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Edmonton Business Consultant | EI Benefits For Self Employed Alberta

If you’re a spurt of an associate client, you know, we’re checking, we’re checking in all the time for our clients. We’re going to get the people who need this at the, at the front of the queue, we’re going to apply for them as soon as possible. But you know, if you’re not, you gotta be checking up on them.

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Aye. Thanks for tuning in for another episode of ask Sperl CPA, or maybe we’re going to call it asks for a Corona virus. Yeah. Something like that. I mean, that’s what we’re going to do. So we’ve got a number of topics we’re trying to push them out as fast as possible. Um, today the big one that we’re going after is EDI for self employed people in Alberta. So this is specific to Alberta. We got more coming out on the federal end, but right now, E I specific for Alberta. So Trevor, why don’t you take us through what some of the questions that people are asking? So here’s the first question. What was said by Jason Kenney in the press conference on Wednesday, March 18th. So I want to do this. I don’t want to say, I want to read some stuff here because I think we’re going to find a little bit of difference in between what the federal government does in our future video versus what the provincial government does here.

But I want to be really specific about it. So I went through the actual video word for word and picked up the pertinent part for Edmonton Business Consultant. And it says, it talks about the launching of an emergency payment program of $573 for Albertans who are facing self isolation and who are not receiving employment insurance benefits that will be available online next week. Add This is important because this was last week on March 18th. It’s now this week, it’s now this week. So it goes on to say, you know, we were waiting to see what federal government would do today. We really do thank them for their significant package for financial support, through employment insurance. One element includes what they call their emergency care benefit, which we’re going to have in a future video on that one. But people will not be able to apply for that.

If they’re in isolation and don’t have access to other benefits, they won’t be able to apply until April 1st. And it’s quite possible. The federal benefits won’t flow until later in April. So we’re filling that gap to provide me the cash. So let’s say you’re a cell phone employed. You’re an Uber driver and you don’t feel well. But on the other hand, you figure, you’ve got to go out and make a hundred dollars today to pay rent. I’m still carrying on with the coal. This was verbatim word for word. We don’t want you to worry about that. This, this basically $600 payment should give those people a bit of financial security. And then it goes on to say this immediate, this immediate cash for people who may be choosing between self isolation and working. So then Trevor, what do you think is the next question people would ask?

Well, the next question is what was posted on the Alberta government website shortly thereafter. So what was posted on the government shortly thereafter was emergency isolation support. This is what it calls emergency isolation support. This will be a temporary program for working adults of burdens who must self isolate because they meet the government of Alberta’s published criteria for self isolation, including persons who are the sole caregiver for a dependent who must self isolate because they meet public health criteria and who will not have another source of pay or compensation while they are self isolated, a one time payment of $1,146. It will be distributed to bridge the gap until the federal emergency payment begins in April. We expect the program to be available through a simple online application next week. And that funds will be deposited into the accounts of eligible recipients beginning at that time more information on how to apply will be available next week, still waiting.

This was immediately thereafter, pretty much on Wednesday, March 18th. So one of you things next. Well, the next thing people are asking is what was said by Jason Kenney in the press conference on Friday, March 20th. So we get it reaffirmed again. You know, it’s one of the reasons we are rolling out the emergency self isolation payments is Kenny says, starting next week have over $1,100 for a two week period of dope. People can access similar federal payments that we available in the month of April. So that emergency cash should help folks. Um, yeah. And now watching. All right, so it’s it’s the week after. Um, and how are people supposed to apply? How did, how was this supposed to happen for Canadians, for Albertans who are wanting to take advantage of these monies that have been made available by the government? At this point, there is no change to that website.

It’s still just says on there more information on how to apply will be available next week. Um, so it’s the same post that was there last week. So we’re hurry up and wait. It’s a big project I in, they got a lot of stuff going, but I mean, they’re, they’re kind of on the clock because this was specifically stated for things that would help now implied in March, right? Yes. So if it doesn’t help until April, I mean, that was the whole point was to bridge that gap for the federal program that starts April 1st. Um, that’s where we’re at right now. Yeah. So then what should Edmonton Business Consultant owners do right now at this point? I mean, if you’re a Spurling associate client, you know, we’re checking, we’re checking in all the time for our clients, we’re going to get the people who need this at the, at the front of the queue, we’re going to apply for them as soon as possible.

But you know, if you’re not, you’ve got to be checking up on that. We want to be going back into that portal. Alberta dossier don’t fall for any of these malicious, um, you know, phishing scams that are out there right now go to go to the provincial government website. Um, and when it’s available, you know, you’re going to want to apply. I I’m telling people that sometimes it might be a little bit ambiguous on if they qualify for or not. And you’re going to have to decide, you know, do I want to wait and find out exactly what the criteria is or do I want to be at the front of that queue? Um, maybe you apply and you end up having to pay that benefit back, right? If you don’t completely qualify, cause I’m sure they’re going to get more and more guidance, you know, after the application comes.

Um, but you know, you’re, you’re going to want to know, because if you’re at the end of that queue, that could be a long wait. But if you’re at the beginning of the cube, you know, maybe that’s going to help more, right. And the whole point of this is it’s supposed to dovetail. If you will, into the federal, uh, emergency care benefit, which we’re going to release another video on, but the emergency, the federal emergency care benefit is really, they, they, they just came out and said that the application isn’t really going to be available until April. Um, so, you know, we’re really gonna have to monitor those situations for now, but for now, you know, most Edmonton Business Consultant owners in Alberta are going to have to check back. I would say on a daily basis, it’s a lot of these things that we’re running into it, you know, they, they said there’s going to be mortgage deferrals.

And the people immediately call the banks. And then the people on the front lines of the banks had no instructions on how to execute those Margaret’s referrals. So lot of people, so people rejected or given really vague answers, but at this point, the rules are changing every single day. You know, we’re going to need to look at those things and all in terms of, you know, the mortgage deferral, the rent provisions, you know, the things like the utilities and stuff. And, you know, we’ve gotten some, some insight into, you know, I really liked the mortgage referral program. Yeah. I think if you’re a Edmonton Business Consultant owner, you want to be reaching out into the mortgage referral program where things like the, uh, utility deferral, I’m not sure how much I want to own the utility companies because this isn’t, you know, like tacking six months onto the end of your mortgage, this could be potential, you know, having to make double payments when this whole thing unfreezes right.

Which is not going to be an ideal scenario. So, um, we’re just kind of in a, in a hurry up, wait, there’s going to be daily releases. We’re going to do our best job to get these daily releases out to you right now. But right now the, this is the EDI for self employed in Alberta. So if you’re wondering about AI for self-employed number two, it’s essentially the emergency isolation payment and you cannot apply. As of right now, we tried, we thought we were going to come back this week and we were going to see something ready to enroll. Um, we were ready to roll it out to the staff and start knocking off, you know, uh, people who need the application. It’s not ready yet. Right. Uh, it’s the same exact post that we can see on the website. We try to dig around and try to see maybe we’re missing something.

So, uh, as of right now, it’s not ready. So Trevor, when you, what do you think? Or, well, as with any government program, it’s usually a hurry up and wait, um, you gotta think of it this way. They they’re making up the rules as they go along. So you’re trying to figure it out themselves on a daily basis. And, um, but as, as we are being diligent and trying to figure out what we’re to do, uh, as self employed people, um, not only for us, but for our clients, we’re going to keep people updated using these videos on a regular basis so that we can get the information out there faster. We’re digging through those 30 minute and 60 minute press conferences. And just try to find out the little tidbits that are actually relevant for Edmonton Business Consultant owners. Um, you know, a lot of it is it’s a lot, it’s a lot of information coming from both the provinces and the federal government and other jurisdictions as well to see, well, we’re just trying to dig out and give you what’s, you know, the, the highest priority for, uh, for business owners.

So I encourage you to tune back in and hopefully we’ll have a little bit more on the EDI for self-employed in Alberta. Absolutely. Coming up shortly. I’m really curious to see how the AI for federal program turns out because I haven’t gone through the actual texts yet, Trevor, but I have a feeling that what was promised in those press conferences. I got to dig back through the transcripts, but you know, what was promised in those press conferences and what I see online is up, you know, when the press girlfriends is big, everybody Trudeau saying, everybody, don’t worry, we’re going to take care of you no matter what. And then when I start looking at what’s actually available online for Edmonton Business Consultant owners might be a little narrower than you were kind of led to believe. I mean, you know, the Alberta government having a little bit of challenge of getting this application, I’ll put it, it seemed consistent.

You know what Kenny said in the, you know, in his press conference was consistent with the information online. It wasn’t, you know, more broad or more narrow than what he said, his, his, his words matched the release on the website. We just need that application to get going. So that’s what we got. So stay tuned for our next video. We’re going to try to drill through the, uh, you know, we’re going to try to drill through the federal equivalent for AI, for business owners, the emergency care benefit. So thanks very much. See you guys soon.