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Edmonton Business Consultant | Entrepreneur Marketing Myths – Part 5

Next thing we have up here, no brainer offer. I’m do not advertise. Okay? Lifeguard doesn’t have to spend much time pitching to the drowning person. When you show up with a life boy, if the drowning person understands what that steak, you don’t have to run ads to get them to hold onto it. Right? That’s another wonderful quote from Seth Godin. He is, he’s like, he wrote the Bible on marketing just saying and the Harvard Business Review, they did a case study and show that you can spend up to the lifetime value of a customer to attain that customer. So when I say no brainer offer, does everybody understand what I’m talking about? But no brainer offer. Do this if you understand. Nope. Okay, cool. So no brainer offer is an offer to your ideal and likely buyers at that they are most likely going to say yes to. They’re going to grab onto that Edmonton business consultant and say, yeah, that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

So can be in the form of a a Freebie. It can be a buy one get one. Oh, it can be accelerate your business growth for a buck. Give me something like that or it can be as something as simple as giving away a free book, right? So some kind of an offer to your ideal and likely buyers that they just can’t say no to. Right? Cause we want the phone to ring. Now we find a lot of times when we’re talking with professionals, whether they’re in the medical field or even people in traits that they really, really, really, really don’t want to give anything away. They really don’t want to do and no rain or author. Because why? I’ve spent so much time educating myself and went to college, university, went to school for 21 years and I don’t want to do value my brand and I don’t want to devalue my profession and into shooting.

Never disco products should, should always get paid for the time you spent Bolker bull crap. Okay. Edmonton business consultant, if you want people to come into your place of business and you want to set yourself apart from other people, don’t be the same as everybody else. Do something different. Give it away because you’re not looking to make money on the no brainer offer. Can I survive as a business? If I did all of my work for a dollar, yes or no? No. I’d be poor. I’d be living in a dumpster down by the riff. Okay, so I can’t possibly live like I’m not living for the no brainer offer. Josh, how much money did you make on those books? On the books? Yeah. I lose money. Oh Damn. Every single time. Every single time. Every single day I lose money. It loses money every single time that he gives away a buck.

Why would we do this? Josh? Why would you? Because I understand the value of life. Lifetime. The lifetime value the customer, right? Lifetime value. Understand it. Yes, exactly. The lifetime value of the customer. So you don’t want a customer just one time to come and get your Freebie and bugger off. Right? This isn’t like Docu village. You’re building a business that’s gonna last attend test of time and that you are going to be able to grow and become, you know, the Richard Person in your family because you’re thinking about the end. You’re thinking about the end. Begin with the end in mind. I want this customer to come back. I want them to tell their friends. I want them to bring friends. Right? I don’t want these kinds of wonderful things to happen so that I am rebuilding my business. Oh. Oh. Oh. I love this. This is good. This is great. Really good. So I’m thinking about businesses who, uh, you know, I don’t want to give a no brainer offer. What does Lexis do? Let’s go to Alexis of Edmonton and I think I have it done in my notes here. If we go to the uh, Oh yes. Four slash VIP service when the VIP services, I just want to show you guys a little bit of something. Sonya sports last name VIP service. Yeah, that would be dash service for the Edmonton business consultant.

Okay. All right.

Let’s see what Lexis offers. So this is, this is something that they’re offering their, their clients out the VIP experience. Scroll down a bit more. Ooh. VIP Service includes courtesy vehicle, complimentary chauffeur service or valet pickup. Complimentary car wash that game, paint and window rupture. Touch with service appointments, complimentary breakfast at Ricky’s while you wait for your service. Airport Valet Service. We will value to the airport if your vehicle needs servicing while you’re away. Proud to be locally owned and operated and supported and community, different differentiation factor onsite. Vehicle registration so you’re not having to fit your vehicle lingo. Lead to the registration place and then come back with your plates and you know I did something wrong and go back again. They do it right on site. First Class, business loft, luxury spa, offering manicures, pedicures with paraffin wax and relaxing massage chairs. Exclusive. Lexan would VIP events and Oh, what the heck is that?

Great. All right, Google reviews. So they know that the power of these things, does this cost Lexus of Edmonton anything to do? Heck yeah it does, but what do they want? They want people to buy Alexis and they want them to keep buying Lexis and keep buying Lexis and telling their friends, oh, I got the Alexis. I’m pretty damn important because they go all this stuff that they get preferred, right? They want you to buy Alexis. No. If these guys Toyota, they are what number one cat. Big As auto company by market capital. Right. Thank you. Sit in the world offering free shit. So people will buy Alexis and keep buying this, tell their friends to buy that. Pardon my French. Okay. Edmonton business consultant, another company that does a really good job of this. Excellent. Yeah. So some people will say, well Lexis, my role throughout date, if these ideas are all, I don’t want to deep value my brand.

This is a premium brand new you guys, you don’t understand it’s a premium brand. But look at what all Ilan is doing here. Hang on. If they can’t see it, well you can return your car for a full refund within seven days or a thousand miles free, unlimited supercharging. It’s the same story over and over and over again. And small businesses just don’t want to understand what they don’t understand the value of like lifetime value customer. And their Edmonton business consultant has got them so that they’re so worried about making money on that first transaction that they lose customers all over the place. Yeah, you need to know what that life, you need to know that no brainer offer is before you launch your website cause it needs to be on the website if you want to convert them. Exactly 100% so Tesla does a lot of pre, all the premium brands have some kind of a no brainer, a freemium or something for you to get started.

So you should do the same thing. And the point is again, not to just try and make money off of that freemium or that, that giveaway, the whole point is, is once they get in your door, once you’re in front of them or they’re in front of you, you can sell them on how amazing you are by creating a wow experience. Like offering them free parking, lovely you off the mat and a bottle of water, like creating this wow experience so that people keep coming back and they refer their friends. Okay. The Harvard Business Review said that, um, you can spend up to the lifetime value of the customer. So for customer over the lifetime of them being with you is $10,000 you can spend up to $10,000 right? And you have the cashflow to do it to up to $10,000 to acquire that customer because they’re going to refer more people to you. You’re going to have repeat business, you’re going to have their grandma, their sister, their aunt, uncle, their friends or business associates doing work with you as well. Okay? So get the idea. No brainer out, you gotta do it. Next one is Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah.

SEO, a Google friendly website. And we doing not too bad. So successful SEO was not about tricking Google, it’s about partnering with Google to promote the best search results for Google’s users. That’s from Phil Frost from Main Street ROI. So here’s a quick statistic for you from a live person. Three quarters of consumers, 74% say that the ease of browsing and searching is their number one criteria for choosing one website over another. 90% of smartphone users begin their online search without a specific brand in mind. 50% of search queries or four words or longer, get into that just a minute. And on average long, I’m going to save that one for a little bit later. So here’s a four things for SEO. Winning on SEO, we covered two of them. So the most Google reviews for an Edmonton business consultant, most Google reviews, right? Second thing, most html content, most html content, we kind of demonstrated that. Or next one, Google canonical compliance.

What the heck is that? We will canonical combined. Just making sure that when you’re creating your website and your, yeah, all your pages on there, that they’re following the rules that Google likes to see to help them index the pages better, faster, easier for their users to find information. It’s all about the end user. We’re not trying to trick a Bot, we’re trying to make it easy for people to find the information that is on your website. So if we create our website with that in mind, then you’re going to, um, you’re going to win, right? So making, making sure that that and the next thing, mobile friendliness, mobile friendliness, everybody’s got a smartphone, right? Everyone in this room, we show them earlier and a lot, there’s that one guy with a drug dealer flip phone, but we’re not talking about him. Most searches that happen on a smartphone. So you gotta make sure that your website works well on a smartphone. It has to be easy to navigate and easy to click the buttons. And find out the information that they want right away. The other most important thing is you have to do is have your no brainer. Offer your homepage above the fold. Okay? Anybody know what a newspaper is?

Exactly what I’m talking about above the fold. This is bolt. And the reason they say above the fold as it was back in newspaper days, the fold, the headline would be above the fold on the newspaper. Okay? So that’s what we’re talking about above the fold. No brainer on the free console and free copy of book E-myth, why most small businesses don’t work and what to do about it. And they have points of contact. So that got scheduled for your consultation with an Edmonton business consultant. Contact us, read reviews, influence for all. So who’s got like four if I’m to action right there on his page. So this is one thing that’s the most viewed part of your website ever. It’s not going to be your services is not going to be your blog. No one’s ever going to look at your blog. So there no one’s that mean man. It’s true. We’ve done the research. Blogs are there for Google and Google alone pretty much.