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Edmonton business consultant | Efficiency of standard client intake process

As the Edmonton business consultant we are tasked to monitor the trends of the business market. Statistics have shown that small Canadian businesses have a 50% failure rate in the first five years. The most common reason to this failure is the inability to attract customers. When the factors for having the lack of customers is an inefficient way for client intake process or a lack of standard process. In this article we will talk about why it’s important to create a standard client intake process and how to use patterns and checklist create them.

The shocking statistics of having half of small businesses fail drives us at Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants. Our firm is dedicated to help small businesses failing. We employ like-minded Edmonton business consultant to help with this issue. We offer new small businesses free consultation on their first visit. They’ve also enjoy learning from our favourite and best-selling business book written by Michael Gerber called “e-myth.” Know more about this free consultation please contact us at or call us at 780-665-4949.

Often times big corporations use standardized client intake process. This is a proven and efficient method to get clients onboard. It’s also simple way to relay consistent information using your employees in a simple way for clients to give information. However the average small business owner do not have a standardized client intake process. They prefer on-the-fly and face-to-face meetings. This is a inefficient way to deal with clients and without a standard way of doing things you will fail to utilize employees to their highest potential.

Questions from new clients will repeat itself over time. Business owners need to have pattern recognition skills to help them create checklist and templates from these repeating questions. They can use these checklist and templates in a variety of ways. They can make an FAQ or questionnaires. Having preplanned checklist can make it easier for employees to give consistent information and make client intake process simpler.

We have found as the Edmonton business consultant that phone calls are the most efficient and effective way to get a hold of clients. Phone calls often require a person’s full attention and focus. In thus creating phone questionnaires from your preplanned checklist and templates can be an effective and efficient way to extract information. Having preplanned phone questionnaires can help your employees from stumbling when clients ask them questions.

It’s also important to realize that clients can be unavailable for phone calls. The next best thing would be discussing over email. Business owners can also use these checklist to create email templates derived from their phone questionnaires. Whatever clients are unavailable to talk over the phone they can just send these email questionnaires to their clients. They would need to follow up often to avoid getting forgotten or lost.

Email templates are also important for a number of reasons. Few of which is email driven business appointments and confirmation. Creating templates to set business appointments as effective if business owners give 10 different meeting times to clients. It’s important to have email confirmation after an appointment to set and one last confirmation before the meeting day.

Edmonton business consultant | using checklist to create standard process

At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants we have Edmonton business consultant who have a passion for helping Canadian small businesses. We found out that 50% of small Canadian businesses fail during the first five years. The biggest factor of this failure is failing to attract enough customers. Our firm is dedicated to helping business owners beat the odds and succeed in business. We have created a free consultation program for our new clients as well as giving away free copies of “e-myth” the best-selling business book written by Michael Gerber. If you were to know more about our free consultation program feel free to contact us at or call us at 780-665-4949.

The average small business owner do not have standardizes processes for client intake. They believe in on-the-fly and personal process to get clients. However this is inefficient and it will fail to utilize employees to their highest potential. If employees do try to chase leads without a standardized client intake process it can create inconsistencies in confusion. Clients will also get inconsistent information without a standard process. In this article we will talk about the importance of checklist templates how to use them to create standard client intake process. If you find this article useful, visit our website at to learn more.

Pattern recognition is an important skill for business owners learn. New clients often ask the same questions over and over. It may be annoying but you can use this repeating questions to create checklist and templates. These checklist and templates are important for creating stardardized client intake process. It is beneficial to create stadardized client intake process because it will raise efficiency and make for easier client intake.

One way you can use these checklist this to create phone questionnaires. Our Edmonton business consultant found that calls are the most effective way to get a client’s focus and attention. Questionnaires derived from these checklist is an efficient way to take and relay information to your clients. An effective questionnaire can help you learn all the necessary information from your client.

It’s important to know that phone calls aren’t always reliable. Clients can be busy and away from your phone thus making email second best thing to discuss projects and appointments. It’s important to also create email templates. There are few templates to create such as an email version of the phone questionnaires, business meeting appointment email templates, an email template that is sent immediately after appointment and lastly an email reminder for to meeting the day before it happens.

Business appointments can be set via email. However requires multiple confirmations to be effective. Business appointment over email needs at least 10 different meeting times for better client experience and flexibility. After the appointment is set, an immediate email template confirmation needs to be sent. This confirmation needs to contain all the necessary information for the appointment. Lastly it would be important to send a confirmation just before the meeting day arrives.