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Edmonton business consultant | Efficiency through checklists and templates

If you require professional business coaching, effective marketing strategies and consultation services feel free to contact our Edmonton business consultant. At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants we believe in helping small businesses succeed. We employ like-minded people who are always happy to help. Statistics shows that 50% of Canadian small businesses fail to last for more than five years. And 42% of business owners believe this failure to unable to attract enough clients. This article will teach you how to boost your efficiency by creating checklist and templates.

Our firm is dedicated to helping small businesses. Our Edmonton business consultant is happy to provide free consultations for new clients. You will also receive a free copy of “e- myth” the best-selling business book by Michael Gerber. Don’t hesitate to contact us. In getting the shortfall in our via email at or 780-665-4949.

The average Canadian small business owner underestimates the importance of creating standardized process for client intake. Without a standard process, employees are less deficient and will likely give clients inconsistent information. Most business owners think they can just give information on the fly.

New clients often ask a lot of questions. You, the business owner might know the answers on the fly but employees might not. Without any preplanned checklist, your employees might stumble and give out the wrong information to your clients. It’s important to learn pattern recognition skills. Most new clients ask the same questions. You can take advantage of this by creating checklist and templates. This will allow for consistent information for your clients and more efficient workflow for your employees.

Our Edmonton business consultant believes that phone calls are the most efficient way to reach clients. Can use a checklist to create phone questionnaires for your employees to use. A good checklist can extract all the necessary information from your clients. Will make it simpler for your clients and more efficient for your employees. Clients often find ways to derail your phone questionnaire however. We have a few lines to get them back on track. The most effective one is “absolutely I can help you with that, the first let me just ask you…” It’s almost guaranteed to work.

If ever clients are unavailable for a phone call, you can always reach him via email. Email is not an efficient way to relay information however it’s important to realize that clients aren’t always available over the phone. You need to create templates for your emails as well. They can be just as effective as phone call questionnaires but you need to follow up more.

If you ever need set appointments over email, you need to give clients at least 10 different meeting times. So boost chances of them showing up. One’s department is set it’s important to have a template to immediately confirm the event. This will allow clients to clear up any misinformation. You should also try to have a template to confirm the meeting the day before.

Edmonton business consultant | efficient workflow using checklist

Having a simple and easy to understand processes is important for our Edmonton business consultant. It is common for Canadian small business owners to not have checklist and templates. They like relaying information on the fly. However it’s important to realize that efficiency that standard processes can give you. This article will focus on the importance of checklist and templates for client intake.

Our firm is dedicated to advising and helping small business owners. Our employees share the same passion and desire to help business owners beat the odds. At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants, we offer first time clients our professional consultation service. On top of that, we will give you a copy of the best-selling business book “e- myth” by Michael Gerber. The failure rate of small business owners is 50%. Most of them don’t even last more than five years. The most common reason for this failure is not having enough clients. If you want to help with this problem, please contact our firm at or for to talk over the phone number is 780-665-4949.

Often times client prefer simple processes in terms of projects. Business owners are often downplayed the importance of having checklist and templates. Our Edmonton business consultant suggests watching for client patterns. Often times your clients ask questions. You can use this to your advantage by creating checklists and templates. This can help you create standard process to make things easier for her employee and more consistent for your clients. Preplanning is important to make a streamlined client intake process.

You can use these checklist and templates to create phone questionnaires. We believe as the Edmonton business consultant that phone calls are the most efficient way to talk to clients, apart from face-to-face meetings. Having a checklist phone questionnaires will prevent employees from stumbling when new clients ask them questions. It will also make your client intake process simpler. A good questionnaire can extract and give necessary information to your clients.

However it’s important to realize that clients aren’t always available over the phone. If this happens it’s important to use the checklist to create email templates. Important to have different email templates for different situations. One such template is the email to business appointment meetings. It’s important to give multiple meeting times for your clients to create more flexibility and better user experience.

After the appointment important to have another email template to immediately confirm the meeting. This will potentially clear up this information sooner and will serve as a quick summary of the conversation. Another important template is a confirmation before the meeting day. One of the problems of email driven appointments is lower client participation. Confirming before meeting day will drastically raise the chances of them showing up.

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