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Edmonton Business Consultant | Entrepreneur Marketing Myths – Part 1

[inaudible] profit budget and spreadsheet selling stuff and like, oh man, that’s tough right now we’re going to talk about how to sell stuff, how to get the page one a Google. Yes. And I have Trevor right with a partner from inspired method here and yeah, I will give you, I started this one from are you’re going to take a group three from here? Um, well, kind of good. Yeah. Let’s, let’s, let’s get, get this ball rolling here. I’m an Edmonton business consultant, like Josh, you mentioned his business partner and with the inspired method marketing and business coaching. And today we’re going to be showing you guys how to get to page one of Google, which is very, very important if you have a business. Um, there are several different criteria that Google looks for when they are considering a page for ranking. And we’re gonna concentrate on just the ones that are super important for you to know so that you can win your little market.

Um, drinking a little bit of history. Sure. Little bit of history about myself. Um, it was always in sales and marketing through muck throughout my career. I’m a little bit older, so I have a long list of things that I’ve done in my life and one of them being an electrician for about 13 years. And the one major thing that I learned being an electrician for 13 years is I didn’t want not want to be an electrician for 14 years. So that’s the one thing that I learned there. Um, number two is that I love small businesses and I love help helping to grow businesses. And I am super passionate and I love marketing, which is where I started when we first got married to my lovely wife, Karen. Just say, give her an applause.

When I met my lovely wife, Karen, that’s the first thing I did was I started in marketing and I fell in love with it. And then life happens. Circumstance happens and we moved to Calgary back and forth. She’s a teacher, very transient kind of lifestyle for a bit. Uh, we had children so we had to move back to Edmonton from Calgary. Boom. No Edmonton business consultant. Oh, you’re going to Calgary. Oh, sorry. Anyways, so yeah, that’s, that’s when you started the journey. So within those time periods we have started and had several different small businesses that we ran out of our home. And we learned a few things there, learned how to run businesses, and we learned some things that you shouldn’t do when you’re running a business. So because of teamed up with Josh, we have, uh, come together. We really have the same passion, which is to help Canadian business to beat the odds.

We want you guys to win. We want you to succeed. And we have over the our years of experience, uh, learning about marketing, learning about search engine optimization. We have found, tried, tested, and true methods to get any business that sells real things to page one of Google and help to win, right? So we’re not going to help you with your bitcoin business and we’re not going to help you with your MLM. We’re not going to help you with, uh, you know, your essential oils. Um, what we, if you have a viable product service that you sell to real people and not just try and load up people with product, we can help you to grow your business. Okay? Uh, I’m going to start up a little story for an Edmonton business consultant. And this story is about a couple of Nate alumni. Okay. They were electricians. I’m picking on electrician because I was so um, we’re talking, we’re gonna call them Richard and Max.

Okay. So both are really great. They have a list of contacts. They’re just out of school. They’ve got their masters and they want to start up a new business. Okay. Now they know that they have to attract new customers because without customers there, they’re going to lose. So what happens is Richard, he decides to play some pre ads on Kijiji, right? Because it’s free. There’s a little very inner entry, no cost. And he also decides to attend a variety of different networking events and reach out to as many people in his warm market as possible, right? So trying to build his business through word of mouth 100% and Max, he attended a business boot camp and he decided to take another path. He sets up a Google my business listing and he starts gathering as many Google reviews and he maintains regular contact with a select group of ideal prospects.

Max also spends time every week working on his marketing. He’s creating content and he’s developing his brand and Max is putting thought into who he can help and how he can best help them with the services. Even though he doesn’t have a website yet, he’s learned from his research that he needs to have at least a thousand words per page on his website and having new unique content each week is very, very important for him to rank on Google. Now, Richard didn’t take the time to think about branding. You’ve got copy and paste logo from Vista print. He got some shirts and business cards and cups made and all those great things that every small business thinks they need to have. Right to start the business and then like many businesses are, Richard wants to beat his competitors on price, offering free quotes and just get ggs.

Yes. Fast forward six months. What do you guys think of? Well, I’m going to tell you about that. So Richard’s been busy running around providing free quilts and not meeting with his Edmonton business consultant. The problem is the phone calls that he’s getting are people just looking for a price check and looking for the lowest price. He spends time quoting jobs and he’s not really doing any jobs. Richard hasn’t closed many projects and now he’s a great electrician. He has no idea how to market his business, no idea how to sell. He’s frustrated and he’s looking at in class bites to see if he can find a job. That’s what happens. Original Max has a different story because he started getting Google reviews right away. He was able to get a couple of jobs just by people seeing what they were, so they were able to find him on Google. So he’s got a couple of jobs from Google.

He has now 45 star reviews, well put together website and then started online advertising campaigns to automate his lead generation. Mack started to get more and more leads without spending any additional time on marketing mass created an irresistible offer. This first hour of services free and a free electrical system safety check and no truck charge for the first time clients. Now, the other thing that he’s done, every pain referral that a customer provides, they get $100 prepaid visa max is now living the lifestyle he’s looking at scaling his business and creating systems and checklists so that he can hire more people to do the work and he can focus on working on the business and not in the business. Okay, so mortal, the story is don’t be a Richard. Okay? Nobody, you’ll get that in. So what I guys did you guys get this? Everybody get one of these.

Okay, so flip it over so you can take some notes. And at the very top I want you to write Google my business. Who will my business? Everybody repeat after me. Google my business. Alright, with enthusiasm. Google my business. Okay, perfect. Perfect. Great. Okay, so here’s a quote from Wendy Piersall. Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first. How many, when they go out, before they go for dinner or they go and they want to buy anything, do they ever, ever pick up their smart phone and do a Google search? Does that ever happened? You have. All right. Do you look at reviews when before you engage in any business activity, whether you’re looking pretender, haircut, right? You look at review right before you get an accountant, you look at who’s got the most reviews, right? So Josh, just for anybody who does not know what a Google my business listing look like, can you pull up a Google my business listing?

That’d be sweet. So according to Forbes, anybody ever heard of fork before? Yeah, there. They’re pretty smart. They know a lot about business and an Edmonton business consultant. So according to Forbes, 88% of people look at reviews before making a buying decision. 88% oh there we go. Inspire with marketing in business coach, that’s us. We got 60 who reviews. We’re still working on getting more of a Google, Google reviews, but we are the highest and most rated business coaching system in Canada that has that many reviews. So look at our, check out our photos. These are just some things that you can do to optimize your Google my business page. Make sure you have some photos on there. One thing I still have yet to do is put a 360 degree view of our business on this, but we’ve got a lot of great things here, but what we’ve done, oh, hey, who’s that prettier?

And her picture got the founders. Remember what when Josh was talking about you can’t have a faceless business when you’re trying to grow a business. Well, this is a great place to put your faces is in your Google my business listing show the team show who’s there, right? And one of the big things that people don’t do, they neglect to do, or when they’re just starting out, they don’t want to include their address in their Google. My business listing. Josh, what’s Your Andrew? My personal address is two zero nine zero four 96 at two zero nine zero four 96 hours. And I’m tired of business owners telling me that I only put my address because of my office address and my Edmonton business consultant. You have two choices in life. You can make $30,000 a year and never have a crazy person show up at your house. Or you can make a couple of hundred thousand dollars a year and have one crazy person show up every 10 years. I would rather one crazy person show up there 10 years. So I need to put your address and if you do it good. Hmm. It’s not that big of a deal. If you’re ripping people off might be a big deal.

Exactly. So don’t be afraid to put your address on that thing. Like just, just do it. We found that there’s an important reason why like treacherous because this is for local businesses trying to find you. Right? So Google is gonna have a piece of your time showing your business when there’s an actual address. Cause they do it based on location of where they are when you’re doing that search. So it’s important to have that. It’s just a generic service area. As an Edmonton business consultant, I found with some clients who were, again not wanting to put their address up, um, yeah, I can’t find myself on Google. I look up, you know, plumber, I look at this and I’m not showing up in the, in the map results. I’m like, you need to put your address on. As soon as they put their address up, boom, they’re showing up and the Google maps search and they’re getting calls from where people. So, um, it does work.