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Edmonton Business Consultant | Entrepreneur Marketing Myths – Part 3

The death star. Yes. [inaudible] the death star. Thank you, Josh. That was awesome. So a couple of other points. Edmonton business consultant, with creating long form video content, you can take this long form video content. You can chop it up into smaller cases and you can put them on to your Facebook page or your Instagram or Linkedin as education pieces. Um, there are certain parameters you have to follow with those. But bottom line, if you have long form content, if you have long form video, it’s easy to make it smaller. It’s very, very difficult to take a 22 second clip and stretch it to detect minutes. That’s the difference. That’s the difference. Okay, so the next thing on the, on the list there is vision, right? This isn’t the next one we have is vision. What do I mean by visual? Josh talked a little bit about those things today.

Um, earlier talking about the problem, vision, mission and values. Why is this important? Why is this important? I’m here. Here’s a quote from Seth Goden. If you can bring someone belonging, connection, peace of mind, status, or one of the other most desired emotions you’ve done something worthwhile. The thing you sell is simply a road to achieve those emotions. And we let everyone down and when we focus on the tactics and not the outcomes, who’s it for? And what’s it for are the two questions that guide all of our decisions. Okay? So this is the point of your Edmonton business consultant, right? You don’t go into business thinking, oh, I’m just going to sell a bunch of waffle cones. You know, it’s not top of mind, right? It’s not, not a big, big enough ask and not a big enough thing for you to do. You have to understand what is the problem that you’re solving for people.

Cause people when they, when they’re looking for something, here’s the stats. What is it? 71% of customers shop with this specific scenario, not a product in mind. When they’re shopping, they’re looking to solve a problem, right? When you’re going out to to buy something, it’s not because you’re bored and you have to buy something unless you’re like recording. You just have, have money flowing out of your pocket, advise them most of the time that you’re wanting to solve a particular problem. If you’re going to a restaurant, you’re hungry, right? And there’s a couple of different ways that you can solve that problem. If you’re hungry, you can go to a local convenience store, you can grab a bag of chips and bottled pocketbook. Hunger is satisfied for a minute. But what’s, what’s that gonna do for? It’s not very healthy. You’re going to be hungry and 15 minutes later and maybe, maybe you’re actually not wanting to satisfy that particular need, just hunger.

Maybe you’re wanting to have a nice sit down meet. So, okay, you can have a nice sit down meal at a fast food chain. You can go into a McDonald’s or into a Tim Horton’s and order some kind of new sandwich and uh, you know, fix that. But maybe, maybe that’s not what you want. Maybe you want something a little bit more skill. Maybe you want something more satisfying, more, you know, delicious. More wonderful. And you go to like a steakhouse or something like that. Or your favorite Vegan restaurant, whatever that might be. Um, you know, there’s, there’s a problem that they’re solving, but they’re solving it for a particular, a particular reason, a particular buyer, smallest viable market. What you’re looking for, Edmonton business consultant, so number one, what problem you’re solving and for who are you solving? You’ve got to answer those two questions.

The problem that we have on our website that, that is driving us is when is it 42% of businesses have stated that the reason for their failure was that inability to attract customers. So we want to help you to attract customers. That’s, that’s our reason for being. That’s the problem that we’re selling. And as you heard earlier today, 50% of the Canadian businesses fail in the first five years. And the only way to combat that is to help them with their number one problem. Number one reason why they fail is the inability to attract customers and lack of an Edmonton business consultant. So that’s the problem that we’re solving. So when you’re thinking about your business, think about what problem are we solving for? Who are we solving in for a vision? Talked a little bit of a vision today. You guys got a little master class on creating the vision for your company. Um, vision. And another word for vision is a dream, right? Think about it in your mind. Um, let’s see here.

We’re in dream. I’m not sure that I need these yet, but it’s coming. It’s coming. Put my props place. Okay, next thing. Vision without execution is hallucination. That’s when Thomas Edison. So guys, a vision has to be what you want to do with numbers. So vision is something that target that you’re shooting for. Okay? I came up with this analogy when I was going through and making my notes yesterday. Has anybody ever been bowling in your life? Okay, everyone’s been bowling. Cool. Great. Almost everybody’s been bold. You’ve been balling. I’m just kidding. It’s not a quiz. So, right. So when you think about about bowling, okay, what is, what is my vision? What do I want to do? I want to knock down all those paintings, all those pants knocked down to knocking down the pass. If you just stood there on the bowling alley and you went pins fall down, are they going to fall down?

They’re not going to fall down, right? So vision without execution is hallucination. So w what do you need to do next? You need to have the mission. How am I going to knock down the pins? How am I going to knock down the pants? How am I gonna knock down the peanuts? Oh, there we go. Bowling balls. So I need a bowling ball. So you need to have a mission. The mission is how you do it. So a vision is what you want to do. The mission is how you do it on a daily basis. Okay? Very, very important. Our mission is, as an Edmonton business consultant, inspire business to tell their unique story and attract raving fans, right? So you’ve gotta be able to memorize and have your mission on the top of your mind and put around your business so that your cus, your employees know exactly what you’re wanting to do and how you want you to do it.

And now let’s talk about values. Any questions we’ll just put on the board. Okay. So values are going back to the bowling alley. You know, when you’re a kid and your motor control is so good, right? Throw it down and it goes into the gutter. This side was the guy to that. You’ve got those bumpers that come out, right? The bumpers keep your ball from going into the gutter and ending up in the big fat zero. Well, we don’t want your business to end up in a big fat zero. You don’t want pissed off customers. You don’t wanna lose your business. So your values are like the bumpers on the bowling alley. So we have the vision knocked down on the paints. We have our mission, the ball, which is going to go knock down all those pants. And then we’ve got the bumpers, which are our values.

What do we hold dear in our lives? What is important to us? What’s important to our customers? Having those values written out provides you and your employees, the bumpers so that you don’t go in the ditch either set and cause havoc in your business. So a, what are some of the values that we hold dear? Edmonton business consultant, long life education, always learning, always growing, always becoming better, always trying to make life easier for our customers. These are some of the values that we use to guide our, all of our decisions. Right? So, um, anybody have any, any, uh, examples of a vision, mission, or any values that you have for your company? How about you, Kevin? Put John Spot and with us, it’s bringing a outstanding customer experience every time. Yeah. It’s not about the, the electrical work or any good electricians should be able to good electrical work. All how you’re doing it. Remember the experience yet and refer us to your friends. 100%. Yeah. Because those referrals are all important. Right? And we talked about referrals first thing. So the next thing, differentiation. Josh talked about differentiation before, but why is it so important? And where’s my notes? Oh, there we go. So here’s a quick quote from his executive. The great majority of people are wandering generalities rather than meaningful specifics.

So how many, um, you know, business owners get up in the morning and think, hey, I’m going to be just like everybody else. I’m going to fit in and be like everybody else. That’s ridiculous. If you want to be like every other business just like yours, then you are going to be, you’re going to be irrelevant, completely irrelevant. You have to have something that sets you apart from everybody else that’s doing yours. Like Kevin, you’re an electrician and you’re electrician. They’re different, right? They have different people that are going after. They’ve got different aspects of their service because they want to attract different people. They want to, you know, do things differently than other companies so that they are set apart. Right? For an Edmonton business consultant, here’s the differentiation is that this 74% of consumers who have spent more due to good customer service, 74% of consumers have spent more money due to good customer service.

An 80, 86% of buyers, we pay more for better customer experience. So as a differentiation factor, um, you know, some people come in and they say, well, I’ve gotten the best price. I want to be the best price, best prices, how I’m going to differentiate myself. That is a recipe for disaster. Unless you’re Walmart and Walmart didn’t always start off. That’s, that’s not where they started off. Having multiple stores in multiple countries and able to beat anybody on price. The the biggest thing when you want to differentiate yourself on price is you’re always going to have to lower that price because there’s always going to be somebody who comes out in the marketplace who is wanting to be the lowest price. Then you have to drop your price even lower and lower and lower. And like we said, the statistics don’t lie. Like 74% of consumers spend more due to good customer service and 86% more buyers would pay more for better customer experience.

And your goal was to create the best customer experience, right? So you have to think of your differentiation factors in terms of how much more value can I give to my customers? What can I do? How can I add something a little bit different than my competitors? How can I do it just little bit better every time? How can I reduce the friction for my customers when they’re wanting to buy from me or use my services as an Edmonton business consultant? Are there roadblocks in the way? How can I improve that? And this is a journey that you’re going to be taking port long, Josh, you’ve been in business eight years. We’re still refining and perfecting systems and processes, right? To set, set yourself apart. Um, yeah, that’s all the points on that. And like differentiation being different but not necessarily being the cheapest price you have anything to add on that job.

Edmonton business consultant, eventually at the end of the day, your differentiation factor, the factors, you should take the form of a one sheet. You’ve seen these one jeans, Jack Marks, good guys, have more check marks in the bag guys. You need to simple full file your business down into that, you know, in terms of what does that actually look like for the average consumer. And they can understand it whether you’re a publisher and odd as is one thing. But, um, you need to be very certain on that because or else you’re not prepared to sell it. So you need to really boil down your differentiation factors. Awesome. Thank you.