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Edmonton Business Consultant | Employee Interest Versus Company Values

Edmonton business consultant | challenging employee beliefs and values

Growing your business is a difficult task however our Edmonton business consultant are dedicated to helping small businesses succeed. That’s Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants, we like to employee like-minded people. Our mission drives us further. We offer our services to small businesses such as effective marketing strategies, consultation services and professional business coaching. New business owners should book an appointment and get free consultation. We are also handing over free copies of “E-Myth” the best-selling business book written by Michael Gerber. Contact us via e-mail or call us at 780-665-4949.

Did you know that it only takes five years for 50% of businesses to fail? Also according to 23% of business owners, they failed because they chose to the wrong team. Our Edmonton business consultant have prepared this article for you to increase your chances of getting better employees and how to retain them. You can find more informative articles like this one in our website at

Business requires time, resources and patience. This time commitment means there’s little in the way of distractions. However most business owners underestimate the cost of losing an employee. Losing an employee means you need to hire another one. However the time you spend recruiting is the time lost for growing your business. The hiring process is extremely time-consuming. Business owners are most likely to waste time on most of these applicants. Almost 1/3 to half of applicants don’t even show up to interviews. However you wasted reading resumes anyways. Bigger companies can afford the HR staff to deal with this kind of work. Small business on the other hand cannot. Wasting time reading resumes for people who aren’t even right fit or will fail to show up on an interview is not something you small business owner can afford.

Our Edmonton business consultant found that group interviews work better for smaller businesses. Employers who conduct group interviews exposes themselves to more people thus raising the chance of them finding the right employee. This means it’s very important that the business owner ask the right question. They should appeal to potential candidate’s corporate mission and beliefs. After you choose candidate to be our new hire then the training process can begin. This can take upwards to a month or as quick as a few days. We need to make time for employees transition.

We mentioned before that it’s better to appeal to an employee’s values. It would be less effective if your corporate values are written to all appeal to everyone. However if you write your company mission and values to be polarizing, it’s easier to find the right employees to fit in your company. This will deter people with opposing mission and values while attracting like-minded potential candidates. Candidates who apply at your company knowing its corporate mission and values usually agree with them. This makes for better and more loyal employee. They are more likely to persevere through adversity and will stay for the company longer.

Edmonton business consultant | employee interest versus company values

At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants, we like to employee like-minded Edmonton business consultant. We dedicate our time to helping small businesses beat the odds. If you need professional business coaching, effective marketing strategy and consultation services contact us at if you prefer to talk over the phone call 780-665-4949. We offer free consultation to our new clients and we give away the book “E-Myth”, Michael Gerber’s best-selling business book.

Fifty percent of all small businesses fail him within the first five years. According to 23% of business owners this failure stems from having the wrong employees. This article is for small businesses who struggle with keeping their employees. If you find this article informative we have more website at

Most employers glance over the cost of losing an employee. The hiring process can take up most of business owner’s time and effort. Taking it away from growing the business. You cannot keep an employee forever let’s face it. There are ways to find your item will be to improve employee retention. Losing employees means restarting the hiring process again. Recruiting often takes an enormous time sink. Time that can be used to grow your business. However most of the recruiting process waste as a lot of time because employers often waste time reading resumes for candidates they won’t hire. Instead our Edmonton business consultant suggest group interviews to making the hiring process more efficient. Employers can meet more people, thus raising the chances of finding the right employee. They should not ask common interview questions instead it should appeal to the candidate’s values and beliefs. After that the training process will begin. Depending on the job and the industry, or training process can take as long as a few months as quick as a few days. The same goes for the transition period.

Business owners should also realize when employees are costing them too much money. A bad employee can cost the company is much as a new hire sometimes even more. The bad employee is most likely formed bad work ethics and suboptimal workflow. Over time the cost of a bad employee can overtake a new hire.

Our Edmonton business consultant would like to discuss the importance of aligning company values with employee interests. While most business owners prefer to write company values that appeal to everyone. We believe that it’s more beneficial to write polarizing corporate values. While it’s true that polarizing corporate values can stop certain people from applying, we believe that these people are not the right fit for your company anyways. On the flipside this will attract potential candidates with the same mission and values as yours. Employees like these are what you want. Like-minded people tend to stick together. They will most likely stay with the company longer and the higher adversity quotient. Strive to know employees based on their interests aligned with your company values.