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Edmonton Business Consultant | Entrepreneur Marketing Myths – Part 4

Branding, branding, branding, most important lesson I can share. What brand marketing is this. You definitely, certainly in surely don’t have enough time and money to build a brand for everyone. You can’t, don’t try be specific, be very specific. And that’s another golden nugget from Seth Godin. If you guys haven’t read any set foden’s books and he’s phenomenal. He’s like one of the most amazing marketers out there. Just the way that he thinks, the way you put together ideas for, of what marketing is all about is different than a, you probably grew up with. And I just, I love this book. So read two books, a the purple cow. And this is marketing. Those are two great books from Seth Goden. Check them out. Okay guys. Edmonton business consultant, what, what is this?

Okay, so this is logo of a company, Berlin associate CPU. So is this spur Lin associates? No. No, it’s not [inaudible]. It’s just a logo about spurling associates, right? So this is what we call branding. When people talk about branding, they usually are talking about that. Just the logo branding. What the brand is, is when you come into Sperling, associates number one, there’s a few different things that you’ll notice if you’re paying attention. We are in a trendy downtown neighborhood in a condominium that set up for business. Number two, there’s free parking out friends. Nobody has to struggle to try and find parking, which is great, especially downtown, right? Edmonton business consultant, when you enter the building, you’re going to be warmly greeted by Laura and she’s going to offer you a wonderful spring water or a delicious Latte, however you like it. And then you’re going to see the technology.

You’re going to see something like this inside of the office. We have five of those set up all over the latest technology. Why? Because we are going paperless. We’re going efficient everything cloud based so that we can work anywhere in the building, on your projects at any given time. And the reason that the stations are set up in that way is so that there’s more than one person looking at your project at any one time. So it gives accountability, it gives that level of comfort and security. And also there’s collaboration. And because there’s collaboration, it means that you’re stuck. When someone is working on your project, you have their undivided attention. Okay? So you’re going to see these things when you come and just Berlin itself, if you, if you decided to come in. So that is the brand, right? That that speaks to the brand.

What’s Berlin associates is what they do, why they do it and it’s better than anybody else. And then you’re going to sit down and have a discussion with Josh and Josh is going to ask you questions about your business because he’s interested in helping Canadian business beat the odds. Our Edmonton business consultant wants to learn about your business. He wants to find out as much as he can in that meeting. And then he’s going to provide some recommendations and and say, hey, is this the kind of service that you’re looking for? Because we are set apart and spring of associates is completely different than, I’m going to say 99.9% of accounting firms in Canada cause we do things differently. And that speaks to brand. So the logo, when you’re setting up your business and you see branding, you’re talking about a low, but when I’m talking about brand, I’m talking about all the other things that lead up to creating a fantastic brand, which is who you are, what you do, why you do it, who you do it for, your vision, mission, values, and then your differentiation factors and all these things combined help to determine what is your brand.

Brandy’s the picture. So like people spend way too much time, kind of perfect their logo. Doing all this research, study into colors and shapes. What kind of logo should I make? You’re not going to make an award winning a long lasting logo like Kellogg’s or Ford or GM or Chrysler, any of these things. You’re not going to make that right out the gate. The best thing you can do for your local small businesses, be very literal. What you do. Don’t try and be obscured and make some fancy fruit, fruit name that only you understand it because it’s some esoteric type of idea that you’ve captured in a thin layer that talks about baking. I don’t know, whatever, like don’t do that. Like say margin bakery, the best baked goods ever, period. Right? Something simple. Like don’t be the, don’t go too far into it because especially when you’re just trying to attract a local market, be very literal and especially when you’re talking about your Google, my business location, your listing on there, you want to be as literal as possible as you can.

Okay. Because then you’re going to find more of those local people finding you and an Edmonton business consultant. And if it’s so obscure that nobody knows what you do, that’s a problem, right? If you want to have to someone’s someone’s business and said, yeah, I own blah, blah, blah, very rare. And they’re like, what do you do? Oh, I’m actually an accountant now that makes no sense that you would do that. Right? Do you want to be very, very careful? Um, what else do we have here? So brands that have superior customer experience bring in 5.7 times more revenue than their competitors. That lag and those efforts, 5.7 times more revenue. When you have superior customer experience talking about brand by 2020 customer experience, 2020 is coming up right around the corner. So according to Walker, 2017 by 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key between brands.

That was huge customer experience for our Edmonton business consultant. Why do we like places like Uber? What do we like Uber so much. Convenient, fast, easy, cheap, right? Relatively depending on where you are. Cheap. It’s easy. Why do we like things like this? I might be Oracle here, but I’m in Edmonton. So I think Tim Hortons is still champion over Starbucks. I think so if you see this cup, how much y’all been to this Tim Lawrence before, right? Y’All? I’ve heard of it before, right? Okay. So if you closed your eyes and you thought about Tim Horton’s, you could smell the coffee, right? You can almost see the display of donuts, stale doughnuts to the display. Stale donuts in there. And you can see the people and they’re gonna help you and get your order wrong every time. You can almost imagine it. I’m just teasing you with the typical of this thing. Don’t sue me. Okay.

So you can see it when it comes to brand. So having a superior customer experience. Now picture in your mind this Starbucks, okay? Starbucks, you, first thing that hits you is that lovely, delicious coffee aroma, right? It’s just so fills your nostrils and makes your soul feel warm. And then you hear, hear this wonderful music coming from, from the speaker. Just, it’s not loud, irritating. It’s not just playing in banging. I don’t hear just people making orders. You hear soft music and then the decor is very soothing and pleasing to the eye, right? There’s always a company spot by the fireplace, right? You can sit down and enjoy your coffee, laughing. See people, you know, it’s a culture, right? It’s almost like an experience going to a Starbucks. Two different things. When you think of coffee, anybody can make a cup of coffee at home.

If you want a coffee experience, we’ve got choices, right? So which choice do you want to make? And that’s it. Just talking about brand and create, creating that amazing customer experience that, Edmonton business consultant, what else? Oh, it takes a long time to be able to do a long time. So some of these brands that I mentioned earlier, Coca-Cola, I don’t know what’s another big brand or forward than around forever billion years, Tim Morton’s and you’ve been around for a long, long time. It takes an extremely long time to develop a household name where everybody knows your name. Um, it’s not something that usually happens over night. There are some that, you know, hit a hit a home run. Like let’s say Uber. Uber hasn’t been around for centuries, but we know why everybody knows about Uber is right. But if you are a small local business, clumber contractor, um, you know, something, you know different in there, you’re very small, you’re just a startup.

You’re not going to happen. You’re not going to be a household name out of the gate, just not going to happen. So that’s why I want you to just be as liberal as possible. Um, and simple when you’re creating your, your company name and your logo. Yeah. Don’t overthink it. Any other tips on your brand and logo and all that stuff? Um, I know you felt spend too long on it. Shot up in launch, boom. Shut up in launch. Pretty much write that down. Shut up and launch. Okay. Next thing we have up here, no brainer offer. Don’t do not advertise, okay? Lifeguard doesn’t have to spend much time pitching to the drowning person when you show up with a life boy, if the drowning person understands what that stake, you don’t have to run ads. I get them to hold on to it. Right? That’s another wonderful quote from Seth Goden. He is, he’s like, he wrote the Bible on marketing just saying, okay. And the Harvard Business Review, they did a case study and show that you can spend up to the lifetime value of a customer to attain that customer. So when I say no brainer offer, does everybody understand Dan, what I’m talking about? Then no brainer offer. Do this if you understand. Nope. Okay.