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Edmonton Business Consultant | Employer Interest Versus Their Employee

Edmonton business consultant | employee and employer compromise

As the Edmonton business consultant for Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants, we strive to offer top-notch business coaching, marketing strategies, in consultation. If you book with has now for the first time, you too can experience our consultation for free. You will also receive a free copy of “E-Myth” the best-selling business book by Michael Gerber.

Our team of Edmonton business consultant have dedicated themselves to helping small businesses succeed. If you want more educational articles like this one. Visit our website at You can also get a hold of us using our email or if you prefer to talk to us or phone number is 780-665-4949. We look forward to working with you.

A number of small businesses fail during the first five years. In fact as the statistic shows that 50% of them fail. According to 23% of business owners. They fail because they do not have the right team. Employers need to realize that understanding and accepting employee interest is important to do business. While some business owners are completely unaware of their employees values and interests, some are completely dedicated to be the “professional counsellor” for your team. This takes considerable time and effort from the business owner thus neglecting the business.

Innovating marketing strategies, finding new clients in more are usually the interests of a business owner. The employee on the other hand are usually more focused on their personal life. Some examples are marriage, expecting a newborn or even just a vacation. Not aligning your, business owner’s, interest with your employees can often cause friction. This can reduce productivity and can often form resentment. In turn taking time energy and resources away from the company.

Working is the Edmonton business consultant we believe that there are a few things that can be none to compromise employee and employer interests. Employee progression and aspiration play a great role in the health of the team. Progression can take the form of something is linear such as getting promoted or simply climbing the corporate ladder. However there is a type of progression that may lead an employee away from your business. It’s important to understand and help this type of employee progress even if he might lose them. They could start their own business or branch out to a different career.

There is another type of employee however without any aspiration. They often come into work just for the paycheck and the benefits packages. However this type of employee is not very tenacious. Their work performance is directly tied to their working condition and their mood. In business challenges are often inevitable. If you have these types of employees they might give up in the face of adversity. You can prevent this by selling your corporate values and beliefs to your employees. Once employees are sold to your mission, they can draw inspiration from said mission and values instead of just relying on their personal success. Employees like this tend to be more tenacious and loyal. Strive to compromise with your employee it will benefit you in the long run.

Edmonton business consultant | employer interest versus their employee

According to statistics 50% of all small businesses fail within the first five years, and our Edmonton business consultant strives to help said small businesses to succeed and beat the odds. However 23% of those failures are accredited to having an underperforming staff. Employers not realizing what their employees want and need can cause staff to underperform. There are also business owners who spend too much time being the staff’s professional counsellor instead of growing your business further.

At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants we strive to give small businesses a fighting chance. Our Edmonton business consultant offers free consultation for first-time clients. There are books to help with that as well. We will give you a free copy of Michael Gerber’s best-selling business book “E-Myth”. Find more educational and informative articles like this one visit our website at Or get in touch and do some business with us at or if you prefer to talk or phone number is 780-665-4949. We look forward to hearing back from you.

It’s almost always business owner’s top priority to grow your own company. As for being from a simple as following up to client and leads or it can be game changing like revamping and innovating marketing strategies. Having said some some employers disregard their employees interests and fail to compromise. This can cause friction or even damage the relationship between employee and employer. In turn this can lower productivity and may lead to worse work performance.

We realize that there are a handful of factors that may affect employee interest in performance. As the Edmonton business consultant, we believe that an employee’s career progression and aspiration can greatly affect their performance. A number of employees like a linear progression. This could be as complicated as rising through the ranks of the company to just a simple pay raise. There is also another type of employee that may progress out of the company. They may find a different path and career. They can also build your own business. It’s important to know your employee’s career path and aspiration. Employers need to learn how to compromise with employees to keep both sides happy. Failing to do so can cause friction and resentment.

There is another type of employee whose only aspiration is to earn money and enjoy a great group benefits. This employee’s performance is directly correlated to their mood. It is inevitable to hide from challenges in business however. This type of employee easily gives up. However if the business owner can sell the corporate mission and values to their employees. They can draw inspiration from these said values instead of relying on their own personal success. When difficulties inevitably arises, employees will have a reason to push through. Thus forging more tenacious employees. It is important to have comprise your values with your team.