don’t have your sales system written out that they have to follow time and time again, then they’re just going to be shooting from the hip with every new customer. And sometimes they’re going to win. Sometimes they’re going to lose and you won’t have any idea of what happened on how did they win, how did they lose, why did they lose? If you don’t have a process in place, you’re not gonna know, right? Number two, you’ll be able to onboard new staff quicker. Sales people, as Josh mentioned earlier, the hardest to wrangle artists to have control over.

But if you have a system and they decided to leave, you can bring somebody else in and training them up and teaching them the exact same process over and over and over again. If you have a written down sales process, you can constantly improve your methods. You can actually track, okay, where did it fall apart? Where are we having the most struggles and difficulties? Get some feedback from the sales team and say, well, we’re running into this obstacle. We reached this point when the presentation, okay, Great. Let’s figure it out. Let’s fix it. If you don’t have anything written down, like I said, if they’re just [inaudible], every time you’re screwed, you are absolutely screwed. An Edmonton business consultant must have consistency and predictability. So I think I’ve kind of nailed that one. So when you have a sales process, you can have consistency and predictability in your sales processes.

That means you can have numbers. Is it, I see, I get this many leads. I talked to this many people, did this many presentations, I get this many sales and you can leave predictable. Then you can just look at your sales team and say, how many nos did you get this week? And if you know, it takes three nos to get a yes. And they said, oh, they got one note. Like get on the phone, keep calm, keep going until you get the renos. And then we know your, your next one is going to be a sale averages, right? Um, next thing you can filter out non-buyers quicker, right? So if you have a clearly defined sales process at the beginning of the process, you can have a great system of asking the right questions to see, is this a buyer or is it someone who is wasting my time completely?

And then he can just quickly move on and say thank you. Oh, thank you. I appreciate you kind of sign up how to use later cause you don’t, you want to get in front of people who are going to buy. You don’t want to waste two hours of your time with people who are never going to buy from. How would you want to do that? It’s like shooting yourself in the face. Why do you want to do that? Taking this next thing you can measure your success. I made that pretty clear earlier can measure how well you’re doing based on the repeatable process and then you can also provide a better, more consistent customer experience when you have a written down laid out sales process. All right. Um, car dealerships kind of do this well and they kind of suck at it too at the same time cause they have all, all parts of the spectrum.

They have the guys who know the process, follow the process, do the process, complete the sales and they make the phone calls and then you do the followups, do all the hard things and you win. And then you get the other people that are like, I don’t want to make the phone calls. I don’t want to do this stuff. And they don’t follow the process and then they fail and then they leave high turnover rate. But the ones who are successful do the same stupid, boring, repetitive crap every single day and they went, right. That’s the whole point of having things written down. So people are doing same thing the same way every single time so that you are winning, your business is winning, your business is growing and making sales as the whole point. The whole reason for our existence is so that you can attract more customers, make more money, right. And get the right team in place. Right. That’s the whole point. So Josh, anything to say on the sales training bit? Um, Edmonton business consultant [inaudible] that’s it. So, uh, the, you know, all right, Google has 200 factors in their algorithm. Irritated. Oh 200 factors in the algorithm there is only four than every person in this room should be concerned about. So number one, your site has to be mobile compliant. Number two, your site has the fall goes canonical compliance rules and increasing level order. Number three, you have to gather group rupees. You have to get the Google reviews, you have to get the Google reviews, you have to gather Google reviews. And number four, you have to have, I’m going to say the most number of pages over a thousand horns, the most number of pages over a thousand. Whereas, and I know someone’s going to say, I read a blog, I can get three 50. I was like, yeah, you’re right. Three 50 might get you there, a thousand will get you there. So, Edmonton business consultant, and to show you like how much we believe in that, I mean if you read our contact page, even if you read our contact page, most people like, yeah, I have a video, I have the form, the address, the hours, and then I have a thousand words that I know no one will read except the Google robots, including what our coffee is like when you come in.

Because I know that’s [inaudible] and it’s just goes all over and over and over again. So you guys need to do this, you need to gather reviews, you need to produce content and this stuff works. Whether you hire anyone in this room or not. I Have Ryan. Brian was cast to an early bootcamp. How many leads were you getting off of Google before?

Yeah, so it was pretty dead for leads. Um, but I did come here and uh, how the yet, but uh, I did implement a lot of the resources that you guys provided to see if they actually work. Uh, and yeah, I get five calls a day

for Google customers turn into actual estimates and money, but uh, and then, yeah, still you still get about six calls a day, you know, the Google spammers, you know. Oh yeah. Guarantee on the first page of Google. Yeah. Okay. I come back to you on the first page for sure. But do you get leads? This stuff works. Yeah. All these blogs too. That was it. I did one video, one video that was really hard to do with just the writing the blogs. I spent two years of my life simplifying the process on this because marketing has become more complex and people, I see too many clients, 30 on Facebook, they’re sitting all day putting Facebook posts out there, not realizing that Facebook has a 1% organic reach. So you got a thousand likes on your page, you didn’t have a piece of excellent content. Only 10 people see it and what’s the likelihood of one of them is in their buying window at the time and then it completely ignores the fact that even if they are then buying window, the next thing they’re going to do is Google you and your competitors before they make a buying decision.

88% of the time, it just ignores all of the stats on it, right? So my goal is to get in front of as many Brians as humanly possible because people don’t truly understand what the significant effect it has on small business. You know, for being an accountant, I have to file returns for people to the bitter end. I see the fall from it. I see what happens to the families and their bank accounts and their mental state of mind. Um, so the, the, the one asked that, that, uh, I have here for you guys today, um, if you guys can help me out, uh, one more Google review. I am on a mission to remain as the number one reviewed CPA in Canada and Edmonton business consultant. And if you want another reason to do it, my number two competitor sucks.

Sorry. My number two competitor, uh, he sells off share tax scams that he’s number two in Canada. So I think I deserve to be number one, not him. Um, but yeah, I want to get in front as many rides as possible. Limited do. That is if I keep gathering reviews. So right now, if you guys are able to give me your review, we will give you an extra ticket into the draw. Yeah, I’ll have my team come around if you need to.

What do you mean a, I could have won some of them. [inaudible].