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Edmonton business consultant | Employee Values and Interest

Edmonton business consultant | employers and employees don’t meet eye to eye

Our Edmonton business consultant at Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants offer services such as marketing strategies, business coaching and consultation. New clients can enjoy free consultation on your first visit on top of that we are giving away the best-selling business book “E-Myth” by Michael Gerber. Learn with us and visit our website for more articles like this one at You can also contact us via email that or if you prefer to talk to us our phone number is 780-665-4949.

We have dedicated ourselves to helping small businesses succeed. Statistics shows that 50% off small businesses fail during their first five years. According to 23% of employers blame not having the right team for failing. This reason is the third most common. Not having the right team is simply employers and employees not meeting eye to eye. Some employers fail to see their team or an and individual employees’s interest and aspiration. While some dedicate too much time and energy being the team’s “professional counsellor” in failing to grow their business.

A business owner’s interest is almost always constantly working towards growing their business. They are usually focused finding new ways to market themselves, find new clients and more. Employees on the other hand are usually more concerned about their personal interests. They want to get married, have a child, or go on a trip. Of course these interests are not in line with the business owners. Thus taking time and energy away from the company.

As the Edmonton business consultant, we believe that there are a number of factors at the fact employee interests and performance. We found that an employee’s career aspiration can greatly affect their performance. We can list a few examples of this type of employee. One of them was common employee aspiration is climbing the company ladder. As is often the safest and stable way for employees to progress. Some employees might progress out of the company. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, however employers should try to understand and help this type of employee aspiration. There are also employees who do not have any aspirations at all. They usually just go to work to get a paycheck or/and enjoy the benefits plan. Work performance from employees like this are closely tied to their personal success or mood.

As stated above, certain employees work ethics and performance are closely tied to how good they’re feeling. However it’s inevitable to have a business and not face any challenges. Ones difficulties arise, these types of employees can drag the company down. One way to prevent this is selling your corporate values to your employees. This method can create the most tenacious employees. When they buy your company mission and values. They can draw inspiration from her from the corporate values instead of relying on their personal mood and success. Even when work inevitably becomes tough and challenging, in turn souring their mood, they can keep going using the company mission and values as their inspiration.

As the Edmonton business consultant, we are committed to helping businesses succeed. You can find more educational articles like this on our website. Feel free to get in touch if you need any business coaching, marketing strategies and consultation.

Edmonton business consultant | Employee Values and Interest

At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants, we have Edmonton business consultant who dedicate themselves to helping small businesses succeed. Our goal is to provide and teach companies how to beat the odds of business. We are offering new clients free consultation on the first visit on top of that we are giving away free copies of Michael Gerber’s best-selling business book called “E-Myth”.

Small businesses have a 50% chance to fail during the first five years. There are a number of reasons why this happens but the third most common reason is not finding the right staff fill their ranks. This is reported to be 23% of all business failures. The right staff for your team are the ones that with the same values and interests as the business. However employers are often unaware of their teams personal interest which can cause friction. On the other hand some business owners spend too much time and effort into being dear changes professional counsellor diminishing the time spent on growing their business.

Growing your business is a challenging endeavour. Business owners want to constantly try to market themselves, following up on leads and more. However employees do not usually have the same interests as the corporation. They are often more focused on their personal life. They wouldn’t want corporate events to line up with personal life. Conflicting interests can cause friction within the company. This could degrade work performance and potentially form resentment. Having said that, as the Edmonton business consultant, employers should tried her best to understand and employee’s interests and try to align it with theirs.

Employee progression and aspiration can play a big part at influencing their job performance. While some employees like to take more linear approach to progression. One most common example is climbing through the company ranks. Some progression can lead employees, even the most talented and skilled one, away from the company. They could try to switch careers or even make their own business. Understanding and accepting these progression and aspirations can prevent friction from happening between employees and employers. The two should work together to further understand each other.

Speaking of employee aspirations, there are people who only go to work for the money. Some of them even just try to abuse benefits package. These types of employees are not very tenacious. Their mood directly correlates to their work performance. But when challenges inevitably show themselves to work performance suffers drastically. As an Edmonton business consultant, we suggest that business owners try to buy employees into their corporate mission and values. This will help you, the employer, and the employee to see eye to eye. This forges more tenacious employees. One is the going gets tough, said employees can find inspiration through the company mission and values and keep moving forward.