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Edmonton business consultant | Efficient and Effective hiring

We have Edmonton business consultant ready to help small business owners beat the odds. At Spurrell and Associates Chartered Professional Accounts, we employ like minded people who are passionate in helping small businesses succeed. We created a “free consultation for new clients” program. This consist of, you guessed it, free consultation but we also give away a free copy of “E-Myth” the best-selling business book written by Michael Gerber. We would be delighted to hear from you. Get in touch via email at or call us at 780-665-4949.

It takes less than five year for 50% of small businesses to fail and 23% of those failures are caused by having the wrong staff. In this article, we will help you beat the odds by raising your chances of finding the right employee and teach you how to keep them longer. If you find this piece educational, please visit our website for more articles like this one.

Employees keep your business running. As the business owner, you are tasked to grow the business by any means necessary. However, growing a business isn’t a walk in the park. It takes a considerable amount of time, effort and resources to achieve. Variables needed to be re-allocated if the business loses an employee. The cost of losing an employee is often underestimated. The hiring process can be extremely time and resource consuming, specially the traditional method of one-on-one interviews. Resources which the employer could have used to expand the business. Bigger companies often prefer to do one-on-one traditional interviews since they have a dedicated HR staff to deal with said work. Small businesses rely on referrals which are often the wrong way to go about hiring.

Our Edmonton business consultant suggest taking advantage of the efficiency of group interviews. This will allow employers to see more people at the same time. It will cut the hiring process by a lot. There are a few pointers to remember; avoid asking generic interview questions and appeal to a candidateís personal beliefs and values. Knowing someoneís values is an important factor for finding out whether they are the right fit or not. Once the group interview is over. Then employers should start reading the selected candidateís resume and confirm the skills written in it.

Corporate values and beliefs should play a big part in the hiring process. Said values will significantly help you, the business owner, when trying to find people to fill your ranks. Like minded people like to stand together. Uniting employees under the corporate values and beliefs can create loyal and tenacious a team. Most businesses however prefer to right appealing corporate values. Almost like an invitation for everyone to apply. As the Edmonton business consultant, we believe in the power of a clear and polarizing corporate values. It deters people without the right mindset from applying. Said values also attracts people with the same value and beliefs from applying. People whom the business owners would want as an employee.

Edmonton business consultant | effective employee hiring

Our Edmonton business consultant offers free consultation for new clients. Your also give away free copy of “E-Myth” the best-selling business book by Michael Gerber. At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants we employ like-minded people who are passionate helping small businesses. If you’ve to know more contact us at or if you prefer to call our phone number is 780-665-4949. We look forward to hearing back from you.

As the Edmonton business consultant we are tasked to study the industry. Small businesses have a 50% chance to fail within the first five years. While 23% of these failures are directly tied to not having the right team. This article will help small business owners find the right employees and how to keep their longer. If you find this article educational please visit our website at to find more.

Growing a business requires a great deal of attention, resources and time. Losing an employee can take up these factors thus making them expensive. Employers underestimate the cost of losing an employee. Even with a dedicated HR team the hiring process is usually time and resource intensive. Small businesses usually do not have the resources to employee a dedicated HR staff unlike big corporations. On top of that, traditional one-on-one interview hiring process is inefficient. Employers usually have to read a number of resumes from people will might not even show up on the interview. As the Edmonton business consultant we suggests conducting a more efficient method. The efficiency of group interviews should not be underestimated. However it is all the more important to ask the right question. After and it interviews over that it only then should you read resumes. This will save you time from reading resumes from unhireable candidates. After the interview process, the new I went need to undergo training. Depending on the job type and industry, training can take as long as a few ones short as a few days.

Employers also underestimate the cost of having the bad employee. Subpar employee can cost this much as a new hire, often times even more. Employees like this one are more likely to help formed suboptimal workflow and bad work ethics. In over time, employers don’t even notice how much this type of employees have cost them. It’s important to realize when employees are costing more than their worth.

It’s important for business owners to convey their values to potential candidates. Having aligning values and beliefs can significantly impact your employee retention and performance. However most business owners write your corporate mission and values to appeal to a wide array of audience. This can attract a large number of applicants but intern it would be more difficult to find potential candidates with the right values. Businesses should write the company mission and values to be clear and polarizing. Though it might deter people with opposing values from applying, will attract people with the same values which are more suited for your company.