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Edmonton Business Consultant | Employee Vision vs Company Interest

Edmonton business consultant | Company Vision vs Employee Values

If you need an Edmonton business consultant who loves to help small businesses, we at Spurrell and Associates CPA employ dedicated consultants who strive to help small businesses. We offer services such as professional business coaching, proven marketing strategies, and consulting services. Free consultations are available for first-time clients. We are also handing over free copies of the best-selling business book written by Michael Gerber called “E-Myth”.

Small businesses fail about 50% of the time in the first five years. 23% of business owners agree that the reason that they fail as they have an underperforming team. This article is to help small businesses find employees who are a better fit for your company and now to retain them better.

Business owners are often busy growing their business. They often glance over how much it cost them to lose an employee. It takes a considerable amount of time to launch innovative marketing initiatives, finding new leads and chasing clients. Losing an employee will take time and resources away from growing the business. This also means they need to hire another employee. The hiring process is time-consuming. The time wasted in just reading resumes for people you won’t hire is absurd. Almost 1/3 to half of potential candidates don’t even show up to interviews. Big companies have an HR team to deal with this kind of job. Small businesses on the other end have limited time and resources. We believe as there Edmonton business consultant, that group interviews are more efficient for smaller businesses. They can meet more potential talent and save time in the interview process. We believe that asking generic questions formed help however. Employers need to ask questions that bring out potential candidates’s values and beliefs.

Employers often fail to see how much a bad employee has cost them. Bad work ethics and suboptimal workflow will decrease activity thus reducing revenue. Over time about employee will cost them more than new hire.

As the Edmonton business consultant we believe that hiring based on an employee’s values and interests and most important factor finding the right employee for your company. However a lot of companies right there corporate mission and values to appeal to everyone. Employers should write their corporate mission and values to be polarizing. Having a polarizing corporate mission and values will help them find the perfect employee. While it is true that having a polarizing mission and values will deter some people for applying. These people are most likely not the right fit for the company anyways. Usually opposed company mission and values thus making them unhireable. People who apply to companies with polarizing mission and values on the other hand most likely the right fit for them. Saying goes that like-minded people are more likely to stay together. Employees with the same values as the company will more likely to stay with them longer. They are also more tenacious than your average employee and are more likely to push through adversity.

Edmonton business consultant | Employee Vision vs Company Interest

At Spurrell and Associates chatered professional accounts, we serve small businesses as the Edmonton business consultant. We offer services such as professional business coaching, effective marketing strategy and consulation services. We strive to help small businesses win and beat the odds. We offer new businesses free first time consultation and also a free copy of Michael Gerber’s “E-Myth”, a best selling business book. Get in touch for more information. You can get a hold of us via email at [email protected] or call us at 780-665-4949.

Smaller businesses have a difficult time surviving the the market, 50% of them fail withing the first five years. While 23% of of business owner agree that their business fail because they have an underperforming team. This article is to help small business owner to try to retain employees for longer and help them find the right candidates for the job.

Most business owner aspire to grow their business. The time required to launch new marketing initiatives, client acquisition and lead follow up is staggering. Losing an employee can lead to a ton of time wasted thus can be expensive. Big companies can handle tons of applicants because they usually have an HR team to handle the workload. However small companies don’t. As the Edmonton business consultant, we suggest group interviews to increase hiring efficiency for smaller businesses. The regular hiring workflow spends a lot of time reading resumes for unhireable candidates. Group interviews give employers the flexibility to meet multiple talents at once, raising the chances of finding potential candidates. This saves time to the employer side. Then after the hiring process you need to train the new hires. Depending on the industry and market of the job, the training can be quick or the total opposite. Then employers should give the new hire to transition to their new role.

Business owners should hire based on the employee’s values. Having like minded people stick together. Your corporate values should set you apart; be polarizing, and be different. Most companies write their company mission and values to be appealing. However the benefits of having a polarizing company value and be a big factor on finding great talent that would fit well in your company. Said values can deter unfit potential candidates from even applying. Theses people are usually opposed to your values thus making them unfit for the company. As the Edmonton business consultant, we found that people who apply at companies with polarizing values are more likely to fit in the company. It is imperative that employers realize that employees who support their mission and values create loyalty. Loyalty bring longevity and perseverance to the cause. A great team is loyal, and persevering.

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