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Edmonton Business Consultant | Employee Interest Aligned with Corporate Values

Edmonton business consultant | aligning values with employee interest

Contact our Edmonton business consultant for services such as professional business coaching, effective marketing strategies and consultation services. At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants we strive to provide top-notch services for small businesses. First time clients will get free consultations from us. They will also get the free copy of Michael Gerber’s best-selling business book called “E-Myth”.

Research show that 50% of all small businesses last less than five years. One of the most common reasons that 23% of business owners agree on, is having the wrong team. Our Edmonton business consultant is dedicated to help small businesses succeed. This article is written for small businesses who have trouble finding the right staff and struggling to retain them.

Employees leave company when it’s most convenient for them often disregarding the company. While business owners are busy growing your business, they often underestimate the cost of losing an employee. Growing a business needs a considerable amount of time, resources and effort. Variables that will be taken away when they lose an employee. Once employers lose an employee, they need to go through the time-consuming hiring process. They need to go through a number of resumes inefficiently. While big companies have the resources to take on such a job, small businesses don’t. Our Edmonton business consultant suggest conducting group interviews instead to save time and money. Group interviews allows employers to see more talent at the same time. They just need to ask the right questions such as “why do you want to work here?” Asking questions like this will show you a potential candidate’s interest and values. And once you’ve chosen your potential new hires, then and only then you should read the resumes.

After the hiring process been removed through the training. The time spent on training depends highly on your industry and the job. This could take upwards to a few months as quick as a few days. When the new hire is finished training, they need some time to adjust on to their new role. This time adds up to a time you could have used growing your business.

Employers also underestimate the expenses a bad employee can cost them. A bad employee is formed suboptimal workflow and bad work ethics. Such activities will decrease productivity and thus reducing revenue. A new hire can be less expensive than bad employee over time.

As the Edmonton business consultant we have an important tip to small business owners. To find the right team you need to have corporate mission and values that are polarizing and clear cut. Employers often write their corporate mission and values to appeal to a wide audience. While this method can attract a lot of applicants, it also makes it more difficult to find the right person for your business. However polarizing corporate values can raise your chances of finding the right employee. It’s true that it might deter some applicants from applying due to them opposing your values and missions, thus making them unfit for your company. Which in turn will most likely attract the right potential candidate. These people were that apply for your company mission and values. Employees who share the same beliefs as yours are more likely to stay at your company longer.

Edmonton business consultant | employee interest aligned with corporate values

At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants employee Edmonton business consultant who are dedicated to helping small businesses beat the odds. We excel at providing business coaching, proven and effective marketing strategies, and consultation services. We like helping small businesses so we have a “free consultation for first-time clients” program. In this program we also give away free copies of Michael Gerber’s best-selling business book called “E-Myth”. If you want to know more contact us at or if you prefer to talk over the phone call us at 780-665-4949.

As the Edmonton business consultant we strive to stay updated at business studies and statistics. Shocking statistics show that 50% of small businesses fail during their first five years. Small business owners will find this article helpful because it will teach them how to find better staff and how to retain them better. If you find this article educational you can find more like this at

Growing a business takes a considerable amount of resources. This could either be as big as launching new marketing initiatives, to or as small as just following up on clients or trying to find new leads. Business owners often underestimate the amount of resources needed to recover from losing an employee. Losing an employee can be just as time-consuming resource intensive as growing the business. Employer needs to go through to hiring process again. The traditional hiring process requires employers to read a number of resumes. Resumes from people that most likely won’t even show up good interview. As the Edmonton business consultant we found that conducting grouping interviews are more efficient for small businesses. While big corporations have a dedicated HR team to handle this workload, small businesses usually don’t have the luxury of having one. Group interviews on the other hand allows employers to meet more people at the same time. Although they need to ask the right questions. Questions trying to figure out potential candidate’s values and beliefs. After finding your potential candidate and then and only then you should read the resumes.

After finding your new hire you need to start the training process. Training time can can differ drastically depending on the type of job or the industry you’re in. This could take a few months to a short as a few days. Your new hire also needs time to adjust to their new roll. This is called the transition period.

To find the right team, business owners should write polarizing and clear cut corporate mission and values. Often times employers underestimate the importance of having a polarizing and clear cut corporate mission and values thus they write them to be as appealing as possible. It’s true that polarizing values can deter a number of people from applying. These people are most likely to disagree from said values thus making them unfit for your company. On the other hand, it also attracts like-minded people. People who agree with your values. Employees will stick around your company longer if they agree with your values.